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Instagram Bio Link Use Cases Irrespective of Business Niche

Instagram can be an incredibly influential channel when it comes to showcasing your brand and goods, but a lot of advertisers actually do not leverage the network to its fullest capacity when it comes to bringing traffic to their websites.

With the inability to add links in posts, there are only a few other possibilities for driving direct traffic from Instagram, making it impossible for companies looking to lead some followers to their own pages.

On the bright side, Instagram has always required people to have one external link in their bio, making it a prime spot to invite visitors to click on the page.

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However, rather than merely adding the homepage URL of your website, you can use this link to further your business objectives. When you start thinking about using your Instagram profile to push traffic, you can open up too many possibilities for your company to expand.

Optimizing your bio link is the first place to start with!

The bio link is like useful real estate, so it is important to use it properly to bring more people to your website and boost purchases for your goods and services. Let’s see what potential a bio link holds and how it can help you stand out from your competitors.

Why is Bio-Link Important?

The profile overview is the most important aspect of your company’s Instagram page, as it is the first thing people see while viewing your business page and are looking for a way to connect. Instagram users get a space to insert a link to their services, new launches, forums, podcasts, or essentially something that they think is beneficial to their clients and should be added to the profile.

This link is the bio link that refers to a clickable URL that appears in the overview of your Instagram profile. It contains important details about your company and the services you provide. So this bio link can play a crucial role in driving traffic and engagement.

Here are some significant reasons why a bio link is a game-changer:

  • Opportunity for target clients to learn more about your brand and your company.
  • Create greater engagement, draw influencers, and share the product with prospective buyers.
  • Endorsement of your product or service
  • Draw attraction of the target clients to the latest launch of a product
  • Advertising of an important event related to your brand
  • Showcase unique deals and rewards for users on Instagram
  • Details of your most popular items
  • Conversion of prospective customers to your website, podcast, or YouTube channel
  • Lead Capture Form

All of these are essential for any business that is looking to grow and expand itself. To accomplish your marketing goals, you have to actively monitor and change the content in your profile.

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The better the likelihood of meeting your social media targets, the more you examine how your Instagram bio link works. After some time, remember to change the content, as Instagram users search for creativity and would be glad to see the fascinating changes in your bio on Instagram.

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You might be thinking by now… “I am not an influencer, and I am not sure if a bio link would help my business.” Well, we’ve got some good news for you. Read on to find out!

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How Can a Bio-Link Help Every Business?

Irrespective of your business industry or the service you offer, a bio link has the power to help any and every business out there!

Here is how putting a bio link can be a major player behind your business’s growth:

  • It helps your customers engage more with your services.

Your followers want more than the stories or posts you put on your profile. They want more insights into your business and everything that you can offer to them.

  • You can sell products or services in one place without having to put multiple posts about it.

If your business sells products or services, the chances are that you are constantly pushing new content multiple times a day. What good would it be to have to post a new story or a post each time? Your stories and posts get lost as soon as new content is put on your profile, and nobody has the time to sincerely scroll down through a profile unless they are a diligent buyer of yours.

Add a bio link to your Instagram so that when they find something they like, take them directly to your website, promotions page, youtube videos, press coverage, case studies, and much more… 

  • Run more advanced marketing campaigns. 

You can attempt to push traffic to your website, raise SEO, or get individuals to subscribe to a newsletter. Having a bio link enables you to tailor your campaign more and have more control of where users go.

Marketing campaigns on different social media channels

Check out elink’s newsletter creator that can turn web links into beautiful content in just a few minutes.

  • Get people to look at your feed as well as your website.

Even if you just want to lead users to your website from your Instagram profile, the link in your bio gives you the chance to do that. The link in bio is an external service outside of Instagram. You can let your followers a chance to visit your website as well.

  • Get users to where they should be, quickly.

Encourage users to sign up using your bio link for a newsletter, subscribe to your YouTube channel, or get email updates from your brand. Maybe your pictures and videos got lost in the Instagram algorithm, and your followers didn’t see it? Or maybe someone new is looking at your page. Linking your other social media channels gives users another chance to get back to YOU and your brand. 

Let’s check out some famous Instagram accounts making the most out of their Instagram bio links.

Some Use Cases

Columbia Police Department

To make Columbia the safest city in South Carolina, the Columbia Police Department’s goal is to develop partnerships, gain public, and win residents’ trust while minimizing crime. They have an impressive page on Instagram to keep you updated with the happenings around Columbia.

Their page has a bio link that takes you to their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their Nextdoor account all in one place. Their bio link also leads you to, where you can register yourself to vote online if you haven’t already! They have also linked a newsletter in the bio link, so you never miss an update.

This an extraordinary example of Police trying to establish relationships and build public trust.

Did you know? You can monitor levels of interaction, sources of referral, and the audience location. You can measure the number of page views you build on the bio links and website content on your social network. Make sure that you get the results from the content that you post all through elink!

Ovation eSports

Ovation eSports is a sustainable eSports organization. Ovation is a young, dynamic pioneer that combines professionalism and fun in one team. They aim to accompany and develop athletes on their journey to become leading eSports players.

When you visit their Instagram page, they have a bio link that leads you to a cool template where you can find links to their multiple social media channels like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn. They also have a link to their website, Discord, and

You can add links to products, affiliate links, brand collaboration pages, websites, other social media profiles, videos, and more, all from your bio link. Quickly use elink’s Chrome Extension to update your social bio link on the go.

If you want some amazing templates for your bio link, you can check out some templates here.

Pilates by Kerstin

Kerstin, a successful Pilates instructor, has such an inspirational Instagram page that you should totally checkout! Her page will definitely inspire and push you to leave that couch and get started on work out you have been procrastinating for so long.

She has made the perfect use of her Instagram bio link. The clickable link leads you to her website and YouTube workout videos.

You must be wondering how did she create multiple links in one? Well, elink is the answer. It is an ultimate social bio-link creator. Using elink add several links to your Instagram bio & other social media. Do you know the pesky link that you have to continually update in your social media bio to tell your followers where to click? You can now build a stunning professional web page that can carry all your valuable links everywhere to help push traffic!

How to Create a Bio-Link?

Adding a bio link with multiple links to your Instagram profile is really simple. social bio link creator

All you need to do is:

  1. Go and make an account at
  2. Create a new post.
  3. Insert web links to your social media accounts, the brand pages you associate with, the product pages you support, etc. elink can pull an image, title, and description that you can modify, and you can also add your own voice to it.
  4. To introduce your social bio link tab, click on the header section and add some header text, add a header picture, and add your profile to the top of the page.
  5. Go to the layouts section and choose from one of the beautiful modern and responsive templates. They are interchangeable, so even after it has been published, you can pick whatever look you want.
  6. Tap the settings section and change your fonts, primary color, text icon, SEO details, etc.
  7. Click on Publish and you are done.

elink creates a unique URL that you can then add to your Instagram profile’s “website” field to create your own Instagram story in the form of a link list. It’s that simple! This link can be used on any platform, not just Instagram.


The link in your Instagram bio can be a total game-changer when it comes to driving traffic to your website, and it really doesn’t take a lot of time, budget or commitment to refine your linking strategy to turn your Instagram followers into website visitors and customers.

The missing key in converting your Instagram profile into an effective traffic generator for your company is always an integrated Instagram bio link. So it’s time to update that bio link if you’re looking for a fast win to increase your website traffic and raise sales!

You can check out our list of the best Instagram Bio Link tools to increase followers here.

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