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Let’s admit it, we all fancy cars. Be it a Lamborghini that just crossed you or a new Bentley that you just saw online. We drive them every day, obsess about their design and performance, and pine over the latest models and concept vehicles.

If you are very enthusiastic about the world of cars and want to get all the latest knowledge and gossip at the click of a button, you must follow the top automotive blogs on the Internet.

A fast Google search would show you a huge range of auto blogs, but not all of them have the latest details and are updated regularly.

That’s why we’ve investigated and built a list of the top 23 automotive blogs that you can track and subscribe to get the latest automotive information and updates. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

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You are in the right spot if you are on the hunt for the most insightful automotive blogs to provide you with all the latest updates in the community. These automobile blogs will give you tips, tricks, strategies, and updates on anything automotive, whether you’re a young car enthusiast or an old-timer, with plenty of advice to dispense to those who’ve just found their passion in automobiles.

1. Speed Hunters

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Starting off our list, Speed Hunters is a multinational team of photographers, bloggers, and drivers in the car industry who have a similar interest.

This website features some of the most fascinating posts on automotive history, muscle cars, vintage cars, and concept cars. There is also an online store on the site that offers exclusive equipment, merchandise, posters, and related products.

2. Ratchet and Wrench

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This guide is for those looking for tips and tricks to make it easy to run a car repair store. There are posts to help you learn how to repair a car as easily as possible, as well as how to get new clients for your company.

3. Lauren Fix The Car Coach

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The Car Coach, Lauren Fix, is America’s top woman in the automotive industry who deals in car maintenance, car education, and car news. 

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Not only does Lauren Fix, the award-winning author, have 3 automotive books on her name, but it’s also as if she has motor oil flowing through her veins that lead her to become an automotive specialist. Find posts, feedback, car maintenance tips, her own automotive product collection, and snippets of her blog appearances.

4. DetailXPerts

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DetailXPerts is the first eco-friendly steam cleaning vehicle business in the world offering franchise opportunities. Its patent-pending invention significantly decreases water usage in car cleaning and detailing facilities, thus supplying consumers and their vehicles with superior performance.

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Their blog features a selection of maintenance tips, product reviews, car-washing techniques, and even business guides in full detail. Every Monday, a new blog post is updated. Be sure to check them out

5. MPGoMatic

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Daniel Gray created the MPGoMatic blog, and it provides all the details you need to know about car mileage. You can find informative posts on vehicles that are fuel-efficient, reviews of new cars, and comments as well. There is even a separate category for ‘best petrol vehicle,’ ‘best petrol SUV,’ ‘best petrol van’ and much more. 

The mileage calculator is the best thing about MPGoMatic, which helps you to equate your car’s mileage with other cars described in the blog.

6. Saul’s Automotive Auto Repair Blog

RSS feed link:

If you are searching for information on fixing a particular car or modify and model an existing car, then Saul’s automobile maintenance blog will help you find the details you are looking for!

There are all kinds of content on the blog that may be helpful to everyone who owns a car. The blog provides an insight into details regarding brake repair, suspension repair, and maintaining the vehicle.

7. Autoblog

RSS feed link:

This is one blog owned and run by AOL Inc. that is really popular among auto-enthusiasts! They have about 9.2 million users that visit the site every month, and we must say that’s a huge number.

Not only does it have automotive news and car reviews, but Autoblog is also the highest level website for those who choose to browse for cars online.

8. HyreCar 

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HyreCar is a ridesharing platform in the car marketplace, it is a proprietary technology platform. With both individual vehicle owners and car dealers and suppliers, who are being challenged by automotive asset sharing, they have built a leading position in Transportation as a Service (TaaS).

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HyreCar is changing the industry by encouraging everyone to benefit from TaaS by offering a unique opportunity through its innovative, stable, and reliable marketplace.

9. Motor1

For purchasers of new and used vehicles and automobile enthusiasts, Motor1 is, without a doubt, the best platform.  The blog features regular posts about news from the automotive industry, vehicle reviews, race vehicles, supercars, sedans, exotic cars, car shows, and more.

The blog is run in many languages, and you can actually browse their purchasing guides and navigate in 9 different languages.

10. Standridge Auto Sales Blog

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This is a blog that is perfect for people trying to buy a new car, but it also addresses subjects that are great for existing car owners who need tips about upgrades, upkeep and also showcases some of the best places for your family to take a road trip.

11. Just A Car Guy

Jesse Bowers, the man behind this blog, aptly named Just A Car Guy, is San Diego local. It’s full of quirky auto stuff, he tells of his interest in the world of cars, whether it’s spotting secret Easter eggs on Jeeps or sharing old pictures and car commercials that were popular in the 1930s.

12. Daily Car Blog

RSS feed link:

Established by Jay Khan, the Daily Car Blog was built to become a fully enabled web publisher based on the automotive community from car news, thoughts, and reviews. DCB is made up of a small community of members, each with their own viewpoints and interests in the automotive world from around the globe.

13. Car Throttle

RSS feed link:

Termed as “Buzzfeed for Cars,” the blog enjoys a huge audience of young automotive enthusiasts like the founder, Adnan Ebrahim, himself.  The blog features a collection of posts on the automotive industry’s new trends, photographs, retro and antique cars, Formula 1, and motorsports.

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There is a wide group of members on the panel who showcase their cars as well.

14. Chicmoto Blog

RSS feed link:

This is a blog that Caroline built for women to have a place to go when it comes to fixing their vehicles. Through this blog, you can find out more about cars and insights about the automotive world. You can find car stats, advice, manuals, and how-to’s that can be very helpful.

15. Silodrome

RSS feed link:

With about a million readers each month, Silodrome is a really informative blog. Although James McBride launched the website at the end of 2010, he has been one of the pioneers in the community.

Silodrome is more than just your typical car blog, from classic car reviews to films and automotive-dedicated pieces of art, the blog has it all.

16. Headlightsize

RSS feed link: helps you identify the proper size of the car replacement light bulbs. You can review the light bulb maps for whichever model. Just pick the year of manufacture, and the fitment specifications for exterior and interior lighting systems will pop up on the website.

If you do not know the right lamp size for headlights, fog lights, side markers, just head to this website. The blog also offers valuable information on the assembly of aftermarket headlights.

17. Ask Patty

RSS feed link:

The key aim of the Ask Patty blog was to teach women about the purchasing and sale of car parts, car servicing, car repairs, and safety concerns.

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The blog, however, expanded exponentially and is now used by many individuals to get real and accurate advice on car sellers, car parts, and services.

18. The Humble Mechanic

RSS feed link:

When you have mechanical trouble with your vehicle, the Humble Mechanic is a place where car lovers can go. The website showcases a wide range of podcasts, equipment reviews, and repair guides designed to help you keep your car healthy so that it never lets you down.

19. CarType

RSS feed link:

If you’re searching for the latest news in the automobile industry or just looking for interesting statistics and stories about vintage cars, there’s plenty for everybody at CarType.

With its extensive stock of automotive reviews, style characteristics, car emblems, and everything remotely relevant to the industry, it is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive auto-dedicated blogs on the internet today.

20. Carpathy

Carpathy is transforming the way individuals take care of their vehicles. In only a few taps, they offer a better and faster way for you to book different services for your vehicle. Consistency and reliability are the main drivers of their goods and service.

Your car needs to be perfect and well functioning and it deserves love and devotion, is what they believe. They are working to make their service more available so that everyone can discover what they want and what service they intend to give to their car.

21. Green Car Congress 

RSS feed link:

The Green Car Congress delivers regular information on environmentally efficient vehicles, on renewable transport technology, and also addresses urban mobility policies. The website’s goal is to educate and inspire citizens about the importance of mobility with zero emissions.

22. Bang Shift

RSS feed link:

Bang Shift is the spot to visit for gear heads who need their regular dose of hot rods, publishing the latest in features, technologies, and news in the automotive industry.

This extensive website, started by 4-wheel vehicle fanatics Brian Lohnes and Chad Reynolds, boasts the most auto-related material on the internet.

23. Car Gurus Blog

RSS feed link:

This is a forum intended to keep you up to date on all of the automobile industry’s latest innovations. Detailed video reviews, new technologies posts that are accessible for your vehicle, and lists that will help you find the right car for your needs are available.

There is a detailed compilation of websites and blogs that provide helpful insights to a large variety of vehicle enthusiasts. Whether you want to be a more knowledgeable car buyer, or are interested in upcoming automotive technologies, or want to make general or advanced repairs to your car, they’ve got everything right at your doorstep!

Over to You!

That’s all, folks! Here was our take on the detailed compilation of websites and blogs that provide a large variety of helpful insights to all the vehicle enthusiasts out there.

Subscribing and visiting these websites one by one can be frustrating. elink‘s RSS reader is the solution you’re looking for! You can subscribe to all these automotive blogs and websites on elink and get all the buzz in one place!

Did we miss out on any of your favorite blogs? We love hearing your opinions, do let us know in the comments section below.

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