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Websites with PowerPoint Templates(Free & Paid) to Improve Presentations

Presentations – the word itself is a little intimidating.

Truth be told, creating presentations is a daunting task.

And making it visually appealing? Well, that is even more difficult.

But that doesn’t change the fact of how important the visual elements are in your presentation slides.

To captivate your audience, you need your slide elements to be visually appealing, while maintaining legibility and ensuring that you are able to create slides that transmit a clear message.

Yet, some people take the easy route by inserting images of diagrams and models.

Whereas, others try to make something rudimentary using SmartArt.

We know the reason behind it – not all of us have the time, skills, and patience to create a beautiful presentation that has the perfect format and is great to look at.

But, what if we tell you that you can create excellent presentations without breaking a sweat?

What if we tell you that you can avoid the heavy lifting by using readymade slide designs?

Yes, there are so many websites out there offering stunning PowerPoint templates that will definitely add the much-needed spice to your presentations.

Ready to find out which websites offer the best PowerPoint templates? Let’s go!

1. SlideModel.com (Paid & Free)

Let’s be honest.

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Business presentations are hard to make.

This is especially true for presentations where you need to showcase diagrams, timelines, maps, and other visual information that needs to be specific to the company’s trends and forecasts.

To show precise visual elements, structured in professional layouts, while incorporating company branding, you can use PowerPoint templates from SlideModel.com. 

The presentation templates at SlideModel are also compatible with Google Slides, and offers both paid and free PPT templates and infographics.

The 100% editable template provider has been around for nearly a decade, serving small, medium-size,d and large organizations, including Fortune 500 companies.

What makes SlideModel different than the run-of-the-mill template providers for PowerPoint is that it gives you the power to fully customize the template as you want.

Slidemodel powerpoint templates 

Regardless of whether you need to create a SWOT analysis, timeline, project roadmap, dashboard with company branding, or need to separately highlight countries on the map of Europe, SlideModel has a template suitable for the job.

With a plethora of business diagram templates and infographics, SlideModel serves as a one-stop solution for making business presentations with easy to edit elements based on any business concept you can think of.

Slidemodel powerpoint template example

Other than business diagrams and models, the website also offers illustrations, clipart, and background styles that can be easily incorporated for making presentations related to a diverse range of topics.

This also includes eye-catching animations and modern design backgrounds, with emphasis on making good use of slide space for highlighting key content. 

If you are looking for PowerPoint templates that can save you hours of work in making accurate business diagrams & models and give your business the same edge as Fortune 500 companies, SlideModel’s subscription might be a small price to pay.

Semi circle gauge for powerpoint

Source: SlideModel – Example of editable Gauge template for PowerPoint

2. FPPT.com (Free)

Remember the time when it was a novel idea to download a presentation template off the internet?

This was the time when a few third-party developers jumped in to fill the gap for better PowerPoint templates than the ones Microsoft had to offer.

It won’t be wrong to attribute FPPT to that era.

Fppt powerpoint templates

FPPT is one of the oldest websites for downloading free PowerPoint templates. However, the website has kept its archive regularly updated for more than a decade. This is why it now offers more than 12,000 free templates for PowerPoint.

FPPT lists presentation templates under a long list of categories and topics in alphabetical order. You can also search for templates by entering relevant key terms.

The chances are, you will be able to find a relevant template for any topic you look for. This makes FPPT still relevant in 2021, despite being older than the iPad.

3. Free Google Slides Templates (Free)

Google Slides has been going through the same evolutionary process as PowerPoint.

We still have very few third-party websites that offer templates for it.

One of them is called Free Google Slides Templates (FGST). 

Google slide powerpoint templates

What you will find refreshing about this website is that the templates offered are quite comprehensive in terms of design and slide layout options.

Despite being free, the slide decks come with dozens of slide options.

Furthermore, the designs have a look and feel that is suitable for a presentation run using a browser or the Google Slides mobile app. 

The templates are also compatible with PowerPoint and you can even download separate versions of the templates as PPTX files.

4. Microsoft Office Templates (Free)

The official repository of free templates by Microsoft was overhauled a few years ago.

You can download these templates at Office.com or search for them from within PowerPoint via File -> New. 

Microsoft office powerpoint templates

Source: Official repository of templates by Microsoft Office

While Office.com does offer some tastefully designed templates, many of the older designs have been removed from the archive.

You might have better luck finding some of the classic designs by searching for them from within PowerPoint.

5. Slide.Market (Paid)

Powered by professional designers, Slide.Market follows a subscription model with unlimited access to professionally designed templates for a monthly fee.

The templates come with an approach similar to modern and material design ith an emphasis on using fewer visual elements. 

Slide market powerpoint templates

Slide Market is a premium provider of presentation templates. The website offers templates for not only PowerPoint but also Google Slides!

6. SlideHunter (Free)

If you’re pressed for time and someone not willing to pay for premium business templates, SlideHunter is the next best thing.

The website offers free business templates with diagrams, charts, timelines, and backgrounds that you can easily use for making slide decks that end up looking professional and polished. 

Slidehunter powerpoint templates

With more than 6,000 free templates, there are slide decks on commonly used business diagrams such as process diagrams, cause and effect diagrams, funnel diagrams, SWOT analysis, etc.

Furthermore, you can also find templates for making business strategies, depicting trends and forecasts, as well as multi-level visualizations.

7. PPTTemplate.net (Free)

Some presenters need to incorporate logos of famous brands or creative backgrounds that can depict famous concepts.

PPT Template offers templates that are based on exactly that.

Such presentations might be used at school or for a client to showcase your idea.

ppt powerpoint templates

So, if you were to present your team as the Jedi masters of the Star Wars universe or need to emphasize which e-wallets your business uses, PPT Template has slides to help you present your ideas in style.

There are also some business diagram slides and concepts with doodles to create something unique for your audience.

Unlike conventional template designs that shy away from branding and pop culture concepts, PPT Templates opts to embrace all that, offering slides that can be creatively used to resonate with the audience.

8. Google Slides Templates (Free)

The free templates at Google Slides have improved tremendously over the years.

Not to mention, they are usable as PowerPoint slides if you download them in PPTX via File -> Download. 

Google slide free powerpoint templates

What makes the official Google Slides templates worth using are the plethora of layout options that each slide deck offers.

With each template, you get a complete sequence of slides, guiding you on how to design a presentation step by step. This can be particularly helpful for people new to making presentations or presenters looking to quickly create a presentation based on a set sequence. 

In order to use the Google Slides templates, you need a Google account. If you have a @gmail.com email address, then you already have one. Otherwise, you can create an account for free and get access to the complete suite of tools available at Google.

The only areas where the official Google Slides templates lag behind are the lack of templates, categories, and designs. The templates still seem geared towards business presentations, keeping the layouts a bit rigid and monotonous.

However, if you are interested to combine these predefined templates with other great images, graphic assets, and backgrounds, you can rely on other creative slides compatible with Google Slides.

Final Words

Presentation templates should be flexible enough to be molded according to not only the design requirements but also the very nature of the presenter.

Modern presentations don’t just require a visual appeal but the time needed to create them is also very important due to the tight working schedule we all have.

This is leading to a lot of people opting for presentation templates to save time and excel at the workplace.

In our picks for the best presentation websites above, we have tried to compile sources that can not only offer you professional template designs but also ensure that you have the flexibility for ideation for your next presentation!

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