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Instagram Bio Link Tools to Increase Followers!

If I told you that the most significant thing about your Instagram account is your Instagram bio, will you believe me? Forget the images and captions, the compelling stories, and IGTVs that are insightful. You’re missing an ample opportunity if your Instagram bio isn’t straightforward, convincing, and action-driven.

You must be wondering why, since your Instagram bio could be your only opportunity to persuade someone to press the “follow” button.

On Instagram, almost three-quarters of individuals lookup a brand and decide whether to follow them in less than a second. That’s why it’s so essential to make your bio the best showcase possible of who you are and what you’re all about.

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This suggests that your bio does all the hard work for you, converting strangers into new fans.

So, let’s see the magic of an Instagram bio and some ways which can help you increase followers and make an impact in the market.

4 Main Components Of Instagram Bio

Through an Instagram bio, you can detail and polish your account to make sure users know exactly what you’re about and what to expect if they follow your brand. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the components that make up an Instagram bio. An Instagram bio can comprise of:

1. Instagram Bio Description

Your Instagram bio is the section on your profile page where you include some information about yourself and your business. It can be found under your Instagram username. In the description, you can consist of information about you and your brand or what things you have to offer to your customers. For, the description you’ll need to stay under the 150 character limit. You can make those letters count!

2. Hashtags

It is a new way to express more about yourself and generate traffic as well. You can include hashtags in your Instagram bio, which are related to your brand or business.

3. Tagging profiles

You can tag other profiles in your Instagram bio. When you @ and tag a profile in your bio, they become live links that lead to another profile.

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This is an excellent way to let people know about other pages related to your brand that they might be interested in.

4. Links

The “link in bio” is the clickable URL used by your audience to visit what you consider to be your most precious real estate online. Instagram only permits a single link in your bio. If you use that link properly, it can help drive interaction and help you fetch valuable customers.

elink middle image

Now that you know what an Instagram bio is let’s see how it can play a very important role for you and your business.

Instagram Bio Link For Individuals Or Businesses

Connections are easy to build with the right bio, regardless of whether you are an organization looking for brand recognition or a young professional looking to network with like-minded people.

A well thought out bio also ensures that clients are fully aware of what a company does and respecting the company’s mission statement. The bio also allows links to websites, so it can be an excellent way for some engagement to be created. Your Instagram bio link holds the following importance:

  • It can help promote a sale or upcoming discount.
  • It can draw attention to a product launch.
  • It redirects people to a landing page or lead magnet.
  • It gives additional information about yourself through an “about” page.
  • It can help you link to your most popular product.
  • You can invite people to get involved in a competition or giveaway.
  • You can redirect people to a popular blog post.
  • You can direct people to a video or podcast of your brand.
  • You can offer free samples of your product through a link in your bio.

Let’s look at a list of Instagram bio link tools to ensure all the work is done in a few seconds!

List of Instagram Bio Link Tools To Flaunt Your Bio:

As we know, Instagram permits you to only include one bio link on your profile. What if you wanted to include multiple bio links on your profile? We all understand the limitations that come with a single link!

The use of links in bio-tools will help you to optimize that one link. These tools will help you boost your marketing plan for Instagram. They can also assist you with tracking clicks, driving traffic to your site, and driving sales.

So, let’s dive into some of the best bio link resources you can use to optimize the link in your Instagram bio.

1. social bio link creator is a revolutionary tool that provides you the one-stop solution for all your needs! elink enables you create a custom page with visual links. You can add articles, blog posts, videos, audio, affiliate items, etc. and create a list of beautiful visual links that you can share on your bio on Instagram. If you are looking to sell products or want to update your bio link on the go, elink is your best option as it comes with a robust chrome extension for making updates.

Its features include:

  • elink is the only tool for creating multiple bio links that offer you quick and customizable designs to improve interaction across numerous destinations.
  • elink has specially designed layouts for social bio links
  • elink has a Chrome Extension to update your social bio link
  • You can choose multiple interchangeable templates and create your unique collection of engaging links.
  • elink allows you to add your social media bio link on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
  • Tracking of engagement levels, referral sources, and location of your audience is easy
  • Useful for influencers, brands/agencies, musicians, businesses, non-profits,

Price: has a free version and you can also upgrade to a pro version for $12/month.

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2. Feedlink

Feedlink: Instagram bio link tool

Feed Link is a free functionality that comes as a part of the EmbedAlbum platform. When using images from one source, it is forever free. 

Its features include:

  • A mobile-optimized landing page that works like a pro on all devices
  • Instagram bio link page that loads fast. Thanks to it’s AMP version.
  • A shoppable landing page where followers connect to product pages where they can purchase the product
  • A reusable link that can be used in other social media networks
  • The choice to turn the feed page without again changing the link in bio
  • Using your Instagram profile to increase traffic, conversions, and revenue


According to the number of sources and extra features, pricing plans vary from $19 to $99 per month.

3. Linktree

Linktree: Instagram bio link tool

Using links to places you want your audience to visit, Linktree lets you customize your landing pages. You can link your social networks, forums, your online shop, etc. You can also share a link on other social networks, including Facebook and Twitch, using the tool.

Its features include:

  • Add infinite links
  • Get your link traffic breakdown.
  • Customize colors, fonts, and styles for buttons
  • Directly store your signups on Mailchimp or Google Sheets.
  • Retarget visitors by using the Facebook Pixel on Facebook and Instagram
  • Use icons to connect easily to all your websites and social media.
  • Time links to go live with expected posts.
  • Access priority support


The paid version is 6$ per month, and it allows you to use your logo instead of the one from linktree.

4. Shorby

Shorby: Instagram bio link tool

Shorby allows you to add several links to your website, forum, social networks, online shop, affiliate links, and more that give followers.

Its features include:

  • Add images, backgrounds, animated avatars, and icons to personalize your website.
  • Add rich links, blocks of text, GIFs, and catchy headlines.
  • As much as you like, swap, add, or change links.
  • Analytics for access to help you track your traffic
  • Cross-link to other social accounts, thus enhancing cross-channel interaction
  • Retarget audiences on websites from third parties such as Clickbank or Amazon. To maximize sales, the app helps you to retarget those who click on the custom links with advertisements.


Shorby provides a 5-day free trial without adding a credit card. Pricing plans range from $9 per month, depending on the features you want, to $99 per month.

5. Instagram bio link tool makes it easy to create a mobile landing page that includes all your links. To accompany them on the free plan, you can add as many links as you want and share pictures.

For the paid versions ($0.99 per month and $9.99 for the lifetime plan)

Its features include:

  • A personalized URL
  • Stats and analytics on links
  • Email support
  • Unlimited links


At $24.99 / lifetime, their highest-paid edition allows you to delete the logo and footer from Lnk.Bio.

6. Link in Profile

Link in profile: Instagram bio link tool

Link in Profile varies slightly from other associations in bio tools by allowing you to add links to pictures from Instagram. These links can then be used by your followers to direct traffic to your website. It draws content from your feed and uses a specified picture to take users to the linked content.

Its features include:

  • A dedicated page for the landing
  • Zero effort management
  • A branded landing page that allows you to have your name and profile image on Instagram
  • Trade links allowed for Etsy, shop sites, or affiliate links
  • Analytics and Stats


With a 30-day free trial at no risk, Link in Profile goes for $9.99.

7. Campsite

Campsite: Instagram bio link tool

To help you solve the one link in the Instagram bio issue, the campsite is packed with many premium features.

Its features include:

  • Add infinite links
  • Modify the title that includes a short introduction
  • Customize the landing page fonts and colors
  • Access analytics
  • Add LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other social accounts
  • Archiving and restoring links
  • Schedule when links can go live or stop showing up
  • Switch easily between multiple Campsite accounts
  • Integrate with Mailchimp or Google Sheets
  • Retarget visitors with Google AdWords or Facebook Pixel


They have a free account, but for $7 a month, you can get more features with their Pro account.

How to Choose the Best Instagram Bio Link Tool?

If you want more than one link to include your Instagram profile, then your solution could be one of these tools. You can utilize them to create marketing strategies that resonate on Instagram with your audience. However, the best link in the bio tool for your brand will depend on your use case and budget.

The tool you have selected can help you quickly achieve your Instagram marketing goals. If you try one of these methods, you can avoid the limitation of one bio link on Instagram. With ease, you can lead your followers to where you want them to go.


Finally, Instagram has given people some control by enabling them to express themselves more vibrantly. Not only does it make your account more popular by tagging other profiles, adding hashtags, and adding ties, but it also helps you to cross-promote accounts that you are active with.

With this, we conclude our guide to the seven best Instagram bio link tools. Don’t overthink it if you’re still not sure which to pick. You can’t go wrong with any of the resources on this list.

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