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75+ LinkedIn Stats Every Marketer Must Know!

We need to invest in technologies that amplify human capacity, not replace it.

Reid Hoffman.

That vision paved the way for LinkedIn, a colossal company with over 1 billion members as of November 2023.

In 2002, Reid and his team – Allen Blue, Konstantin Guercke, Eric Ly, and Jean-Luc Valliant – gathered in Reid’s living room and decided they wanted to build something big, something business-focused.

They weren’t out to create the next cool thing but to build a business. Fast forward to 2003, and LinkedIn took its first flight, offering a basic platform for professionals to connect. Reid’s vision was clear – in a world dominated by MySpace and Facebook, there was a massive opportunity on the business side.

MySpace is like a bar, and Facebook is like the BBQ you have in your backyard with friends and family, play games, share pictures. LinkedIn is the office, how you stay up to date, and solve professional problems.

Reid Hoffman

From that small living room, LinkedIn spread its wings. By 2016, Microsoft saw its potential and acquired LinkedIn for a staggering $26 billion.

Today, It has become the go-to space for professionals worldwide, connecting individuals, creating opportunities, and changing how we approach careers and connections. The journey from its inception to LinkedIn’s current global dominance is a testament to the power of a bold idea and the determination to build something substantial.

This blog post explores essential LinkedIn stats, providing a quick snapshot of user demographics, engagement trends, and the platform’s influence on professional networking. Stay tuned for a straightforward overview of the latest statistics shaping LinkedIn.

Top LinkedIn User Statistics

The user statistics for LinkedIn provide valuable insights into the platform’s reach, user demographics, and engagement patterns. Here’s a summary of the key findings:

1. User Base and Growth

1. LinkedIn had 875 million users in Q4 2022, and as of March 2023, it has surpassed 900 million users, indicating a rapid growth rate of over 102% in just a few months. (BusinessofAppsLinkedIn)

2. Almost one-third of LinkedIn users are based in the United States, with 180 million users. India is the second-largest market, with 83 million LinkedIn accounts. (BusinessofApps, LinkedIn)

3. 61 million LinkedIn accounts are used for job searches, highlighting the platform’s role in the job market. (LinkedIn Statistics)

4. Men comprise 57.2% of the LinkedIn audience, while women account for 42.8%. (Statista, 2023)

5. LinkedIn boasts 65 million decision-makers, with 4 out of 5 users participating in decision-making processes in their organizations. (Cognism)

2. Platform Usage and Engagement

6. Users spend over 7 minutes on average during each visit to LinkedIn, emphasizing the platform’s engagement. (Osbornedm)

elink middle image

7. In April 2023, LinkedIn had 1.6 billion visits, reflecting its global popularity. (Statista)

8. LinkedIn ranks seventh among the fastest-growing brands worldwide in 2022, with a 63% annual brand value growth. (Statista)

9. Google’s official LinkedIn page attracted the most followers in 2022, reaching over 25 million. (Social Shepherd)

10. 16% of all LinkedIn users in the U.S. log in to the platform every day. (Statista)

3. International Reach and Language Diversity

11. LinkedIn is available in 26 languages and is accessible in 200 countries worldwide. (LinkedIn)

12. The top 5 most followed hashtags on LinkedIn include #india, #innovation, #management, #humanresources, and #digitalmarketing. (Hootsuite)

4. User Demographics

13. 77% of registered LinkedIn users come from countries other than the United States. (LinkedIn).

14. In Q1 2023, the international user base on LinkedIn grew two times faster than that from the United States. (LinkedIn)

15. In the U.S., 28% of adults in each demographic group use LinkedIn, with 31% being men and 26% women. (Pew Research)

16. One-third of LinkedIn users have a bachelor’s degree. (Statista)

17. Millennials constitute 60% of LinkedIn’s user base, with an additional 20% in the 18-24 age group and almost 18% in the 35-54 age group. (Statistica)

5. Recruitment and Hiring

18. LinkedIn is a significant platform for job seekers, with 117 job seekers submitting an application every second.

19. Every minute, 8 people are hired on LinkedIn, showcasing the platform’s role in recruitment.

20. LinkedIn witnessed an 88% increase in hires in 2022.

21. 57% of job seekers use LinkedIn to find new job opportunities after Indeed.

These statistics collectively highlight LinkedIn’s diverse and expansive user base, its significance in professional networking and job searches, and its role as a platform for content engagement and business growth.

Top LinkedIn Stats Every Marketer Must Know

These LinkedIn statistics provide valuable insights for marketers looking to leverage the platform for effective marketing strategies. Here’s a summary of key points and takeaways:

1. LinkedIn Ad Reach and Revenue

1. The total potential reach of ads on LinkedIn exceeded 808.4 million in 2022, with an 11.1% year-to-year change. (we are social)

2. LinkedIn marketing tools generated over $5 billion in revenue as of July 2022. (LinkedIn Collective)

3. In 2024, LinkedIn is projected to account for at least 50% of display ad spending and a quarter of digital ad spending. (Insider Intelligence)

2. Content Posting and Engagement

4. Posting content weekly on a LinkedIn Page results in 5.6x more followers and a 7x faster-growing following compared to monthly posts. (Search Engine Journal)

5. In 2022, people viewed 22% more Feed Updates on LinkedIn than in the previous period. (LinkedIn Statistics)

6. LinkedIn members scheduled 176% more Events and attended virtual events 231% more often in 2022 compared to the previous year. (LinkedIn Statistics)

7. Private messages on LinkedIn increased by 25% in 2022. (LinkedIn Statistics)

Ad Effectiveness and Engagement

8. LinkedIn Conversation Ads drive 4x higher open rates and 4x higher engagement rates than email and twice the engagement as Message Ads. (LinkedIn, April)

9. LinkedIn Sponsored Messaging achieves twice as high open and engagement rates as email. (LinkedIn Statistics)

10. Advertisers using the LinkedIn conversion tool can achieve a 13.5% higher conversion rate. (LinkedIn Marketing Solutions).

3. User Demographics and Behavior

11. Users on LinkedIn have over 2x higher buying power than the average web audience. (Linkedin Marketing Solutions).

12. In Q1 2023, 150 million newsletter subscriptions took place on LinkedIn. (LinkedIn).

13. 40% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn the most effective platform for generating high-quality leads.  (LinkedIn Marketing Solutions).

14. 77% of marketers believe that LinkedIn generates top organic results. (Content Marketing Institute).

15. 75% of paid social media marketers choose LinkedIn to launch paid campaigns. (Content Marketing Institute).

16. 82% of B2B marketers reach success with LinkedIn as a lead generation channel. (LinkedIn)

4. Content Strategies

17. Adding an image to a LinkedIn post can boost comment rates twice. (LinkedIn Marketing Solutions).

18. Long-form content of 1900-2000 words and “How-to” posts perform significantly better. (OkDork).

19. Larger images (1200 x 627 px) in ads reach 38% higher CTR. (LinkedIn).

5. B2B Marketing Dominance

20. LinkedIn is the #1 platform for B2B marketers, with 4 out of 5 of its 1 billion members influencing business decisions. (LinkedIn Marketing Solutions)

21. Ads on LinkedIn perform exceptionally well, with a 33% increase in purchase intent and a 2–3x lift in brand attributes. (LinkedIn Marketing Solutions)

22. LinkedIn is rated the most effective channel for driving high-quality leads by 40% of B2B marketers. (LinkedIn)

23. LinkedIn’s cost per lead is 28% lower than Google AdWords. (SproutSocial)

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for marketers, especially in the B2B space, offering a massive potential reach, effective advertising tools, and high engagement rates. The platform’s dominance in B2B marketing and lead generation makes it a key player in the digital marketing landscape.

Top LinkedIn Advertising Stats

These LinkedIn advertising statistics shed light on the platform’s effectiveness as a powerful tool for marketers targeting professionals and businesses. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

1. Global Reach and Revenue

1. An ad on LinkedIn can potentially reach 14.6% of the world’s population over the age of eighteen. (Hootsuite)

2. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions surpassed $5 billion in revenue in July 2022. (LinkedIn Marketing Solutions)

2. Ad Reach and Engagement

3. LinkedIn’s ad reach grew by 22 million people in Q4 2021, marking a 2.8% increase from Q3. (Hootsuite)

4. Brands advertising on LinkedIn are perceived as “higher quality” by 50% of respondents, with 92% being seen as “more professional,” 74% as “more intelligent,” and 59% as “more respectable.” (LinkedIn)

5. Marketers experience up to 2x higher conversion rates on LinkedIn. (Business LinkedIn)

6. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions ads generate 2x higher engagement rates compared to organic content. (Business LinkedIn)

7. Ads using LinkedIn’s conversion tracking tool see a 13.5% lower cost per acquisition. (Demodia)

3. Buying Power and User Demographics

8. LinkedIn members have 2x the buying power of the average online audience. (Business LinkedIn)

9. LinkedIn ads have the potential to reach 14.6% of the world’s adult population. (Hootsuite)

4. B2B Marketing and Lead Generation

10. 75% of B2B marketers advertise on LinkedIn. (Slideshare)

11. Businesses see a 33% increase in purchase intent with LinkedIn ads. (Business LinkedIn)

12. LinkedIn has twice the conversion rates compared to other channels. (Webfx)

13. LinkedIn is the top platform for B2B lead generation, with 40% of B2B marketers considering it their most effective channel. (b2brocket)

14. Over 93% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for their organic social marketing strategies. (Social Gamma, LinkedIn)

5. Content Engagement and Page Activity

15. Active LinkedIn pages receive five times the page views, seven times the impressions, and eleven times the clicks per follower. (Business LinkedIn)

16. Over 9 million LinkedIn users have turned on Creator Mode since its launch in 2021. (Sproutsocial)

17. Content with images sees twice the engagement, and larger images have a 38% greater click-through rate.(Sproutsocial)

18. LinkedIn Live videos receive seven times more reactions and twenty-four times more comments than regular videos. (Sproutsocial)

Top LinkedIn Business Stats

These LinkedIn business statistics highlight the platform’s significance for professionals, businesses, and B2B marketing. Here’s a closer look at the key insights:

1. Professional Influence and Decision-Making

1. 4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn are reported to “drive business decisions,” showcasing the platform’s relevance for reaching decision-makers. (Sproutsocial)

2. Approximately 2.7 million companies post on LinkedIn every day, contributing to the platform’s dynamic and active business environment. (Hootsuite)

3. There are 39,000 skills listed on LinkedIn, making it a valuable resource for employers to find candidates with specific skill sets. (LinkedIn)

2. Newsletter Subscriptions and Content Engagement

4. 96% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for organic social marketing, making it the top network for B2B content marketers. (Content Marketing Institute, July 2020)

5. 40% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn the most effective channel for driving high-quality leads, showcasing its impact on lead generation. (LinkedIn)

6. 77% of content marketers believe that LinkedIn produces the best organic results, reinforcing its position as a leading platform for organic content. (Statusbrew)

7. 80% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn ads, making it the top-paid social network for B2B advertising. (LinkedIn)

3. LinkedIn Live and Content Engagement

8. LinkedIn Live streams generate 7 times more reactions and attract 24 times more comments for brands compared to regular videos, underscoring the significantly higher engagement levels of live content. (Business LinkedIn)

9. Companies with a complete, active LinkedIn Page receive 5 times more page views, 7 times more impressions per follower, and 11 times more clicks per follower. This emphasizes the importance of maintaining an updated and active company page for enhanced visibility and engagement. (Sproutsocial)

10. LinkedIn posts with images see 2x higher comment rates, emphasizing the visual appeal and engagement potential of image-based content. (Business LinkedIn)

4. B2B Business Use and Decision-Makers

11. LinkedIn has 65 million decision-makers, with 10% of LinkedIn members having decision-making authority in their workplace, as per 2022 statistics. (Demandsage)

12. 45% of those who read articles on LinkedIn are management-level employees, indicating the platform’s popularity among high-ranking corporate executives. (SimplyCoach)

13. More than 50% of social media-related clicks for B2B websites, including blogs, come from LinkedIn. (Sproutsocial)

14. 80.33% of social media-related quality leads for B2B sales come from LinkedIn, with 40% of B2B marketers considering it the most powerful channel for generating high-quality leads. (Sproutsocial)

5. Global Ad Reach and Revenue Projections:

15. LinkedIn ads reach 15.3% of the global 18+ population, totaling almost 1 billion users. (Hootsuite)

16. LinkedIn is expected to generate $6.79 billion through advertising in 2024, with revenue projected to reach $10.35 billion by the end of 2027. (Demandsage)

These statistics collectively underscore LinkedIn’s role as a central hub for professionals, businesses, and B2B marketers, offering a platform for networking, lead generation, and content engagement.

Final thoughts

LinkedIn is among the fastest-growing brands worldwide, with YouTube being the only other social media platform in the top rankings. The tools on LinkedIn, like Creator Mode and Audience Network, are handy for expanding your connections and reaching new people easily.

The stats clearly show that top dogs – executives, decision-makers, buyers, and marketers – all use LinkedIn to build their businesses. So, if you’re in the business game, it’s time to jump on the LinkedIn train.

Happy Networking!

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