10 Best Evernote Alternatives Digital Users Must Try!

Evernote has stood at the top of the digital note-taking game ever since its inception. With around 225 million loyal customers, it has brought every other note-taking app to its knees.

The reason why it has managed to garner such a wide customer base is because of the abundance of features in its toolbox. But this hasn’t stopped its users from facing problems compelling enough to look for a change.

Evernote’s free plan doesn’t offer a lot of features. The monthly upload limit is only 60 MB, which is nothing if you like to add graphics, voice notes, or any other form of media to your notes. There are other note-taking apps in the market that offer a lot of features for free or at a cheaper rate.

Apart from this, the app’s main USP – its vast array of features, also seems to be working against it. Users have complained that too many features have made the app slower, and there’s a steep learning curve when it comes to understanding its UI.

 If you’re one of those users who have faced these problems and are actively looking for a switch, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the best Evernote alternatives, and we’ve tried to add tools that don’t just offer what Evernote does but try to bring something more or something different to the table. 

Google conducts more than 99,000 searches per second in today’s time. This fact represents how much information we consume on a daily basis. So why should something as necessary as note-taking burn a hole through our pockets, right?

This is why the Evernote alternatives we’ve added are free, along with freemium plans that are not ridiculously expensive.

 Let’s dig right in….

Explore these best Evernote alternatives for all digital note-taking tasks so that you can be more productive:  

1. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote for keeping notes

Touted by Microsoft as ‘your very own digital notebook’, Onenote is a note-taking app that gives Evernotes a tough competition when it comes to its feature palette. Through Onenote you can:

  • Record audio
  • Sketch (on a tablet or a phone)
  • Add pictures

It’s easy to switch devices with Onenote because everything you note in the app gets saved on the cloud. Onenote acts as a digital whiteboard, so you can arrange text, images, and audio on your note page however you like. It offers a very good organizational structure- you organize pages into sections and sections into notebooks. 

Onenote comes with collaboration features as well. You can send people your notebooks directly via email or send them a URL of the same. And just like in Google Docs, you can allow people to view or edit your notes. 

Some noteworthy features:

  • It comes with an immersive reader. Once you add text to your immersive reader tab, hit play, and it starts reading the text for you. You can change the voice speed as well.
  • It comes with a web clipper extension that matches up to Evernote’s web clipper. It allows you to ‘clip’ or select pages from the web and adds them directly to your notes. 
  • Unlike other Evernote alternatives, you can save your emails directly to Onenote. This is an incredible feature in terms of convenience, as we all receive a sea of emails on a daily basis, and this allows you to save the ones that are important. 
  • It syncs with your whole Microsoft suite, so you can directly add content or tables from your Microsoft documents, spreadsheets, etc. 

Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, Web, Windows

elink middle image

2. Simplenote

Simplenote as an Evernote alternative: The simplest way to keep notes.

Simplenote is famous for its speedy, simple, and clean interface. A note-taking app with multiple features isn’t always a good thing, especially if you’re looking for something basic. Too many features make the app software more complex to understand and also slow it down in terms of functionality. 

If your requirements for a note-taking app are minimalist and you don’t really need to add videos, images, documents, or files to your notes, then Simplenote is the best Evernote alternative for you. It’s precisely for text-based note-taking only. 

Some noteworthy features:

  • It saves revisions in the ‘time machine’ style, which is a good plus. You can go back to the previously saved version if something gets deleted by mistake. 
  • It contains Markdown language, which allows for simple formatting and link addition. 

Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, Web, Windows, Linux

3. Bit.ai

Bit.ai evernote alternative

Bit.ai is a document collaboration platform designed for the modern-day workplace and use cases. A Bit document essentially works as an empty canvas or more of a new-age modern document where you can add files, rich embeds, checklists, images, videos, and even embed GIFs to make your document come alive.

You can also add PDFs and spreadsheets. It encompasses the features you use today, is streamlined with less clutter, and is powered with innovative features to make your work life a breeze as you share knowledge and content internally and with clients.

Some noteworthy features:

  • You can track your documents and see how many people have opened it, how far they have scrolled through it, how much time they’ve spent on it, etc.
  • You can add tag teammates and give instant comments and feedback on your Bit documents.
  • Bit integrates with over 100+ popular applications to tie all types of digital data
  • Bit documents have multiple template styles that you can change with a simple click of a button to change the look and appearance of your entire document. No more fiddling with each header and paragraph for consistency.
  • Bit documents support Markdown, Latex, Code Blocks, Rich Embeds and much more.

Bit is a great platform whether you want to just take notes and collect research or you want to create professional documentation in a structured way. It is by far the best Evernote alternative and online document collaboration tool for teams to seamlessly work together and collaborate in real-time.

Platforms: Web, Mobile

4. Quip

Quip : Evernote alternative for all your team work

Quip is a productivity software that combines documents, spreadsheets, team chats, and tasks in one place. It can be used both for team collaboration or personal use, although given its features, it’s more suitable for professional use. 

You can use Quip documents for:

  • Creating checklists
  • Taking meeting notes
  • Documentation
  • Making project plans

 It has a notifications and updates bar that keeps you on top of your team’s activities on the documents that you have access to. You can also read everyone’s comments and feedback on documents. 

Some noteworthy features:

  • Quip allows you to favorite documents that you visit regularly. It also shows how many updates and changes have been made to those documents since you last visited.
  • You can create chat rooms and directly chat with your teammates without having to go back and forth on other messaging apps. 
  • You can add tasks, mention teammates and set a reminder for your team-mates. Quip will then notify them as the deadline approaches. This makes for some really good collaboration management and reduces the risk of errors. 
  • You can add spreadsheets and edit those spreadsheets in the Quip document itself. 

Quip is surly a good Evernote alternative for big teams in an organization!

Platforms: Web, Android, iOS

5. Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook : Evernote alternative app

Zoho Notebook is another note-taking app that gives a tough competition to Evernote. Each notecard in Zoho is custom-designed to praise the note you are taking.

You can also sync your notebooks to the cloud and access them across any device you use!

Through Zoho you can:

  • Create normal notes by adding text, images, videos, audios, etc.
  • Checklists
  • Drawing and sketches. 

Zoho works by allowing you to make notecards’ for each of the above categories. 

Some noteworthy features:

  • Zoho Notebook comes with easy customizability. You can add attractive covers to your notebooks, decide whether you want to view your notebooks in widget mode or landscape mode. 
  • It comes with some really awesome in-app, gestures that viewers seem to love. You can flip through your note cards to find the one you’re looking for. With a simple pinch, you can display all your note cards in widget style. 
  • It comes with a web clipper as well so that you can save pages from the web. 

Platforms: Android, iOS, macOS, web, Windows. 

6. Google Keep

Google keep as an Evernote alternative for all your thoughts

Google Keep is pretty simplistic when compared to Evernote. It can be a great alternative to Evernote due to its simplicity. It doesn’t come with a plethora of features, but it makes for a very visual experience with its large ‘sticky-notes’ like an assortment of notes. 

Like other note-taking apps, it offers basic features. You can add text, videos, audios, sketches, checklists to your notes. It has an easy drag and drop interface to change the placement of your notes.

Some noteworthy features:

  • You don’t have to open your to-do list to check off pointers. You can do it right from where you have an overview of your note. This feature might not seem like much but it does go one step further in terms of offering accessibility. 
  • Speaking of taking it one step further, Google Keeps offers location-based reminders. Suppose you set a reminder to buy something at a grocery store and set the grocery store’s address. Now whenever you’re close to the grocery store or just passing by, Google Keeps will send you a reminder on your smartphone about your note.
  • There is easy collaboration in this app as well. You can share your notes with other people and give them access to make changes.

Platforms: Web, Android, iOS.

7. Workflowy

Workflow: an evernote alternative  for keeping your work organised

Workflowy is a web-based organization tool that allows people to create check-lists, research papers, team projects, and much more. When you log into Workflowy, it shows you a blank sheet of paper with a single bullet point. This means that it is essential for list-making.

Some noteworthy features:

  • Workflowy goes beyond simple list-making and allows you to add many sub-points, sub subpoints and so on to your lists. This can help you in creating detailed lists. Rather than being limited to single one pointer lists, you can add subpoints as well to give more context and add more information. 
  • It also gives quick links for different points in a note. So if you star a particular point, Workflowy will create a quick link and you can directly access that point on a different page and elaborate if you want. 

Workflowy is a great Evernote alternative for people who are looking to create elaborate outlines or brainstorm ideas with their team. It allows for collaboration as well, so you can share notes with people via emails.

  Platforms: Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS

8. Turtl 

Turtl: The secure, collaborative notebook app as an evernote alternative.

Turtl calls itself the ‘secure, collaborative notebook’. It’s an open-source alternative to Evernote and it is similar to other note-taking apps in terms of what you can add in your notes. It allows you to add text, images, files, and documents. 

One different thing that it offers is client-side encryption. Everything you add on a Turtl notebook is encrypted and can’t be accessed by the vendor. 

There are no formatting options, so it has to be done manually via Markdown language. You have to create ‘boards’ which are essentially notebooks, and then you can start with your note-making.  

Some noteworthy features:

  • It contains a browser extension so you can easily bookmark pages on the web.
  • It supports TeX math expressions in notes for math wizards.
  • You can share and collaborate with anyone without compromising your security.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, Firefox, Chrome

9. Zim

Zim : Encyclopedia of all your work.

Zim is a note-taking app with a twist. It is a ‘desktop wiki’ that allows you to manage information using wiki-style navigation. Zim requires you to add notebooks and then create different pages on it. You can then connect these pages together through hyperlinks.

Zim allows you to add text, images, attach files to your pages. When it comes to formatting, it offers simple features. You can create bullet lists, checklists, heading, format characters.

There are export options in this app as well. Normally you’d have to copy and paste the whole thing and lose all your formatting while doing so. If you want to export your wiki pages on a web page or a document file, you can export them in: 

  • HTML
  • Markdown 
  • LaTeX
  • ReStructuredText

Zim offers a number of plugins as well to extend its functionality as well. You can add tables, different editors, symbols, calculators and much more!

Platforms: Linux, Windows, Mac

10. Box Notes

Box notes as an evernote alternative for online note-taking for teams.

Box Notes is an Evernote alternative that offers note-taking with team collaboration. Around 20 people can work simultaneously on the same document. Teams can take notes, brainstorm, create checklists, make business reviews, and much more.

If your team or company heavily relies on Salesforce, then Box Notes is the tool for you.

You can add tables, text, images, hyperlinks. You can save documents as templates as well to make work simpler. You can bookmark notes and track changes and updates as well.

Box doesn’t really offer anything different than other note-taking apps but it is a great tool if you want to use it for collaboration. 

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac 

Parting Words

There are a lot of note-taking apps and Evernote alternatives that are available, but what we’ve compiled for you is the best of the lot. These free applications will allow you to do much more than Evernote’s free plan.

Keep in mind what features and requirements you have when it comes to note-taking. Many users don’t really need a lot of Evernote’s extra features, in which case it is advisable to move to a simpler and lighter alternative to Evernote.

Happy choosing!

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