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24 Shocking Digital Marketing Stats for 2022

With every new Google algorithm update, there is a slight change in the areas of the current digital market and online trends like SEO, Google search, and social media. Hence, the digital marketing space is constantly experiencing transformation at a meteoric rate. Making it exhausting for businesses to keep up with the newest industry standards to stay relevant and competitive for the success of their company.

“It’s not what you sell that matters, as much as how you sell it!” — Brian Halligan

Yet, the changes are secondary and the consistent addition of new elements in the digital marketplace is the point of primary focus for every marketer. The reason behind it becomes obvious- if you observe the latest digital marketing statistics.

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So, to give you a clear idea about how effective digital marketing can be, we have curated a list of some shocking statistics that will make you rethink your marketing strategy. Go through these statistics one by one, examine them, and then plan updates to your marketing strategy accordingly. Are you ready? Let’s go!

General Digital Marketing Statistics

There are different types of traditional marketing, including television, print, and radio. The statistics mentioned below will show that digital marketing is taking over the world, in terms of success and popularity.

  • By the year 2021, it’s estimated that marketers will spend 75% of their total marketing budget on digital marketing, instead of traditional marketing. (Source: Campaign Monitor)
  • More than 51% of smartphone users have learned about a new product or company while conducting a search on their phone. (Source: HubSpot)
  • Global mobile digital advertising is projected to be worth $247 billion in 2020. (Source: Statista 2019)
  • CRM also is known as customer relationship management is now one of the successful software markets in the world and is estimated to reach over $80 billion in profit by2025. (Source: SuperOffice)

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SEO Statistics

The next batch of stats will help you polish your search engine optimization or SEO strategy so your website pages appear on top of search engine results as well as help you increase website traffic — and conversions.

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  • 61% of marketing leaders believe that SEO is the key to online success. The current benefits of search engine optimization have made it the most effective way to increase traffic, awareness, and growth. (Source: SafariDigital)
  • More than 72% of experts agree that relevancy is the only biggest factor for good SEO. Marketers agree that writing for search terms into the content is crucial for traffic. (Source: Theseohive)
  • SEO leads have almost 15% close rate, while outbound leads (i.e. print advertising and direct mail) have up to 1.7% close rate. (Source: Imforza)
  • 50% of all search queries made organically include four or more words. This shows the importance of longtail keywords for most websites. They are important for web traffic, and they also have higher conversions than general search quires. (Source: SafariDigital)

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Content Marketing Statistics

Content marketing is becoming a significant piece of the digital marketing pie. Becoming familiar with patterns, trends, and top statistics related to content marketing can help lead your content strategy.

  • 70% of marketing experts are diligently investing in content marketing. (Source: HubSpot)
  • More than 60% of marketers create a minimum of one piece of content every day. Because consistency is key to building a successful business. (Source: Neil Patel)
  • 64% of content marketers prioritize budding relationships with influencers, like journalists and brand advocates. They built a range of content marketing topics including audience development, content types, and technology proficiency. (Source: Linkedin)
  • More than 68% of customers said a short video would be a great way to learn about a new product, text-based articles (15%), infographics (4%) pitches and presentations (4%) manuals and ebooks (3%). (Source: HubSpot)

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Social Media Marketing Statistics

Social media is changing the state of digital marketing culture in several ways. With social media, it’s easier to collect useful information on customers, build a noticeable brand, and sell products on various platforms. These stats will help you understand the importance of getting your social strategy right.

Social media marketing illustration

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  • There are over 3.48 billion social media users across the world. That’s almost 42% of the world’s population and 80% of internet users. If you plan to invest in digital marketing than your audience is probably using social media in some way. (Source: Global Digital Report)
  • It was found that 83% of the people who sent a Tweet to an organization and received a revert, felt confident about the organization and were more likely to do business with them. (Source: Twitter)
  • About 71% of customers who have had a helpful experience with a company or brand on a social media platform are likely to recommend it to other people as well. (Source: Ambassador)
  • Videos are said to be the #1 branded content used by marketing experts. Nearly 93% of marketers said that thanks to videos on social media they’ve landed a customer. Also, 63% of them said that videos help them generate the best ROI on social media too. (Source: Animoto)

Email Marketing Statistics

Even with new tactics like social media and content marketing, receiving the most attention, email still remains one of the most effective techniques to generate leads. Here is proof!

  • 80% of retail marketers showcase that email marketing is their biggest driver of customer retention. Second is social media, by just 44% of those same professionals. (Source: Pinterest)
  • The figure for sending and receiving emails per day is expected to increase to more than 333 billion in 2022. Leads via email clearly show no signs of slowing done! (Source:
  • Let’s talk about ROI! Email marketing alone provides a mind-boggling 3800% return on investment for marketers and brands! (Source: Litmus)
  • Figures show that customers who buy products through email made an expenditure of 138% more than those who don’t receive email offers. Time to buckle up your email marketing game. Right! (Source: JeffBullas)

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Lead Generation Statistics

Lead generation is about attracting and converting anyone who is interested in your business, brand, or products. It’s an important part of every visitor’s journey into becoming a customer. The following stats will help you see where lead generation is going in the market — and how can you steer your digital marketing strategy more effectively.

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  • About 65% of businesses consider the quality of traffic and lead generated is the biggest marketing challenge around the globe. (Source: HubSpot)
  • 93% of buying decisions begin with an online search. It is vital to note that the process of nurturing leads starts with convincing visitors to convert into customers. (Source: Slideshare)
  • LinkedIn controls lead generation with more than 80% of B2B leads generated via social media. Plus, as it continues to widen its promotion opportunities by adding video ads and lookalike targeting on the platform.  (Source: Impact)
  • 80% of marketers using automation software, generate more leads, with 77% increased conversions. Businesses using marketing automation software are seeing it pay off in the form of increased leads. (Source: APS, Slideshare)

And that’s a wrap!

Keeping up with the top trends and processes in the world of digital marketing may seem like an overwhelming task considering how quickly the marketplace develops. However, your business and brand can easily stay up to speed by honing these digital marketing statistics.

No matter the business goals or what you focus on, reading all these latest stats within every category is a great way to make sure that your business and your marketing strategy stays on point!

Which of these digital marketing statistics has been the most profitable for you? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @elink_io

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