In this blog, we will learn about how to add a newsfeed for WordPress website in minutes so that you never run out of fresh new content for your website. Keep reading…


The Internet moves at a fast pace, and it’s imperative that you keep up in order to stay relevant. There’s so much competition when it comes to digital content that everyone wants to be on the top. This is why you need to create a newsfeed for WordPress website.

But what exactly is a Newsfeed?

More importantly, how does creating a news feed promise you constant engagement from your viewers?

We’re going to touch all of these points and then talk about how you can create a news feed for your WordPress website hassle-free, and it will only take you minutes!


What is A Newsfeed?

A news feed is mainly a curation of all the latest news in your chosen niche. Your news feed will show your viewers little snippets of all the latest trends and provide links to the main articles so that if they want to read more, all the information they seek will just be a click away!


Why Do You Need A News Feed?

We know that there is an overabundance of websites today. Google shows millions of results for anything that you type into its search engine, and the need to have a digital presence is in an upswing.

People create websites for a multitude of reasons.

  1. To generate leads.
  2. To get subscribers
  3. To promote their products or services
  4. To attract customers
  5. Or to acquire a loyal following of readers

Whatever your reasons may be, I think we can agree that the ultimate goal is to generate traffic on your website. And the only way you can do that is by updating your website regularly. You have to constantly create engrossing content to attract viewers or potential customers. Also, this helps you retain viewers that were already reading your content.

….But it’s not so easy, is it? We’re all swamped with work and responsibilities. It’s hard enough to take time out for yourself in today’s dynamic world, how does one take time out to create engaging content every day? How do you beat all the competition and stand out?

One simple way to go about it is to create a news feed on your website. But how exactly does that help you?

Let’s suppose you’re a travel blogger.

You travel to exotic places every now and then and share your experience on your blog. You embellish your post with captivating pictures and give interesting details about the places you visit. Undoubtedly, you make a lot of effort to just create one post.

But ( why must there always be a but?) you can’t travel every day, and sometimes not even every month. Also, putting in so much effort takes time and patience.

This means you can’t keep updating your blog on a daily basis. You’re going to find it very difficult to create quality content regularly.

Now wait a minute, didn’t we just agree that regular and constant updates are the key to gathering a band of followers who love reading about those exotic travel experiences you share?




This is where the news feed comes in. You could create a travel-related news feed for your website. This way you could give people regular updates about the latest trends in travel, new places they can visit, and anything else that is informative and satisfies your readers’ content hungry appetite.

You might be wondering though, won’t having to create a news feed just add to your endless list of tasks?

Nay, not so much because we’re going to show you a quick and easy way to create newsfeed for WordPress website so that you’re always providing your viewers with new and refreshing content!


How To Create A NewsFeed For WordPress Website

In order to add a news feed to your WordPress website, you need to add plugins that will assist you in creating a perfect feed for your viewer. And what better plugin to use for this than Elink?

Elink will make your content curation faster, and what’s better is that you can choose from a number of beautiful layouts that will make your newsfeed look appealing. Sounds good? Alright, then! Let’s see how you can add an elink newsfeed to your website in minutes!

Step 1: Install the Elink Plugin

  1. Go to your admin dashboard in WordPress
How to create news feed for wordpress

2. Click on the Plugins menu on the left sidebar and select Add New 

How To Create A News feed For WordPress

3.Search for the Elink plugin and select Install Now

Best Plugin To Create Press Page For WordPress

4. Click on the Activate button.

How To Create A News feed For WordPress

5. Go to and log in or sign up for an account. Your WordPress site and elink account will be connected and you can get started creating awesome web content in minutes!

Step 2: Follow these directions to create a Newsfeed for WordPress Website

1. Choose a Template

How to create news feed on your wordpress website

Select from one of the many news ready templates. All of the templates are responsive and look great on all devices. They have been designed to blend in seamlessly with your website and make them look beautiful.

2. Add a Variety of Web Links

How To Create A News feed For WordPress

Copy the links to various articles, websites, products, videos, etc. you want to add to your feed and paste them into the template one by one. automatically makes the link visual by giving it an image and a short description. It’s a great idea to add your own commentary in the description below explaining to your audience why they should care about the content you are sharing.

3. Give Your News Feed a Title

How To Create A News feed For WordPress

Add a quick title and intro to put your personal touch and commentary on the importance of your news feed. It’s a great way to engage your audience and have them understand the importance of the content you’re sharing.

 4) Publish your Content

How To Create A Newsfeed For WordPress

Step 4: Embed Elink in your post in WordPress

1. After publishing, you’ll have a share slider appear on the right-hand side. Scroll down to the embed section and copy the WordPress plugin code.

Best Plugin To Create Press Page For WordPress

2. Next open up the post or page you want to add your Elink content to and click on the plus button inside of the editor.

Best Plugin To Create Press Page For WordPress

3. Search for Elink and you’ll see the Elink icon display. Click on the Elink icon.

Best Plugin To Create Press Page For WordPress

4. Paste the Elink WordPress embed code in the field and that’s it!

Best Plugin To Create Press Page For WordPress

5. Click on the preview to view your Elink within your WordPress site!

Bonus step: Add Elink’s Chrome extension, and make adding links easier!

With Elink’s Chrome extension, you can easily save links and pages and create newsfeed faster. Just follow these steps, and you’re good to go.

Regardless of whether you Elink is published or in the draft state, you can add additional web links to your post and each new weblink added will move into the first position of the post. Here’s how you can use the Chrome Extension to add weblinks:

  1. Download the Chrome Extension.
  2. Go to any website, article or digital resource you want to save.
  3. There are few ways to save content to your Elink posts using the Chrome Extension:
  • Click on the Elink icon in your Chrome browser.
How To Create A Newsfeed For WordPress
  • Or right-click on a particular image on a page and select Save this picture with this link.
How To Create A Newsfeed For WordPress
  • Or right-click the page and select Save this page.
How To Create A Newsfeed For WordPress Website
  • Or right click on a link on a page and select Save this link
How To Create A Newsfeed For WordPress Website

All of your links will automatically be saved to your Link Library that you can search and filter to view and access content anytime.

You also will have the choice to add it to a new or existing post.

Final Words…

You now have the key to keep your viewers hooked to your website. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to beat your competition and increase your presence in the digital space. Just follow the above-mentioned steps and add a newsfeed to your WordPress website in minutes!