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Best News Aggregator Websites(And How To Build Your Own)

Wouldn’t it be great if we could read all our favorite news blogs and websites in one place? No more hopping around different websites and apps and wondering whether you missed out on something good. 

Well, if this sounds magical to you, you have come to the right place. A news aggregator website is the one that aggregates all your favorite content from various sources and presents it to you on a single web page. In this way, you can get all your latest news and stories easily without missing out on anything.

Before we introduce you to our list of amazing news aggregator websites and teach you how to build one on your own, let us first briefly understand the definition of a news aggregator website. 

What are News Aggregator Websites?

News aggregator websites help readers get all their news from their favorite publications in one convenient location. These aggregator websites fetch data, organize and categorize them, and showcase them in an order most preferred by the user. 

People checking out their news feed

Think of news aggregator websites as auto-generated playlists- simply select the “artists” you want to hear and these websites will create a “playlist” of their latest “music”.

The biggest advantage of using a news aggregator website is that you get all your favorite news in one place. You don’t have to visit all your favorite publications separately to read their latest content. All you have to do is visit your go-to news aggregator website and let it do the heavy-lifting for you. 

A majority of these aggregator websites do not publish their own content. They simply fetch content from various publications using their RSS feeds and present them to you in a visually pleasing manner. This is why these websites are also sometimes referred to as RSS feed readers as well. 

Now that you know what a news aggregator website is and how it works, its time to kick things off and look at some of the best news aggregator websites out there: 

#1. News aggregator

elink is a content aggregator platform that allows users to consume, create, and share beautifully curated news, blog content, social bio links, newsletters, and much more in minutes! 

With a robust news aggregator, elink users can stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the publications they are interested in. Simply grab the RSS feeds from your favorite sites and elink will display them for you to read and share bundled curated content around any topic.

But, that’s not it! elink also allows you to automatically aggregate news for your website, leaving you much more time to come up with original content, all the while keeping your audience involved and hooked on curated content.

elink middle image

Simply add links to the content you want to share (articles, images, etc.) and elink will generate an outstanding looking webpage in minutes! Once done curating, you can then change your fonts, update background colors, text colors, and more with minimum effort!

The content you curate on elink can be shared through any social media platform as a stand-alone web page, as an embed on your website, or it can be sent as a responsive newsletter via Gmail or any other email provider.

And, the most important step of them all…download elink’s Chrome Extension! If you find something worthy to share with your audience while browsing the web, simply click on the elink’s Chrome Extension button and it will allow you to add that link to the top of the embed on your website!

#2. Flipboard

Flipboard: News aggregator website

Kicking off our list is Flipboard, a great news aggregator that curates stories from over 28,000 topics for your interest. From news and entertainment to technology and design, Flipboard has all the stories for you. The platform has native mobile apps for both iOS and Android. 

Flipboard allows you to select all your favorite publications and then presents the content in a magazine format for your enjoyment. Users can also follow each other and read their recommendations as well.

Flipboard has a ‘’ button which is basically a web bookmarklet that allows you to bookmark news, videos, and other content directly to your Flipboard magazine. 

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The News aggregator website

TheNews is a niche news aggregator website that curates content for tech entrepreneurs, designers, and developers. TheNews curates content from Behance, Reddit, Product Hunt, Dribble, TechCrunch, Wired, and other such websites.

Available as an app for both iOS and Android phones, TheNews has a clean and easy to use interface which looks very welcoming to a new user. 

#4. Feedly

Feedly: News aggregator website

Arguably, one of the most popular news aggregator websites out there is Feedly. Apart from news, Feedly lets you organize your favorite podcasts, music, and even YouTube channels into collections and receive updates whenever something new is published. 

The free accounts allow you to subscribe to up to 100 sources. Users can easily search for an article within their account and can even save them for later consumption. If you upgrade to the PRO account, Feedly lets you monitor Google Keywords, add notes, and even highlight the content you are reading. Employees can also use Feedly to collaborate on shared feeds using Feedly’s Team Plan feature. Feedly has mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. 

#5. Alltop

Alltop: News aggregator website

AllTop aggregates top news from all around the world and updates in real-time. Alltop aggregates content from some of the most famous news sites in the world like the New York Times, Washington Post, TechCrunch, BBC, CNN, Mashable, and more. 

AllTop has separate categories for viral content, business, tech news, sports, politics, entertainment, lifestyle, etc. Click on any category and you will be presented with top news from the best sources in that category. 

#6. Google News

Google news: News aggregator website

Yep, Google has its own news aggregator called Google News. A sophisticated platform, Google News brings all world news under one roof from top publications. Thanks to Google AI, you will always be recommended something you might be interested in. Google News will show you the latest news from the geographical area you are located in.  

Google News has various categories including world news, local news, sports, technology, science, entertainment, and more. You can follow any of the topics or sources and receive personalized recommendations once you sign up. The platform is completely free to use and is also available as an Android or iOS app. 

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#7. News360

News 360: News aggregator website

News360 is another popular news aggregator website that curates news from over 100,000 sources and presents it via desktop or mobile apps. A great alternative to Google News or Feedly, News360 allows you to personalize your news reading experience by choosing from over a million topics including politics, entertainment, sports, world news, and more. A great feature of News360 is its ability to save your content for offline reading. 

#8. Techmeme

Techmeme: News aggregator website

Fond of tech news? Techmeme is a tech news aggregator website that will curate all tech news from around the world in one place. Techmeme covers top stories from tech websites like Wired, Techcrunch, The Verge, Vice, Bloomberg, and more. 

The homepage of Techmeme has top trending tech news on the left side, sponsor posts in the middle, while the newest tech news on the far right. The site also has job posts on their homepage in case you are looking for a job in the tech sector. The site has two different modes- ‘River view’ for new content and a ‘Leaderboard view’ for choosing content based on various topics. 

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#9. Pocket

Pocket: News aggregator website

Pocket is another news aggregator app that provides you with the top trending articles in the world. Primarily a bookmarking tool, Pocket allows users to save articles to Pocket for later viewing. Your saved content gets organized neatly. You can save articles, videos, music, and more easily with their chrome extension, and even has mobile apps for both Android and iOS. 

#10. Inoreader

Inoreader: News aggregator website

The last tool on our list is Inoreader. One of the most feature-rich news aggregators out there, Inoreader wants you to take back control of your news feed. Subscribe to various RSS feeds, publications, Podcasts, even Twitter searches, and Inoreader will present you the content as and when it is available. 

Users can monitor keywords and get alerts whenever new content is published or mute/filter articles meeting certain criteria that you have set. For a good viewing experience, Inoreader also supports a night mode to make it easier on the eyes to consume content in low light.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, folks, our top picks for the best news aggregator websites out there!

Our favorite news aggregator tool from the list is definitely Why? Because while it does almost every single thing any of the other tools do, elink also allows you to publish your own personal news feed on your website with ease! 

How cool is that!

By the way, if we haven’t mentioned any of your favorite news aggregator tools in this list, don’t forget to let us know by tweeting us!

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