How to Embed Videos in Your Email Newsletter in Under 5 Minutes

Learn how to embed videos in your email newsletter in under 5 minutes!

Embedding a video in an email newsletter can make your email look more dynamic, energetic and engaging. But there’s a catch.

Most email clients do not allow you to embed a video in your email. In almost all cases, you have to add an ugly looking URL ( to your email newsletter if you want your clients or prospects to watch a video. The big problem is, sharing those long ugly URLs messes up with your professional, aesthetically pleasing and well-designed email newsletter. Not only does it look bad visually, it creates this added mystery in the mind of the recipient whether the video behind the link is worth checking out or not.

A newsletter with youtube videos links

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your audience could just see the contents of the video, a visual thumbnail, and not just a URL? After all, we all are visual creatures. Eye-tracking studies have shown that internet readers pay close attention to information-carrying images. Thus, the probability of an individual clicking on a link increases exponentially when he or she is able to visualize what’s actually behind that link.

Newsletter with visual links of embeded videos

Before we get into the “how”, let’s first tackle the “why”- as in, why you should be serious about embedding videos in your email newsletter?

Benefits of Embedding Videos in Newsletters

Videos are an amazing way of engaging with your audience and get them hooked on your content. It’s also the best way to get your marketing messages across, clearly and quickly.

Did you know? including the word “video” in your email can:

  • Boost open rates by 19%.
  • Boost click-through rates by 65%.
  • Reduce unsubscribes by 26%.

These “too good to be true” facts and figures are a nod to the common notion which states that we, humans are visual creatures. That we would rather see than read or hear.

Since the mere mention of the word can boost open rates and click-through rates while reducing the unsubscribers, embedding a video thumbnail in your email newsletter should be considered as a serious strategy to up your email game.

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How you can Embed a video?

By now, you must be convinced by the power of embedding a thumbnail of a video in your email newsletter and would be dying to it by yourself! Well, you’re in luck, because we have got the perfect tool for you.

elink middle image is the fastest newsletter creator on the planet that allows you to embed a video thumbnail (or any other form of content) in your email newsletter in less than 5 minutes. When anyone clicks on the video thumbnail, they are taken to the actual video where they can view it easily. gets rid of the long ugly URLs and allows you to embed videos directly in your email newsletter by the click of a button. In this way, your readers can quickly get the context behind a link and no longer have to wonder what’s behind the URL!

Let’s quickly jump into the steps of embedding a video thumbnail in your email newsletter in less than 5 minutes!

Step 1: Select a layout

Preview of choosing a template for video collection

 elink has a variety of visually appealing templates to choose from. Each template is responsive, so you don’t have to worry about the appearance of your video on different devices with varying screen sizes. The best part is, you are not stuck with your newsletter layout. Come back at any time even and give it a new look. Even after it has already been published!

Step 2: Add your Videos

Preview of adding videos to template

By just copying and pasting the URL of a web page into an, the platform automatically displays an image, title, and description that you can edit, and at the same time, maintains the visual appeal of your newsletter. Cool, right?!

Step 3: Give your email newsletter a title!

Preview of giving a title to your video collection template

Give your newsletter a title that’s catchy enough to lure in your audience from the get-go! We recommend choosing the “Header 1” template to add a visual banner and short description of what the content is about. Format the text to make sure your audience does not miss out on any important information.

Step 4: Publish & Export!

Preview of personalising your embedded video template and then publishing it

That’s it, you’ve created your email newsletter with video embeds. Now hit publish!

When using elink, you have three email newsletter options – either export it to Gmail, MailChimp or copy the HTML code to any third party email system like Campaign Monitor, Aweber, Active Campaign, etc. Once you’ve decided where you want to export it, you’ll see an email draft populate within Gmail, MailChimp or your 3rd party email provider.

🎥Watch this video to learn more 👇

After creating your newsletter with video embeds in minutes, all that remains is to choose your audience and hit “send”!

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