Top 15 Email Marketing Tips To Revamp Your Marketing Strategy

Email marketing isn’t dead, it is one of the most effective ways to market your audience. Regardless of whether you are running an online shop, blog, or private company site, email is an incredible method to retain your present customers and the most effective ways to convert new guests into potential clients. It may be a pleasant surprise to learn that emails have an astonishing ROI of $42 for each $1. 

With new forms of marketing showing up every year, a staple in the marketing arsenal, email marketing, is one of the most efficient ways to reach your audience. Whether you’re driving traffic back to your site/app, selling products, providing information, or whatever your call-to-action may be, emails provide you with a way to get your customers’ complete attention.

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Email marketing can be tricky for first-time marketers. Generally, because your emails wind up losing all sense of direction in your clients’ inbox clutter – or much worse, the dreaded spam folder. One of your biggest focuses is that your audience opens your email and increase your click-through rate. Even as an experienced email marketer, there can be small adjustments you can make to ensure your audience opens and engages with your content.

We have put together a list of email marketing tips, resources, and tools that will help you improve your email marketing campaign strategy.

But before, you adjust your strategy and follow these email marketing tips, just make sure that you’re focusing on these important rules for email perfection:

Rule 1: The first step of any email campaign is to have your emails delivered to your customer’s inbox and not end up in spam.

Rule 2: The second step is to increase your open rates.

Rule 3: The third step is figuring out how to engage your audience, so they perform your call-to-action.

Rule 4: The last step is figuring how to decrease your number of unsubscribes.

Okay, let’s dive into the best email marketing tips that will provide you with the most proficient methods for connecting withholding wish clients, and urging them to make a move so you can start sprucing up your email marketing strategy!

Recent email marketing statistics display that:

  • 44% of the email audience made at least one purchase last year based on email marketing.
  • 7 in 10 users say they made use of a coupon or discount from a marketing email they received earlier that week. 
  • 48% of businesses say they indent plan to increase their use of email marketing by 2019.

Tip #1: Get to know about your audience.

Get to know your audience for email marketing success

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A profound understanding of your target customer is one of the most important viewpoints to assess before you start emailing them. Your audience is more than just a dynamic gathering. Try to self-analyze the following question before you move forward:

  • How and when do they do you want to communicate?
  • Is there a particular vernacular, or slang even, that may impact them more than others?
  • What kinds of activities or actions distinguish your audience from the rest of the community?

You’re probably not going to address these inquiries completely the first time around, but the beauty of email marketing is that, over time, you will store basic bits of knowledge and information about your audience so that you can make savvy improvements to your strategy in your email marketing efforts.

Tip#2: Email fresh contacts within 24 hours.

It’s important to make the most out of the ideal window when your organization or brand is the freshest in your audience’s mind. You can truly get a pulse of what future engagement will look like by what customers do when, you email them within 24 hours of their subscribing to your newsletter, Signing-up for an offer, etc. It also serves as an incredible open door for branding your product.

If you don’t have any email work processes set up, you’re likely passing up some significant opportunities to support and engage in your current contacts.

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Tip#3: Personalize your messages.

Attempt to make the registration procedure simple and educate the clients of what’s going on at each stage. For instance, when they enter their name and email the first run-through, let them know that they have to affirm their email address to finish-up signup.

Invest some energy and modify the messages that go out with each email. When you send an email, welcome your audience by their First name or speak directly using ‘you’, and avoid formal terms like Sir or Ma’am.

Personal customization generates an essence of authenticity in emails, which leads to too better conversion rates and goodwill for the company.

Tip#4: Section your email list.

Segmenting customers for marketing campaign

Email marketing (much like a direct promotion) used to be considered a type of broadcasting communication—everybody gets a similar message simultaneously. Nowadays, you’ll experience higher engagement if you cater to your messages with specific attributes that you know about your clients.

You could segment your email campaigns around various factors, for example,

  • What did they buy recently?
  • Where do they live?
  • When they are opening any of the other emails you have sent?

The more you cater your mail to your user’s preferences, interests, activities, and so on, the more certain you are to reach and engage with your customers.

Tip#5: Send your emails via an individual, not in the name of your company.

When you send an email from a genuine individual, your email open rate increases. This is because customers are commonly bound to connect with a real person versus a general email address. People are so immersed with spam these days, they frequently delay opening an email from new senders – and they’re likely to open a customized sender name and email address than a generic one. Like this:

  • Sender Name: Elon Musk
  • Sender email address: elon.musk@acme.com

...instead of this:

  • Sender Name: Marketing Team
  • Sender email address: marketing@acme.com

We’ve also studied that a blend of an individual’s name and an organization name together in the sender name works great, as well. You just have to A/B test what works best for your specific company, brand, and business.

Tip#6: Most emails are read on mobile.

Here are some interesting stats:

  • 46% of messages are read over cell phones and this is expected to increase to over 50% before the finish of 2019!
  • 39% of email marketers have no strategy for mobile-based email.

The above insights show two significant things. First, your messages are supposed to be mobile-friendly, and second that you need to have a mobile-based email plan. So, before settling your next email marketing campaign, ensure that it is tested against all significant mobile devices.

Tip#7: Create your email list.

Creating list for marketing through emails

 Whether you began from scratch or acquired a list of email addresses, it’s necessary to confirm that each name on that list was included organically by the individual with their own decision and consent.

You should remove any leased or purchased email addresses from your email list. Not only will you encounter low engagement (many purchased email ids aren’t even genuine individuals), but also have a chance of getting boycotted by the major ISPs (like Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL) and you might as well risk being shut down by them.

It may not be the quickest method to construct a huge email list, however, it is the best approach to curate an engaged customer base and one that will keep your email delivery rates high.

Tip#8: Write clear and clickable subject lines.

Discussing the title or the subject line … your marketing messages have a great deal to compete inside of the recipients’ inboxes. The most ideal approach to stand apart is to write convincing, “can’t resist the urge to tap on-this” subject lines.

To encourage readers to click, be certain your subject lines:

  • Are very clear and reasonable.
  • Are less than 50 characters, so they don’t get cut off, especially by cell phones
  • Incorporate action words and activity arranged language to a sense of urgency and energy.
  • Include a selective offer (like 20% off on an item or a free digital book), so readers realize what they’re getting.
  • Maintain a distance from spammy word triggers like “Money,” “Statements,” and “Spare.”
  • Add recipient’s first names (it can increase click-through rates), or even include something about their particular location. (However, do this sparingly and don’t be too repetitive.)

Tip#9:  Do not take unsubscribes personally.

Sooner or later in your email campaigns, regardless of whether they once were selected into your emails, a few recipients might not have any desire to get notifications from you any longer. That is alright (and a natural part of the email life-cycle), as long as you have a stable unsubscribe framework set up for these clients.

The process to unsubscribe from your email program should never be confusing, rather it should be accessible in a single click with immediate action.

What’s more, don’t force your clients to sign in to an account to unsubscribe from emails. Keep in mind: If the user can’t discover the unsubscribe link in your email, they CAN find the SPAM button, which is worse!

Tip#10: Be Consistent.

Being consistent about your email sending strategies, with suitable email templates, customized according to your users and readers is extremely important for marketing your product or brand. Also, keeping a consistent track between sent mails and follow-up emails is necessary for better working of your email marketing systems and feedbacks.

Likewise, with all your promotional material, you want to make sure that your email branding is steady in both ways, the structure and the tone of speaking. This implies using similar:

  • textual fonts
  • colors
  •  logo
  • pictures
  • voice
  • informative
  • the tone that is used over your website
  • social media networking

And all other marketing tricks, to help your readers recognize you’re brand and realize that they can trust you.

Tip#11: Include at least one CTA button per email.

Each email you send is supposed to be aligned with your marketing campaign. Hence, every email should have a clear CTA to support action.

A call-to-action button is easy to spot for audiences who are fastest at scanning emails. Without a CTA button, you won’t approach your readers to take any action that benefits them – and the development of your business.

You’ll need to put your CTA in a location where it’s effectively visible and where it makes sense for somebody to tap on it. For instance, you may put a CTA to download a free digital book in an email that depicts new techniques for utilizing your product.

Tip#12: Test email rendering every time.

There are numerous ways your email can display depending upon your readers’ browser, inbox supplier, and that’s just the beginning. Depending on how they are accessing your email they may have a different experience of reading it. Is testing how your emails render across different devices and platforms is important. There are tools out there that give a total picture of how your messages can render over these choices, like PreviewMyMail and MailTester.

Ensure that the A/B testing is a part of your checklist before sending an email, so you can avoid messages that do not render properly. It also affects the sender’s goodwill and conversion rate, if the receiver can not view, read or connect to the message sent.

Tip# 13: Hyperlink your emails’ images.

Your definitive objective in email marketing is to get users to click-through to someplace online. One approach to build the click-through rate without littering your email with duplicate links is to hyperlink the pictures in your email to the site page that relates to the content of the picture.

In case you’re inviting readers to download a digital book, for instance, and you have an image of the digital-book included in the email, don’t simply hyperlink the content by the picture advising people to “download it here.” Hyperlink the e-book’s image, as well. Users are attracted to pictures, more commonly than content, and you need to give your email subscribers as many alternatives to get your digital book as you can.

 Tip#14: Enable the email forwarding option.

Email forwarding

One way to increase the number of views on your email is to encourage your audience to forward your email on to their friends and network. You can also add social media sharing links to help your audience share your newsletter with their world.

You can add a little post-script at the end of your email draft, for example, ” Feel free to forward this digital book via social media with your followers.” Link the call-to-action button to a pre-made web-based email, with subject and body content. That way, someone should simply enter their partners’ email address and hit “send.”

You can feature a text or a picture and include the URL via your email tool’ editor and then enter a mailto:? link.

Tip#15: Clean And Update Your Email List.

Try to clean and update your email list on a regular basis to maintain your contacts. Keep your list as organized as possible by evacuating idle clients, who don’t open or engage with your emails and eventually erasing undelivered email addresses.

Entertaining inactive users on your list impacts message delivery, open rates, and block results with invalid information. By keeping your list refreshed with connected readers you can concentrate on those potential customers who open your messages and work on supporting quality leads.


We hope that these 15 email marketing tips will help you create the best email marketing strategies to improve results.

Keep in mind to compose significant content, including a CTA, do a “pre-send” run to check optimization for different devices and you are good to go with your email marketing campaign.

Now, you can connect these dots as you build your next email marketing campaign and fill us in as to whether you’re stuck or need some more email marketing tips. Drop your comments or inquiries below and we’ll be glad to help ya out!

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