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Social Curation: What is it & How to Use it to Get More Leads!

As content marketers, we all know the importance of being socially active. With more than 59% of the population on the internet and over 4.70 billion people having a social media presence. With this massive audience, it’s hard to see social platforms as anything but an opportunity to enhance your brand exposure.

Check out these astounding stats:

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Even with these numbers, each of us is dealing with a similar set of problems. Simply put, the shifting dynamics online are forcing us to find smart ways to use our limited resources to generate brand awareness.

According to Linkedin Technology Marketing Community, the 2 major content marketing challenges marketers face are:

  • Producing enough content in variety and volume.
  • Lack of time and bandwidth to create enough content.

So, what is the solution? Curation!

82% of marketers have added curation to their marketing strategy, not just to stage themselves as an authority in their industry but also to strengthen their relationships with customers too.

What exactly is Curation?

Curation stands for selection, organization, and presentation of online content or information like blogs, infographics, webpages, etc.) typically using an expert or professional knowledge.

It begins with acquiring a collection, and also includes developing it, and arranging it in a way, that it best informs and inspires the public.

People or services that manage the implementation of this process are known as Curators.

Yet, did you know that sharing too much content can be damaging to your brand? So, how can you engage with your followers without over-sharing your content? The answer is social curation.

With that in mind, let’s dig into learning more about social curation and why is it important for your business.

The term “social curation” has been a turning point for marketers around the globe! 

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Social Curation is the organization of links and information in a socially empowered way around a specific topic. 

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Basically, we are talking about social media and online curation as a whole. And, services or people who exercise social curation are called as social curators. Most of the companies today, choose social curation over content creation as a way of discovering new content.

We know you might be wondering- why? Isn’t creating original content a great way to get new followers and fans? Why share content created by others? Well, there are a ton of benefits of curating content rather than creating it from scratch!

Benefits of Social Curation for your Brand

The act of social curation elevates the tendency to publish content more frequently, but it offers some additional benefits as well that can do wonders for your brand! These include:

1. Influencer Relationships

Did you know almost 67% of brands sponsored Influencer curated posts on Instagram in 2021?!

Applying social curation on a substantial level helps in influencer interactions and marketing, in reference to the content that you are finding, sharing, and providing a response to engage in a line of communication.

Initiating higher communication with verified users online not only helps your brand to engage in viral conversations but also provides more significant and useful information to your followers.

2. Audience Engagement

Social curation is an undeniable aspect of social media that many people take part in; both knowingly and unknowingly. Sharing insights and knowledge in the form of a curated piece of content to influence people on digital media is a crucial way to not only increase your goodwill but also create a thread of communication and amplify engagement.

In a recent study by Buffer, 7 out of 11 curated Facebook posts reach out to over a staggering 750,000 users.

Therefore, social curation is considered to be beneficial to not only your own brand but to the aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals that follow your social media footprint, trying to seek valuable information.

3. Credibility

Social curation is an attribute of social media when executed well can have tremendous effects on your online credibility. By curating content on topics that are valuable to your audiences on social media helps in making your brand more acceptable, even outshine your competitors.

In fact,  And being credible pays as a whopping 91% of customers prefer buying from a credible brand that has a positive reputation in the market!

So, if you want traffic on social platforms or on your website, you must post your content daily and be the first in your consumer’s mind by sharing fresh ideas and materials on the platforms they use most!

Now that you know how helpful social curation can be, you and your business need to be aware of curation as a marketing strategy to grow user conversion on social media.

If you want to extract these benefits, you need to be able to do social curation professionally. And the best way to do that via this awesome tool called elink!

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How to Curate Social Media Content with help of elink? Social curation tool

elink is a smart content curation tool that will help you create and share beautifully designed curated website content, blog content, social bio links, email newsletters, and much more in minutes! It’s the fastest and most professional way to share curated content on various topics in a visually appealing way.

Simply add links to the content you want to share (articles, videos, images, etc) and elink will generate an awesome looking webpage in minutes! Once done curating, you can then customize your fonts, background colors, text colors, and more with minimal effort!

There is an option to update the SEO settings of your elink posts as well, so you can add meta description and keyword to make your content more search engine friendly.

The content you curate on elink can be shared through any social media platform as a stand-alone web page, as an embed on your website or sent as a responsive newsletter via Gmail, MailChimp or any other email provider. also offers an RSS feed reader and Chrome Extension for faster social curation.

elink offers 50 beautiful pre-built templates, so you never have to worry about designing and can just focus on your content to be more socially impactful. Your curated webpage is fully responsive, allowing you to access it from any device and varying screen size.

Here are two examples of socially curated content by elink

See Original | Powered by elink

See Original | Powered by elink


Social curation helps you in tailoring your business to the target demographic by sharing curated content that you know your followers will value and benefit from!

Just by providing insights on different mediums via social curation can intensify your take on digital trends. Before releasing your own content on the subject, keep in mind to peak your followers’ interests, and subsequently maximize interaction with self-generated content through curation!

It’s time to try elink for your next social curation strategy and share your experience with us via messaging in the comments section below or tweet us at @elink_io

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