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Data Curation: What is it & How to Do It?

With the modern digital era developing ever so fast, Curation has become an important way to pool things in one place.

So many resources and data available online, wouldn’t it be best to collect it all into one place?

Curation helps to manage and maintain data so as to save it for a longer time. Let’s get more specific in curation… Data Curation!

While there are different types of curation, one among them is Data Curation. If curation describes a collection of things that are picked and managed to meet the needs of a specific group, then, in lieu of that, Data Curation is the collection of data that is picked and managed to meet the interest of a specific group of people.

If curated describes collections of things that are selected and managed to meet the needs of a specific group, then curated data is a collection of datasets that is selected and managed to meet the needs and interests of a specific group of people. Note that the focus here is datasets – files, tables, etc. – that can be accessed and analyzed.

Data Curation has become a term of monumental importance whenever data management is mentioned. It has become a commonplace term in the domain of data management.

However, this term is quite often mistakenly used by people. While storing data is just a part of it, but is not everything!

There is a lot more to it! Want to know?

Dive in…

What is Data Curation? (Meaning)

Data Curation is a broad term. Let’s understand what it is by getting there two key aspects of it:

  • Organization of Data
  • Integration of Data from varied resources
  • Maintaining Value of Data

Thus, Data Curation is the collection of data from many resources and managing it over time. By doing this process, the value of the stored data will be maintained over time.


Think of a bracelet that your grandmother gave to you as a present on your 5th birthday. Now you have grown up and outgrown its size. What would you have done with it now?

elink middle image

Either you would have flung it into the bin as now it is of no use… or you would have preserved it as a memory…

If you are going for the latter doing, it means that that tangible bracelet meant something to you and by preserving it you are increasing its value manifold.

Do you get it?

The same goes for data curation! The internet is flooded with data and resources, and saving and organizing it at the right time can bring you good results.

Thus Data Curation is the way of engaging people by managing data and making it more useful in its form. So collect data from good resources and get better at retrieving it anytime! It is a long process and goes under the stages of data authentication, archiving, data organizing, retrieval, and value enhancement.

Data Curation is all about datasets- files, tables, etc. that can be analyzed and retrieved anytime. However, collecting datasets is only the beginning! After that, you need to manage that collected data otherwise it won’t be able to use it for the future because of its unorganized nature. Such a messy pile of data is not curated data.

Organizing and managing the collected data is the real essence of Data Curation. Making them in a state that they become easy to find, understand and access is what the core of Data Curation is.

Now let’s take a look at the benefits of Data Curation in the next section. Read Onwards…

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Benefits of Data Curation

Data Curation is of good use to all kinds of business parties as they all engage with data at some point or the other in their life. With so many benefits, let’s check out each, one-by-one:

  • One Place For All Data- You can now pool all the relevant data and keep it safe with you through Data Curation.
  • Data Curation acts as a Glue- Everything takes a full circle with Data Curation. Without it, accessing and making sense of data would have been unimaginable thus it indeed is the bridge that connects all.
  • Data Curation Helps in Organising Data- When you pool data in one place, next is the process of organizing it. Thus, with data curation comes the ability to organize data neatly.
  • Easy Retrieval- Just pooling isn’t everything about it! Collect it and organize it in a manner that retrieving it becomes easy.
  • Future Implication of Data Curation- It is true that processing and harnessing data cannot only enhance their existing business but even open up new business avenues.
  • Adding Value to the Preserved Data- The data curated now has added value to it just because you have preserved and managed it properly.

…and much more!

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Like a sculptor which is kept in a museum is worth more than any amount of money, in a similar way, Curated Data is of the utmost value for a business community.

In this blog, we have given you reasons to curate data and where you should be doing it from…

So let’s harness the power of Data Curation and get started to begin with this task with elink!


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