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As fashion influencers, you are in high demand! Brands are now recognizing the power that you have on social media platforms with your huge and dedicated following. Your fashion blog is religiously followed by your fans. According to a recent study, an Instagram Influencer with 100,000 followers can charge anywhere around $1,000 per follower for a post made in partnership with a company or brand. Woah! That’s a lot of money for one photo!

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Is Fashion Blogging For Everyone?

Social media giants like Instagram and SnapChat have made it extremely easy for fashion lovers to show off their style, create an awesome following, start a fashion blog and be a “fashion expert”… But, do you think just anyone can do it?

Certainly not!

People might think that a fashion influencer’s “job” is to fly around in private planes, get paid millions by advertisers and brands and getting clicked by photographers in their gifted expensive clothes, but we both know the TRUTH.

Being a fashion influencer is one tough game. It’s more than what pretty pictures on Instagram shows. It’s an actual job, with real responsibilities. Juggling creative and business stuff requires business savvy!

In order to REALLY succeed and be one of the best, you have to make a name and distinguish yourself. This is especially the case as the influencer space has become more competitive than ever!

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Fashion blogging is not easy!

In order to run a profitable social media presence, blog, vlog, etc., you need to run it as an actual business, which involves a plethora of activities you have to carry out EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

It takes a huge amount of time and effort and an eye for trends to stay relevant in this crowded space. To say ‘being a fashionista is hard work,’ would be an understatement.

It comes down to doing these five things day-in and day-out:

  1. Create great content that is aesthetically pleasing and aligns with your sense of style.
  2. Make a distinct personal brand that is unique and stands out.
  3. Grow your followers on social media platforms and drive traffic to your fashion blog/vlog.
  4. Create and maintain partnerships with brands and advertisers.
  5. Most importantly, you need to be present online in order to stay relevant and not lose your ‘power’.

Influencers who actually make it to the cream of the crop are the ones who have mastered these skills.  Only the most professional, committed influencers rise to the top.

Ask yourself these questions?

elink middle image
  • Do you have a newsletter?    
  • Do you have a press page?
  • Are you still swapping out your Instagram bio link every time you make a new post?
  • Do you have a storefront on your fashion blog?
  • How do you or your agents provide updates to your advertisers/partnerships?
  • Do you update your followers with breaking fashion news?

Ugh…it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed when there is so much to do! Don’t worry we’ve got you covered and the perfect plan to help you…. : The awesome tool for Fashion blog Social bio link creator is a web app that allows you to create email newsletters, press pages, custom social landing pages, product storefronts, provide updates to your advertisers with all the work you’re doing for them, and update your followers with breaking fashion news. is a must have tool for all fashion bloggers! 

What you can do with the help of Elink?

1. Add multiple links to your social media bios

Instagram is making it really difficult to add links to content. It only allows you to have one clickable link in your bio. Changing that bio link every time you come with a new blog post, a YouTube video, or want to showcase a new product is frustrating and time-consuming…

Well, guess what? You can now have multiple links in your bio using elink. Simply add any set of web links like social media links, links to your latest blog post, web links to fashion picks you’re recommending,  and elink will create a beautiful modern web page of all your links along with a unique URL. Just copy and paste the link into your bio!

Check out how UK’s biggest selling black magazine is using elink in their Instagram bio.

Black magazine fashion newsletter

2. Add a Storefront on Your Fashion Blog

As a fashion blogger, you are always recommending, selling and advertising various products and services- from the latest pair of jeans to awesome hats! Why not have a store on your fashion blog with all your recommendations in one place!

With elink, you can create a web page containing all the links to your recommended items (yes they can include affiliate links). You can share your storefront as a single link or embed that page on your blog. Make the process of finding and buying your product recommendations easier for your fans and visitors.

Check out how The Shopping Guide Info are using elink to have a storefront on their website.

The shopping guide product page for fashion blogging

Looks awesome right?! The best part is, it’s going to take you less than 10 minutes to make a storefront like this and embed it on your blog!

3. Create a Press Page & Look Professional

Press pages are a great way to gain credibility by showing your audience the various sources that have mentioned you. It also helps you gain the trust of brands and advertisers to attract more partnerships.

With, you can create professional looking press pages in minutes. Just collect the articles you’ve been mentioned in or shout outs you have been getting on social media and elink will generate a beautiful press page which you can share as a single web page or embed on your fashion blog.

Continue updating your press page in real-time by using elink’s Chrome Extension and adding new press links as you surf the web. Time to show off!

Check out how Universal Standard is using elink on their website to create a professional looking press page!

Universal standard fashion newsletter

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4. Create an Instant Newsletter for your blog

If you are not leveraging the power of email by sending out newsletters with your latest blog posts, videos, social media content, fashion recommendations, etc. you are really missing out on a gold mine. Elink allows you to create beautiful newsletters quickly and easily..

Just add links to your articles, products or other relevant industry gossip and elink with crank out an awesome newsletter in minutes!

Fashion blog's newsletter preview

Sending out newsletters also gives you access to emails of your fans, an important asset which you can leverage while making deals with brands.

5. Bring on the Partnerships/Advertisers

In order to run a profitable fashion blog and continue to get those sweet promotional deals, you must maintain a healthy relationship with brands and advertisers.

You can do that by sharing with them a daily/weekly roundup of all the places you’ve mentioned them- in email campaigns, on social media or on your fashion blog.

Use to create a roundup newsletter by collecting links to each mention and share it with your partners to show that you are actively promoting them!

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6. Add Celebrity Looks & Fashion News

With so much going on in the fashion world every day, it’s impossible to write about all of that breaking news yourself. Constantly updating your fashion blog becomes a challenge when you have a tight ‘social’ schedule.

Save your followers the hassle of keeping up by using to add a custom news feed. Just add news articles and embed your elink to your blog.

Constantly update your news feed using elink’s Chrome Extension. Just tap the Chrome Extension whenever you find any ‘share-worthy’ fashion show news, celebrity fashion spotting, new product releases, new trend alerts, etc. Your fans will know who to turn to whenever they need to know about the latest in fashion!!


Fashion influencers are known for having a distinct style and taste. Let it reflect in your blog, social media presence and emails by using Yeah, we’ve heard it looks pretty ‘stylish’!

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and click some fabulous selfies for your fans and leave the boring task of updating your website and driving social media traffic to 😉 

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