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How to Create a Custom Social Media Wall for Your Website?

Because maybe you’re gonna be the one that saves me. And after all, you’re my Wonderwall.

Do you remember listening to this rock song ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis in your teenage years?

This song was about an imaginary friend who’s gonna come and save you from yourself!

Here in this song, the savior was WONDERWALL!

The time has changed now. It isn’t 1995 when this song was released! Now the world is encapsulated with new innovations and technological changes.

New businesses gain instant recognition now. They try to firm their hold on social media platforms and keep their audience engaged by constantly updating them with information and relevant content.

We have come a long way from those times when we used to communicate by sending letters. Internet is our all-time savior. But let’s get more specific here…

In the present digital era, what’s your Wonderwall?

Social Media Walls!

Yes! Adding Social Media Walls to your website is the coolest way to engage with your audience without getting all drenched in labor, sweat, and hard work!

Let’s see what this smart work is all about and how it can save you tons of time!

What Is a Social Media Wall? (Definition)

If you are engaged in a business with a social media business account to look after or if your daily duty is to update content and come up with something new each day, then I personally understand your pain!

Producing content can be really challenging! It is like a repeatingdream that revisits each night.

How to tackle it?

elink middle image

You can’t practice a voodoo trick and say goodbye to this nightmare. It is not going to go away that easy!

What to do then?

Curate content by building up your custom social media wall and embed it on your website. Now you can relax without actually writing something from scratch and optimizing your content written on social media platforms!

What exactly is a social media wall?

Broadly speaking, social media wall is an accumulated social feed. It is generated out of social media posts. Here, you can pick posts from social media and use them to build a wall of numerous feeds belonging to one or many social media platforms.

Don’t think of it as a bulk of feeds! Presentation is the heart and soul of the social media wall. You can now arrange your favorite posts in a brilliant visual layout and embed them on your website to keep your viewers updated with your social content.

Just gather content from social media accounts and freshen up your website with amazing content curated in minutes! Curate posts and build up a wall!

No, still not convinced why you should be doing it?

Head onwards and check out the following reasons to start with this cool content curation technique!

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How Displaying a Social Media Wall on Your Website Can Help?

Managing social media accounts is not easy! A lot of sweat and tears go into the production of social media content.

So why not reuse this content and give due credit to the sweat that goes behind the production of this content?

Won’t that be amazing? Read on and see why you should be doing it…

1. Opens up Avenues of Social Media Marketing

If you are willing to expand your business without spending too much money on pooling resources, building social media walls is the best way to go through it. Put up your social media feeds on your website and create a buzz about your business without spending much time.

2. Triggers Engagement with Your Audience Visiting Your Website

Building social media walls for your website is the best way to engage with people. With this, visitors can see your social media updates right on your website! So now, even your website branches off to your social media accounts and helps you amplify interactions with your audience.

3. More Followers on Your Social Media Account

A social media wall evidently wins the hearts of people. With a beautifully organized curated feed, you can drop off your social media charm on your website. People see it, get amazed, then go to your account, and hit the FOLLOW button!

4. Drive Conversions with Social Proof

Social media wall on your websites increases the time that a visitor spends on your website. Share relevant feeds that might interest your audience on your website. With this enhanced visibility, you get to earn more followers on your social media account! Now that’s proof that embedding these curated social feeds is a great help for businesses seeking leads.

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Want to embed social media posts on your website?

Building a social media wall can be super easy if you are using the right tool!

Want to know the best tool for it? Tool for creating social media wall

elink is the easiest tool to use for creating a social media wall and embedding it on your website.

elink is the fastest content curation tool for marketers. Curate content with elink in minutes by bundling weblinks and turning them into content to engage your audience. in a lovely presentation. Just use elink’s Chrome or Firefox extension and add it to your browser. Now you can easily choose one or the many social media posts from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and simply press on the elink icon on the top of your browser! Your link will be saved and you can add it to any content collection you are creating.

Choose from over 50+ visually beautiful layouts and create fresh content for your website in no time!

Don’t worry!

We’ll make this easy task super easy for you!

Dive in for step-by-step instructions on how to build your social media wall with elink!

Steps for Creating Social Media Walls with Elink!

Step 1: Download elink’s Browser Extension

First things first! Download elink’s Chrome extension (compatible with Chrome, Brave & Edge) or elink’s Firefox extension. Once it is downloaded, you will see the blue ‘e’ icon on the top right of the bookmark bar. So now you have this amazing content curation tool that will help you save tons of time!

Step 2: Login to Your Social Media Accounts

Login to your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. You can add posts from your account or some other account through elink! Yes, that’s the beauty of elink! Pick any feed, doesn’t necessarily have to be yours!

Step 3: Select the Post

Now all you have to do is, open the post you want to add to your website and click on the blue elink icon on the top right of the bookmark bar.

Step 4: Choose an Image

After you click on the blue elink icon, you’ll get the option of choosing an image. Now you can either choose the one that is already added to that social media post or pick another one. Do as you like!

Step 5: Add to Post

Now that you’ve chosen the image that you want to use, click on ‘add to post’. Before doing this, you can also personalize your feed by clicking on the pencil icon to edit the title & description of the post.

After clicking on add to post a pop-up will appear. You can either select an existing post or create a new one. After that, click on the ‘+’ icon to add the link of the social media post photo to the post you’ve selected.

Now add links to the feeds you want to add to come up with a custom social media wall till you are finished!

Just click on the ‘+’ icon and your Instagram photo links will be added!

Step 6: Go to


Now go to and click on posts. Open the post where you’ve added all the links to your social media posts.

Step 7: Customize it Your Way!

This is where the fun part begins! Get ahead with elink and explore the editing tools! Here you can edit the header image, title, theme color, layout, etc.

But for a stand-out social media wall, the layout is the real king! Click on the Layouts tab. Scroll through over 50+ visually beautiful layouts and see your feed on the right side setting into this mold really quick!

For a layout that goes edge-to-edge on your website, we recommend choosing Masonary layouts. They are a wonderful choice for a beautiful curated social media wall!

You’ll probably get overwhelmed with all the awesome layouts that are available and it might get a little difficult to choose the best one. Don’t worry, because you can switch between layouts even after publishing and embedding your feed on your website! (Thank us later!)

Step 8: Hit Publish

Once you are done with the designing part, go ahead and hit Publish! You’ll see a popup in which you can customize your website URL. When you’ve customized the URL, hit publish again. That’s all!

Step 9: Copy the Code

Go to the website embed section. Copy the recommended code and it’s done. Now you can go to your website and paste this link, and you’ll get your social media wall embedded into your website in no time!

Step 10: Embed the Code From elink On Your Website

Just log in to your website, go to the editing section of the page where you want to embed this feed, paste the copied embed code from elink, and then hit publish!

That’s all folks!

Wasn’t it super easy!


You must be wondering why you should use elink when there are other platforms available?

Well building up a social media wall gets easier with elink. Once you do it on your own, you’ll understand following these steps is a no brainer! With the simple to use features, fall in love with elink right away!

Not only this, but you can embed your social media wall and update it in real-time! All you have to do is, add links using elink’s browser extension and the work is done for you!

If you have a website and you wish to engage with your audience, then giving a social touch to it can help you drive traffic! Make your website wholesome by adding content and adding a social media wall to it.

So what’s the wait?

Get started now! Let us know how it goes by tweeting us @elink_io!


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