How Technology is Revolutionizing Newsletter Creators

Remember the days when creating email newsletters, websites, and social media pages had to go through tons of coding process? Only then, it was possible to have just a simple website or a web page. In today’s world, technology has bestowed us tools that make our everyday lives more accessible and efficient.

In this regard, B2B businesses have quite an advantage here. A robust and good-looking email newsletter or website can make your overall marketing strategy a lot more effective. Your daily and weekly newsletter can help you in attracting customers.

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newsletter software allows you to create a variety of content uniquely and professionally. elink is a one-stop solution for content creators. Instead of spending a significant budget on website development, a newsletter creator software enables you to create, save, and share website content online. Your newsletter or webpage must summarize your brand story while connecting with your viewer at one glance. 

Creative design, user-friendly features, and unique content keep your customers engaged for a long time. The features are handy, easy-to-use, and offer a professional approach. Most of all, it saves plenty of your valuable time. If you are wondering how this newsletter software revolution can bring you a little ease, we have gathered the top features of a content curation software that can help you revolutionize creating newsletters. 

1. Simple and Easy to Use

elink offers a simple and easy-to-use CRM right for your business. Whenever you are creating a webpage or a newsletter, the features must be user-friendly. If you don’t explore and understand the tools, it’s impossible to gain benefits out of it. The software makes content curation simple and handy for you and your business.  

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Admin dashboard is often the heart of the entire CRM – every feature and tool is easily accessible on it. You can conveniently create a web page, newsletter, and social media page while selecting a layout of your choice as well as the graphics. Investing in a single piece of software can boost your business’s productivity tremendously. The dashboard allows you to monitor the site, add plugins and modules, and manage updates and notifications. 

It is convenient to handle the overall content flow when everything is available on a single page. Every team member can brilliantly fulfill their level of responsibility while improving total content creation. 

2. Built-In SEO Techniques

Since the world is getting smarter, Google has become smarter too. Google is always checking its search algorithms, and there are plenty of factors that affect your ranking. What’s the point of making an intuitive website when your viewers can’t find you? elink best newsletter software offers a solution in this aspect. 

While it can be tedious to know every off-page reason that plays with your search rankings, you must ensure that you are covering on-page search engine optimization effectively. Many content management software solutions offer built-in SEO techniques to help you create URLs that might work for search engine rankings. You can feasibly update SEO title, URL, description, alt-text, and OG image to enhance your chances of appearing in the search results. eLink complies with accessibility guidelines and warns with any plagiarized content. 

Your search engine will look much better by supporting structured and microdata – all with a simple content management system. 

3. Engagement Insights and Analytics

Regardless of how much time you are spending on content curation each day, nothing makes sense unless you track the audience’s insights and analytics. Tracking analytics and engagement on your content platforms is a fundamental part of content marketing for customer collaboration. Your CMS must collaborate with popular analytics tools such as Google Analytics. 

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This integration helps to track KPIs right from your dashboard. You can track engagement levels, location of your audience, and referral sources for each link you create. The platform will also show the technology viewers are using, how they are interacting, and the devices they are using. You can conveniently track the best and worst-performing content strategy. Your organization can make smarter decisions by understanding engagement levels. 

The feature enables your team to work together and attract customers more effectively with everyday analytics. 

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4. Easy Social Media Integration

Ten years back, social media was just a communication platform. However, along with other changes, the social media marketing revolution came as well. Social media channels are now the go-to options to interact with your target audience. In fact, besides Google, they are the first places where your audience searches for you is social media. 

elink takes this approach forward by offering social tools and easy social shares. Your most crucial web pages must have social media sharing buttons. You must ensure that your content is responsive and optimized to be shared on every social media platform. Of course, the tone you are using on Instagram will differ from the one used on Twitter. You can easily share your optimized content to upload on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram, and others. You can even select Open Graph Tags to optimize display settings over multiple social media channels. 

A robust and valuable content can open many opportunities for you but only when they are marketed right. Let your target audience find you through social media platforms. 

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5. Fruitful Content Template Gallery

Since the past few years, instead of creating designs from scratch, many companies are now using online content template galleries. The number of web design companies using SaaS has tremendously increased for this sole purpose.

Time is money. Thus, there is no better way of saving time and optimize business processes.

Online content templates help to create and publish work new work quickly and efficiently. Instead of selecting a new template every time, you can choose one that suits your business profile and save it for further content production. A worthy content template example would include, drop-down list, SEO title and description, image resize, alt-text, and recommended products based on tags. The work seems small, but if you do it all over again whenever you need to publish new content, it becomes a tedious process. 

elink allows you to choose from the vast library of templates and grid layouts. It is the best program to create a newsletter or a webpage. 

The Importance of Content Management Software for your Business

Content management platforms are revolutionizing each year with new updates. As the customer’s demands are continually evolving too, you must prepare yourself ahead of the game.

According to research by IBM, over 90% of businesses are now using CRM for their business operations, while 74% of them report better customer relationships after adopting content management software. 

elink is a complete one-stop solution for all your content curation needs. From an attractive webpage to an email newsletter, engagement analytics, easy social sharing built-in SEO tools to fully-featured template gallery, your business productivity is guaranteed to improve.

The newsletter software is the fastest way to connect and professionally interact with your target audience. You can easily start free online and explore the features. Once you are comfortable with the tools and techniques, you can opt for advanced features for your business right away. 

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