Add multiple links with elink

Add Multiple Links in One Link with elink!

Ever tried sharing multiple links aka URLs with your friends, family, or co-workers? It gets messy, doesn’t it? The URLs are too long, content often gets buried, and the information is sent without any context.

This reduces the importance of the content being shared as the recipient has no idea what’s actually behind the URL. 

Not only that sharing multiple links is a hassle, but social media platforms make it even more painful by restricting the amounts of links you can share in your bio.

All major social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook allow you to share only one link in your bio.

It doesn’t matter if you are a brand, an Influencer, or an individual, a single bio link creates an obstacle for anyone who wants to:

  • Divert their social media traffic to their blog or websites
  • Promote their other social media accounts
  • Add links to their latest article, video, podcast, music, or blog posts
  • Add links to their e-commerce store or new product 
  • Add links to an e-book or white paper they are giving away

And more…

It’s frustrating, going back to your account’s bio and swapping out links according to your latest content. But not anymore…, the Ultimate Tool For Adding Multiple Links in One Link!

Imagine having a single link in your social media bio but that single link is a gateway to all your other links. That’s what this awesome tool is all about. Add multiple links in one link allows anyone to share multiple links with their friends, family or followers by creating a landing page for all your links.

You can add any content- articles, blog posts, videos, audio, affiliate products, etc. from the web, and create a collection of beautiful links that you can share on your social media bio or as a standalone web page!

Elink templates

There are over 30+ modern templates to choose that are responsive and look great on all devices. 

elink middle image

Add Your Most Important Links

Add web links to the places you want your followers to go to. Add links to articles, podcasts, products, affiliate links, brand collaboration pages, other social media profiles, videos and more!

You can quickly use elink’s Chrome Extension to update your social bio link on the go and in real-time!

Beautiful and Responsive Templates

elink has a comprehensive collection of over 30+ interchangeable templates that you can use and swap anytime you want.

Simply select any layout and add your links and your elink web page will be ready in minutes! Even after your page has been published, you can go back and change the look and feel of your elink in real-time! 

Check out different layouts now!

Use it Anywhere You Want!

Once created, you can use your elink anywhere on the web you want. Share your elink on Slack, Whatsapp, Telegram or add your elink to your social media bio link on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Once linked, you never have to change your link in bio again!

Apart from using elink in your social media bio, people use elink for a plethora of reasons.

Bloggers can create a newsfeed for website, Educators can share learning resources with their students, Brands can add a press page to the website, Marketers can send out email newsletters, Graphic Designers can create portfolios, Real-estate agents can create property listings, Influencers can create affiliate product pages, and much more!

Track Engagement Analytics on Your elinks

Users can track engagement levels, traffic sources, and the location of their audience.

You can also measure the number of page visits on your social media bio links and website content that you have added to your elink.  

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How does elink work?

elink is simple and easy to use with a friendly user interface anyone can get familiar with. Here’s how it works

STEP 1: Choose a template

You can either choose to build your elink from scratch or can use one of our awesome pre-built templates. Either way, it’s extremely easy to create bundle links in minutes!

Each template is responsive, so you don’t have to worry about the appearance of your links on different devices with varying screen sizes.

The best part is, you are not stuck with your layout. Come back at any time even and give it a new look. Even after it has already been published!

STEP 2: Add your links

Next up, copy and paste links to the articles, videos, podcasts, or other sources you want to share with your audience and elink will automatically generate an image, a title, and a short descriptive text regarding each link.

The best part is that you can change those titles and descriptions to make them SEO-friendly and concise enough to get the viewer’s attention.

You can even change the link image by uploading a new one or zoom in or zoom out of the current image to display the best possible view.

PRO TIP: Use’s Chrome Extension to quickly add links to your elink page. 

STEP 3: Add a header

You can not only add a header/footer image, but also bullet lists, numbered lists, dividers, buttons, and even social media icons.

You also get to choose from over 6 different font sizes for your header and footer body. In addition to this, elink lets you create beautiful header images using its Canva integration!

Step 4: Choose over 30+layouts

Choose from over 30+ finest layouts to suit your design and add your touch to it.

Step 5: Customize

It’s important to add your own design elements to the content you create. In addition to header images, header text formatting, and visual weblink formatting, elink allows you to:

  • Change the primary color.
  • Update your heading font style
  • Choose your body font style
  • Update your Call-to-action button text on templates
  • Add a search bar

STEP 6: Publish

Hit publish and voila! Your elink is ready to roll! You can now copy your elink’s URL and share it as a single webpage, add it to your social bio link, export is a visually appealing email newsletter, or can even embed this on your website or blog!

Final Words

At elink, we have not only made sure that you can share multiple links with your friends and peers quickly but have also provided you with amazing templates to make your content stand out.

The added ability to not only bundle all your links together, but to share it as an email newsletter, single web page, and as website embed truly makes elink, one of a kind tool!

So what are you waiting for? Convert multiple links into one link using elink for free today!

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