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15 Best Science Blogs & Websites You Need To Read!

Science is deeply embedded in our daily lives. It is the basis of numerous disciplines.

The discoveries in the field of science have contributed to a greater appreciation of ourselves and the things surrounding us.

Although scientists are often considered sluggish in embracing popular patterns, science blogs have become a popular forum for all things science. There are many companies that showcase these innovations and offer informative knowledge about their services via blogs and information websites.

People who are interested and have experience in the field have taken to their keyboards in the last decade and started their own blogs. Because of their writing styles and potential to convey insight in brief words, some science blogs and websites are now the talks of the town.

If you love to explore new discoveries or a certain discipline in the field of science, these blogs and websites will surely be worth your time!

Science has so many different aspects and there is a platform out there for almost everything, whether it is space, time, reality, technology, or even artificial intelligence. Check out this list of the top science blogs below.

1. Wired Science

Wired Science is an online science blog that gives you in-depth scientific coverage of the latest findings and developments in all areas of science.

They feature content that is hard to find anywhere and create about 15 posts a week, so any time you go to their blog, you will be able to find loads of information. This website is a must-visit if you want to read about the new developments in the world of science that you can not find anywhere else.

2. is a website concentrating on (you guessed it right) space! Here, you can find all sorts of space coverage, as well as the latest NASA and science news. Subjects discussed include satellites and stars, novas and supernovas, and everything else that has to do with space.

This blog is a perfect place for a science teacher or someone who is interested in space and the future of the universe. If you want to read more about the fascinating world of space, feel free to check out their website.

3. New Scientist

New Scientist Blog is the perfect way to look at the new developments in the world of science. It is considered to be the number one magazine for science and technology.

The best part is that they feature all the recent happenings in science coverage as and when it happens around the world. The blog talks about all science-related topics, and they post an average of around 34 posts every week.

4. Science News

Science News is an online science magazine featuring all kinds of useful science content, such as articles, inventions, daily science news, and much more.

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You can find all kinds of news in several different disciplines of science, and you can even find science stories dating all the way back to 1924!

5. Scientific American

Scientific American is an online edition of a trendy real-world science journal that carries the same title. This journal covers the current scientific issues and news and also includes important subjects such as climate, environment, space, as well as many other areas that concern scientists and non-specialists alike.

This is one of the most reliable outlets for science news that covers everything that might interest a science enthusiast. They post about 56 articles a week, so you will never have a shortage of content to read on the website.

6. Popular Science

Popular Science is one of the most prominent science publications for science and technology topics. Now, they have an online blog too.

They provide the best information for science and tech enthusiasts as well as the latest headlines, gadget reviews, and much more. So, if you want to stay in touch with issues that affect the world of science, technology, or both, you should definitely check out this blog.

7. Discover Magazine

They post the most important, recent information from the field of science invention, as well as thought-provoking pieces that help people broaden their thinking.

They have more than five million registered readers and are engaged in delivering the best issues to the general public who like to remain updated about the latest trends in the field of science and development.

8. Nautilus

Nautilus combines science, culture, and philosophy into a single story, which is then told by the world’s leading thinkers and writers.

The Nautilus blog, originally a publication and internet forum, is an offshoot that presents regular musings that draw on our relation to science in our daily lives. This blog is a decent amalgamation of science with a contemporary twist.

9. Cosmic Variance

Cosmic Variance is run by five physicists and is highly acclaimed for its provocative blogs that make people think. The blog cites other blogs, which is a sure-fire way to gain their attention and maybe a quote in exchange.

10. The Scientific Activist

The creator of this blog, Anthis, was the first to announce that a key official at NASAhad lied about graduating from Texas A&M University. The announcement erupted into a big national news event, after which the official resigned. Though the website’s rapid rise was a result of the event, many stayed on as regular readers as well.

11. Improbable Research

Improbable Research is all about making people laugh and then instigate them to think. It is an online manifestation of the popular Annals of Improbable Research, a publication mainly known for creating the Ig Nobel Awards, a parody of the Nobel Awards.

The blog is a collection of real research defined as good or bad, essential or insignificant, useful or meaningless. This blog is bound to captivate your imagination and get you thinking about the importance of scientific discovery and creativity. The blog puts a seriously enjoyable insight into the slightly mad and sometimes bewildering world of science.


The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) is the national science organization in Australia. Founded in 1916, CSIRO has, till now, invented everything from modern-day Wi-Fi, Aerogard, and even extended-wear contact lenses.

With such a groundbreaking history on both national and global scales, it’s no wonder that this blog is one of the most fascinating science publications on the internet. CSIRO explores a large range of subjects, including agriculture, ocean sciences, manufacturing, and wellness.

13. RealClimate

RealClimate’s success is all because of the hot topics and expert contributors. They have a passion for explaining things as clearly as possible and for dealing with all those comments rolling in with a lot of patience.

The blog goes deeper than newspaper stories but is more readily grasped than scientific literature, which makes it an interesting read.

14. PLOS

The Public Library of Science is a non-profit organization that offers a publicly accessible collection of scientific journals and literature. The network of PLOS blogs contains material from PLOS employees and editors, as well as independent media, including science journalists and writers.

Blogs featured on the PLOS website cover a wide variety of subjects such as genetics, natural sciences, medicine and health, academic study, and scientific policies. This blog is for ardent science enthusiasts looking to find free resources and information on many aspects.

15. Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki

Featuring Kruszelnicki’s signature satirical yet insightful approach to science, this blog delves into some of the scientific questions that are most difficult to answer.

Kruszelnicki aims to entertain and teach young and old Australians in a fun and educational way. If you want some more of Dr. Karl, you can also find him on Twitter and tweet some of your burning science questions for him to answer.

To (Science) Blog or Not?

Blogging itself has countless merits to its name, and when it comes to blogging about the scientific world, it becomes all the more important. Here are a few good reasons to convince you to do the same!

  • Creative Writing: Blogs offer you an outlet for a more creative structure. Want to reduce the manuscript writing formalities and take on a different voice? A blog is an outstanding means to make that possible. 
  • You’re in control: You are the owner, editor, and publisher of the blog. The information, the language, format, and the date of release are decided by you. 
  • Promotion: Many scientists are learning to support themselves and their findings on their own. Blogging is just another method to showcase your work. Link your blog to your social media accounts to have a greater platform and outreach. Running a blog is just another but useful way of making people more informed about your work.

The Bottom Line

A quick Google search would usually lead you to the required information. But the amount and variety of content on the Internet can be daunting as well.

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Blogs are valuable sources that provide analytical insights into technological innovation, inventions, and discoveries all in one go.

Big or small, the blogs in this list are the best when it comes to science. They are the future for scientific research, education, and outreach!

Did we miss out on your favorite blog? Let us know by tweeting us @elink_io.

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