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Social Sharing: Definition, Tools, and Tips!

As a marketer, reaching your audience is quite possibly one of the main priorities that you can have. The more you reach, the more you sell!

BUT — Where is your audience?

In today’s time, over 49.03% of the total world’s population is using social media (source)! Almost half the world is on social media and that’s exactly where you need to be as well! That’s where you can tap into your target audience organically!

Still having a hard time believing us? Let’s take a look at some of these statistics (source)…

  • According to the platform reports on the current number of active users, over 3.81 billion people use social media worldwide.
  • About 63% of the world’s population is active on social media (13 years and above).
  • Out of the 4.57 billion internet users, 83.36% are active users.
  • 90.71% are active users of social media out of the 4.20 billion mobile internet users.
  • 98.68% of people access websites of apps through mobile devices, out of 3.81 billion social media users.

Social media is basically a gold mine for all your marketing needs!

The question that then arises is — How do you tap into this social media audience?

One of the best ways to tap into the social media audience is to use social sharing!

Before we get into the list of the best tools that are out there to promote social media sharing, let’s get into the what’s and why’s of social sharing.

Let’s read ahead!

What is Social Sharing? (Definition)

In the simplest of words, social sharing is when social media users share your web content (blog posts, articles, white papers, etc.) on a social networking platform with their connections, groups, friends, or specific individuals.

Social sharing is one of the most classic social media marketing strategies wherein, companies generate brand awareness by leveraging their pre-existing audience to share their content with a newer audience.

Sounds pretty cool, right?

While we’re at it, let’s also take a look at the various ways in which social sharing ends up helping marketers.

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How Does Social Sharing Help Marketers?

Although we’ve already talked about how social sharing improves brand awareness amongst your target audience, there are far more benefits than that. Here goes…

1. Improve Website Traffic

One of the prime benefits of social sharing is the fact that it drives traffic to your website. Blog posts and articles shared in the form of social media posts are a great way to grab the attention of new readers.

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2. Lead Generation

Social sharing is a great way for potential customers to express interest in your business and your products. This is how you end up generating leads for your business that can ultimately be converted into long-term customers.

3. Sales Boost

With the growing popularity of social media, social sharing and social networking sites have become extremely important for product search and eCommerce.

Whenever somebody shares your website content on their social media platforms, social sharing helps you sell your product and service and ends up attracting new buyers.

4. Builds Credibility

When social media influencers end up using social sharing buttons to share your content, product, and services with their audience, your brand ends up getting more name and credibility, setting you up for more sales.

Word of mouth acts as a brilliant marketing strategy and can draw more attention to your brand, overall.

5. Promotes Content

Social sharing is a great way for you to promote your content on social media channels. You get to show off your smart, well-researched content in front of new people, showcasing your expertise and growing your audience.

6. Go Viral!

As more and more people start liking, commenting on, and sharing your social posts, your content gets exposed to new audiences — their friends and followers! When your content goes viral, it spreads across the internet, getting thousands of social shares making your job much easier!

Going viral is very beneficial because all those shares, likes, add comments showcase an existing connection with your brand and company.

7. Source Content

Based on the interaction and engagement that you notice on your social media posts, you can come up with ideas for content that you can create yourself! You’re essentially giving people what they are asking for which is a sure-shot way to create content that people will want to read and share!

With so many benefits waiting to be exploited, all you need now is the perfect set of tools that can help you add the social sharing feature on your website!

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List of Social Sharing Tools

Although there are a ton of social sharing tools that are out there, we have researched and picked out the best social sharing tools that are sure to help you…

  • ShareThis
  • AddThis
  • AddToAny
  • Shareaholic
  • Social9
  • Sumo

Let’s take a look at each of them in detail…

1. Social sharing tool

Ranking on the first spot on our list is! elink is a new-age tool for creating and sharing curated content.

Using elink, you can create stunning looking content, from newsletters to blog posts, website embeds to social bio links, and much more!

Simply add links to the content you want to share (articles, videos, images, etc) and elink will generate an awesome looking webpage in minutes! Once done curating, you can then customize your fonts, background colors, text colors, and more with minimal effort!

The content you curate on elink can be shared through any social media platform as a stand-alone web page, as an embed on your website, or sent as a responsive newsletter via Gmail, MailChimp, or any other email provider. also offers an RSS feed reader and Chrome Extension for faster social sharing. The best part is elink collections can be edited an real time even after publishing.

Social sharing has never been any easier than this! What’s more?

elink offers 50+ beautiful layouts, so you never have to worry about designing and can just focus on your content to be more socially impactful. Your curated webpage is fully responsive, allowing you to access it from any device and varying screen size.

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2. ShareThis

     Share this: Social sharing tool

ShareThis is one of the most popular social sharing tools that are out there! Used by hundreds and thousands of bloggers and companies, ShareThis makes social sharing super easy and makes it a seamless process.

The best part about using ShareThis is the fact that it is completely free of cost, and you don’t have to spend a single penny on this tool. To top that off, it is also completely customizable and you can change its settings based on what you and your audience needs.

ShareThis also comes along with language support and allows you to choose between 9 different languages. Additionally, it comes along with smart analytics to give insight into what resonates the best with your audience.

3. AddThis

Add this: Social sharing tool

AddThis is probably one of the most versatile social sharing tools! The best part about using AddThis? It has a Smart Sorting system that displays the social networks a user has interacted with most recently and most frequently to encourage them to share.

It is also completely free-of-cost and easily customizable, wherein you get the liberty to choose from things like colors to the size and shape of the buttons so that your page always fits in with your brand image.

It is also easy to install and you don’t need the skills of a developer to get these buttons on your website! It even comes along with an analytics tool where you can get insights into how well your content performed!

But wait, we’ve saved the best for the last — AddThis allows you to position your social sharing buttons in multiple formats, from floating, inline, and expanding, to popup, banner, and slider! Yes, you get to choose the look and feel of your website!

4. AddToAny

Add to any: Social sharing tool

Quite similarly to the tools that we’ve discussed before, AddToAny allows you to use social sharing buttons on any device or website! It’s also completely responsive and reacts instantly to taps, clicks, and multiple forms of input and device orientations.

The +1 of using AddToAny is the fact that its icons are Scalable Vector Graphics, meaning that they load fast, are mathematically precise, scalable to any size, and stunning on High-PPI screens such as Retina and Retina HD displays.

AddToAny can be easily integrated into any website, as it comes with a simple code. It also has a dynamic analytics tool for insights and is completely customizable!

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5. Shareaholic

Shareaholic: Social sharing tool

Next up on our list, Shareaholic’s best part is the fact that it is integrated with multiple platforms which include Pinterest, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, WeChat, and a lot more!

Shareaholic is easy to configure without using any coding! That’s right! No more codes.

What’s more? It is also highly customizable and its icons are also Scalable Graphic Vectors, meaning that they will blend in seamlessly with your branding and color palette.

Shareaholic has also partnered with Google Analytics to provide you with the best-in-class analytics and insights into your website performance. You can use this to fine-tune your audience building and content strategies.

6. Social9

Social9: Social sharing tool

Social9 is another social sharing tool that cuts our list! Social9 is completely free-of-cost and comes with a brilliant-looking analytics dashboard.

Apart from the fact that it is highly customizable, responsive, and integrated with over 25 platforms for focused sharing, it is also SEO friendly, which gets it a +1 from our end!

It also comes along with a run-time update and lets your view your page before you add your social sharing buttons to your page.

7. Sumo

Sumo: Social sharing tool

Last but not least on our list of the best social sharing tools of 2021, we have Sumo! Sumo Share makes it easy for your website visitors to share your content with their friends, network, and connections online!

Sumo Share is completely responsive and it comes along with Smart Social Share Buttons which optimizes with sharing options that are most effective on a per-page basis. It is also extremely easy to share with drag-down options as opposed to using codes!

But wait, before you go… there are some tips and tricks that’ll come in handy when you want to get more social shares!

Tips for Social Sharing

Here is a list of tips that’ll be useful when you’re creating content that is sure to get you some more social shares and improve your website traffic! Let’s read ahead…

1. Request your audience to share your content.

One of the simplest ways in which you can get more social shares is by requesting your audience to share your content if they liked it. Mention it towards the end of the content that you’re creating and the people who really do love your content will surely help you out!

2. Create great content!

This tip is probably going to sound very obvious, but it needs to be said. You NEED to put effort into the content that you’re creating otherwise, poorly created content won’t get you any social shares!

3. Write a catchy headline.

How do you catch the attention of readers? It’s when you write an enticing and well-crafted headline that suits the awesome content that you’ve created.

4. Make your social sharing buttons striking.

The placement of the social sharing buttons on your page really matters a lot! Social sharing buttons at the top of the page can showcase the number of shares you’ve already received, whereas, buttons at the bottom can help the reader share the post once they’ve finished reading.

Best option — you can use floating buttons that’ll always be present in front of the readers!

5. Post when your readers are most active!

Think carefully about when you should post your content for optimal social sharing. You can research when your readers are most active, or when is the prime time to post so that your readers can share your content!

Wrapping Up!

There you have it, folks! The A-Z guide on social sharing and everything that you need to know about it! All that you need to do now is find the tool that fits your needs the best and the social sharing tools will handle the rest!

Do you have any doubts or queries on social sharing? Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter @elink_io. We’d be happy to help you out!

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