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20 Best Art YouTube Channels & Artists to Follow Right Now!

Artists are creative ninjas!

They always need to be ready with creative inspiration to stand out from the crowd. These ninjas even look for ways to learn the latest art tricks and techniques to execute their creative ideas using different methods.

Today, creating art whether it’s a painting, doodling or sculpting is more complex due to the involvement of technology. So, where can these artists find the best resources to learn and execute their creative ideas?

One such amazing platform is YouTube! YouTube helps artists in their endeavor to create something mesmerizing and inspirational. These channels work as the best resources for all artists to learn new tactics, tricks, and techniques related to art!

Here, we present a curated list of 20 must-follow art YouTube channels for all types of artists to help them learn from others and create impressive art pieces.

List of Best Art YouTube channels (Artist Youtubers)

1. Peter Draws

Peter draws: Art youtube channel

No. of Subscribers: 903K

Peter Draws and his channel definitely describe the word “creative.” Peter is best known for his ink doodlings of intricate and fantastic designs, mandalas, and whimsical diagrams, in his select medium of black ink.

He is always willing to push the limits by trying everything in the world of contemporary art. He tries and experiments with a variety of colors and ink in digital art.

2. Draw with Jazza 

Draw with jazza: Art youtube channel

No. of Subscribers: 5.32M 

Draw with Jazza is an amazing YouTube channel owned by Josiah Brooks, an Australian artist who has a deep passion for teaching people how to animate, draw, and paint, using both traditional and analog methods. 

With a strong focus on animation and cartoon styles, this channel gives weekly updates content on speed paintings, art challenges, tutorials, and streams.

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3. Bob Ross

Bob ross: Art youtube channel

No. of Subscribers: 4.21M

Bob Ross was a soft-spoken guy who loved painting happy clouds, Trees, birds, and mountains on television using big house painting-type brushes and encouraging audiences with his gentle reminder, that “you can do it.”

The official Bob Ross YouTube channel has stocked every season of his classic show, as well as an hour-long documentary on his life and career and what he’s up to and beyond.

4. Proko 

Proko: Art youtube channel

No. of Subscribers: 1.99M

Proko is an art YouTube channel about the fine art painter Stan Prokopenko. His mission is to teach the basics of anatomy and drawing.

Prokopenko clearly knows his subject from the inside out, and his short videos on the channel are comprehensive, detailed, and full of useful information and tips. 

Proko’s lessons are practically focused and a lot of fun, with the artist’s lively and loud sense of humor, shining throughout.

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5. Robin Clonts

Robin clonts: Art youtube channel

No. of Subscribers: 440K 

Along with being an extremely talented artist, Robin Clonts is as funny as she is skilled! She collaborates humor with art in her videos, setting up descriptive sketches intertwined with her painting skills.

Robin utilizes her character, her sweatshirt, with the hood up — to present the “Do’s” and “Don’t’s” of a fine painting. She focuses more on opinions on art school, advice videos, how-to’s, art hacks, artist problems, and challenges.

6. Sarah Tepes

Sarah tepes: Art youtube channel

No. of Subscribers: 381K

Sarah Tepes is a 21yr old student with more than 200,000 subscribers on her art YouTube channel, and all for good reason.

She is a self-taught artist in digital art and has a great ability to pass on her art knowledge to noobs in a way that’s both professional and easy to follow. With art lessons, there are speed painting, some great time-lapse, and process videos in the mix too.

7. The Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art: Art youtube channel

No. of Subscribers: 372K

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has more than 200,000 fascinating artworks including paintings, sculptures, designs, prints and drawings, photography, and performance.

This is one of the best YouTube channels to follow for every artist who is looking to generate creative ideas and inspiration. MoMA is your ultimate resource to find the world’s renowned collection of contemporary art all in one place.

8. U.V.N. Art

U.V.N. Art: Art youtube channel

No. of Subscribers: 310K

Yushkevich Viktor Nikolaevich is a modern-day Russian realist painter. He paints mostly landscapes and has a selection of surrealist paintings. His videos are un-narrated and hold time-lapses as his paintings speak for themselves.

Each video is a merger of “personal and up-close” footage and “big picture” footage that shows in-depth details on how he creates effects such as foliage, glistening grass, and light dancing on water.

9. Lachri Fine Art

Lachri fine art: Art youtube channel

No. of Subscribers: 289K

Lisa Clough is a Texas-based artist that has one of the best art YouTube channels. Her weekly live streams are great to watch for every artist trying to power through.

She works and chats with her viewers, and provides suggestions along with personalized tutorials. Lachri Fine Art often follows projects that are seasonal with acrylics and can sometimes be as basic as addressing the postcards she sends to followers.

10. Tate

Tate: Art youtube channel

No. of Subscribers: 235K

Tate has an aim to increase the viewer’s understanding and enjoyment of British art from the 16th century to the present day along with international contemporary art through their YouTube Channel.

The public can browse through weekly videos about art and artists from around the world, including interviews with renowned artists, celebrity art fans, live performance art, exhibition previews, and more.

11. Audra Auclair

Audra Auclair: Art youtube channel

No. of Subscribers: 218K

Audra Auclair’s art world is full of fantasy, multi-layered, and rich details. In her complex and vivid art pieces, she presents her creative thoughts, designs, and compositions.

Audra’s amazing renditions of human anatomy are must watch on her channel. Like her tagline, “Art, Life, Things,” Audra’s videos simply do not stop at time-lapses and speedpaints. She even speaks out on other creative and non-creative topics such as testing, reviewing art supplies, her inspirations, travel vlogs, mental health, tattoos, etc.

12. Smarthistory

Smarthistory: Art youtube channel

No. of Subscribers: 185K

Smarthistory is more like an Art History 101 class represented as a YouTube channel. Smarthistory is broken up into explanations of common terminology, art history periods, and close looks at famous historic artworks.

This channel also has sole videos about exploring topics like English conservation and cathedrals of 16th-century art. Smarthistory states itself as “the most-visited art history resource in the world”.

13. Zozaleenie

Zozaleenie: Art youtube channel

No. of Subscribers: 165K

Zoe or Zozaleenie is an Australian young woman who clearly spends a lot of effort and time not only giving her multifaceted art but well-organized videos as well. Her channel is relatively new but shows great promise and an optimistic approach toward art.

She discusses art blocks and creates art via scrapbook-Esque “journal entries.” Zoe even displays realistic renditions in her portraits filled with character as well as unique color pattern pairings.

14. Getty Museum

Getty Museum: Art youtube channel

No. of Subscribers: 93.7K

The art collection J. Paul Getty Museum embraces Roman, Greek, and Etruscan art from middle ages European art to the early 20th century including international photography of the current day.

Their art YouTube channel shares a group of videos about art-making techniques, exhibitions, conservation projects, and renowned artists.

15. Art21

Art21: Art youtube channel

No. of Subscribers: 93.2K

ART21 is a global leading channel for showcasing sophisticated and thought-provoking content about contemporary art and the best place to learn first-hand art skills from modern-day artists.

It is a nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire a more creative world through the works of celebrated artists. ART21 also produced several film series including the Emmy-nominated “Art in the Twenty-First Century”.

16. Stuart Davies

Stuart Davis: Art youtube channel

No. of Subscribers: 85K

Stuart Davies is a French oil painter who specializes in creating illusionary details in his painting. That is why the introductory video on his channel is called The Illusion of Detail. Stuart’s channel teaches you the techniques to create an illusion in paintings without using any outside tools.

You can also create paintings using house painter’s brushes or on plywood, and you will learn how to paint dramatic clouds and brooding landscapes with minimal effort.

17. Art Café

Art Cafe: Art youtube channel

No. of Subscribers: 45.7K 

Art Cafe is hosted by the extremely talented Maciej Kuciara, and focusing on bringing well-renowned professional artists, designers, and art directors together to have a good conversation about contemporary art, their personal experiences, and the industry in general.

This Youtube channel provides informative, inspiring, and absolutely uncut conversations about art. This is one of the top resources to unlock your creative mind, get informed, and get inspired.

18. Asian Art Museum

Asian Art Museum: Art youtube channel

No. of Subscribers: 44.2K

The Asian Art Museum is one of the biggest and renowned museums in the modern world, solely devoted to Asian culture and art. It is home to over 18k artworks from 40+ Asian countries and cities.

Their YouTube channel strives to be a drive for inspiration, dialogue, and discovery for contemporary art. Videos on the channel represent connections across Asian cultures and through conversation, time, and igniting curiosity.

19. Guggenheim

Guggenheim: Art youtube channel

No. of Subscribers: 29.9K 

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s YouTube channel is where radical art and architecture meet together in a diverse light.

It is the home to an eminent collection of contemporary and modern art. Guggenheim’s recent videos show a variety of short pieces of celebrated filmmakers to the installation of beautiful time-lapses.

20. Gagosian Gallery

Gagosian gallery: Art youtube channel

No. of Subscribers: 14K

Gagosian is one of the most famous and biggest names in the global art trade, and its YouTube channel reflects the successful nature of the whole enterprise quite perfectly.

This art gallery specializing in contemporary art with eighteen exhibition spaces across the world. You can catch Gagosian artists when they make public appearances in all 18 locations.

Wrapping Up

Artists need skills and inspiration all the time to face new challenges of creativity in their careers.

These top must-follow art YouTube channels are handy resources to help you generate an appreciation for real motivational artworks and are an amazing way to learn basic as well as advanced skills to create a range of amazing art!

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