Sean Ellis founder of defines a growth hacker “as a person whose true north is growth.”

One of the most prized members of a startup team is the growth hacker. Startups cannot afford to create an amazing product and wait for customers to come to them. Growth hackers have a unique job to figure out creative ways to amass a large number of users with a limited marketing budget.

Traditional marketing methods that require money for advertising, outsourced video production, teams of in-house content creators and design teams dedicated to marketing efforts are a dream for early-stage startups. Growth hackers are tasked with the challenge of figuring out how to brand and market their startups in the most cost-effective ways.

With limited budgets and resources growth hackers have to help their startups go from zero customers to thousands as fast as possible. That means understand who their customer is, where they hang out online, which websites they frequent, what they care about, what are the right ways to approach them, what medium they prefer to communicate with, etc.

As a marketer, you start by making assumptions of who your customer is and as your customer base grows, you begin to learn who they truly are. From there you’re able to find smarter ways to get in front of the perfect audience. Growth hacking helps you to refine this hypothesis about your customer in an inexpensive way.

Every industry is different and what may work marketing a virtual reality product is not going to be the same as what will work for fashion or IOT. That is why it is important to get your growth hacking brain thinking creatively about how to go about finding the right customers in the vast ocean of the internet.

We want to help you jumpstart that thought process and inspire you to look creatively at the tools around you that are free or inexpensive and help you target the right customer base.

After countless hours of research, we’ve put together the best growth hacking guides available online. These blog posts have thousands of research hours behind them as they share brilliant ideas of how to acquire users with awesome growth hacking techniques.

Think of these resources as your North Star. You’ll still have to jump in a boat, hike trails and climb mountains to get to your goal. However, the amazing ideas shared below will get your brain thinking about how to acquire users in a whole new way.

Often we come across things online where we read it, learn from it and move on, but other times there are resources that we need to revisit. This blog post is one of those resources that you won’t want to forget about.

The best tip we have for going through these guides is to read them until you have a good amount of actionable ideas and then stop. You can always come back in the coming days, weeks and months to get inspired with additional ideas and work your way through the rest.

If there are any amazing growth hacking resources you’ve come across or written about that we have not included, please comment below and we’ll be happy to consider adding them.

Here’s to an amazing growth hacking adventure ahead full of customer acquisition, profits and an increased marketing budget!