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15 Best Video Editing Blogs and Websites

Personal interactions feel all the more special to everyone. But without them, we are left with pictures and videos of friends and families to live by.

The importance of videos has grown over time making it a separate field in today’s era. With the advancement in science and technology, the video and post-production industry has expanded.

Video editing in the past required high-end computers that used heavy software. Back then, this was only accessible to the selected few. But the world has moved beyond these barriers.

Now, these tools are available online and they can be accessed anytime and anywhere by anybody! Isn’t that great?

There are a lot of software, video editing blogs, and websites that offer free and useful information related to editing videos. These blogs provide tutorials that can make a novice video editor turn into a professional.

However, the quality of these tools varies from one source to another. So how to make sure where to begin from? Don’t worry, we are here to make sure that you choose the best of all. Read on…

To help the video editors seeking advice on how to edit videos and where to do it from- we are here with our list of the best 15 video editing blogs and websites you MUST bookmark straightaway! Here we begin…

1. Pro Video Coalition (PVC)

Aiming to bring the best bloggers, writers, and video editors under one URL, PVC is the blog that connects and helps a novice in becoming a professional. It is the ultimate source for content and tutorials on video editing.

The blog content is written by people with an immense reputation in the field of post-production. The blogs bear the writer’s personal knowledge and experience, thus making it a go-to platform.

PVC has become the most important resource for people who are working or are willing to work in major studios and production houses.

2. Digital Films

Making into our list of best video editing blogs and websites is Digital Films. Oliver Peters, the owner, and founder of Digital Films is an expert in video editing. He has the experience of working in the radio, television, and film industry since 1970. The content of this blog speaks of his experience and expertise.

Take a look at his article, Adobe Anywhere and Divine Access and see how detailed and comprehensive his blogs are. Some of the blog posts written by him are product reviews of software used by video and film professionals.

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3. Post Perspective

Randi Altman with her blog Post Perspective shares her perspective on post-production and production companies. For over twenty years she has been the Editor in Chief of Post Magazine. In our list of video editing blogs and websites, Post Perspective is probably the most beautiful blog in terms of appearance and aesthetics.

The features of the blog include video interviews, tips from post-production experts, advice on designing your personal workstation, reviews of software, and much more.

4. Premium Beat

Premium Beat provides high-quality tracks with amazing sound effects for media projects that include video, films, games, television, etc. They have been working with renowned producers from all over the world. The website serves the categories of video editing, video production, motion graphics, and much more.

The blog content of this website is informative. You must take a look at these blogs: Why Premiere Pro is Crashing and How to Make it Stop, How to Create a Low-Budget Crash Zoom from Two Shots, How to Create Matte Text Animations in After Effects.

5. Creative COW

Serving media professionals since 2001, Creative COW is overall the best resource in the video editing industry. With a huge bandwidth of content from blog posts, tutorials, forums, and much more, this blog helps people who are seeking advice on video editing from the scratch.

The blog has a YouTube channel by the name Creative COW which includes numerous tutorials. With all the inputs that this blog comes up with, it has hugely contributed to the industry of film, video, and audio.

6. VSDC Free Video Editor

It is a non-linear editing (NLE) application made by Flash-Integro. On this website, you can create as well as edit videos on your own for FREE!

Incorporation of audio effects and soundtracks has become easier with VSDC. With image correction, multicolor chroma key, and other advanced settings, you can make your video look professional from every dimension.

7. Film Editing Pro

Film Editing Pro in its true sense is PRO in the domain of video editing blogs and websites. This blog is a unique take on methods to improve user’s video editing skills. The tips that this blog provides comes from editing professionals who have decades of experience in this field.

The trainer, Chris MacDonald is the heart and soul of this website. The content of this blog focuses on teaching creative editing techniques to people like how to cut a fight scene, how to edit movie trailers, and a lot more!

The course content includes video tutorials, HD Practices Footage, PDF Guides, and Hands-on homework assignments to break the monotony out of learning. Check out the course content here.

8. Alex4D

With over twenty years of experience in visual arts and then becoming a freelance motion graphics designer in 2001, Alex Gollner’s website deserves to be counted when talking about the best video editing blogs and websites.

His website is about Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Plugins, and VR video. This all started when he discovered a fault in one of the Final Cut Pro 6’s video effects. Not only this, but he found a way to fix the text bug! He then uploaded a free version of the new fixed version on his blog and since then, he has been respected for his knowledge and skills.

Until now he has made over 50 Alex4D Final Cut Pro X plugins that are available for free. His website serves VR video guides as well. So friends, do not hesitate to go to this pro video editing website. Do it NOW!

9. Flex Clip

Flex Clip is the best video editor and even a novice working on it can ace it really well. It comes with the easiest ways to edit a video.

It has an amazing stock library including wonderful high-resolution pictures, videos, and audio clips without fearing copyright infringement. So, export as many videos as you want to without any hesitation.

How to begin with Flex Clip? Simply, create an account now and get started for free on your video editing project by uploading media, text, audio, animations, etc.

10. Movie Maker Online

Movie Maker Online is a comprehensive platform that offers tips, software, suggestions on video editing, music editing, photo editing, effects, slideshow, how to make a video, and much more!

The website has amazing software to merge, trim, rotate, mirror, speed up, splice, join and cut videos. It teaches how to make a greyscale video, how to make a dancing video, a video with an old school/ movie effect, and much more!

The website also has stock images that can be used readily by users for completing their projects. Thus, making it an excellent tool for video editing. It is an incredible online video editor that can complement your film clips, audio, and pictures with its amazing editing tools and effects.

11. Jonny Elwyn

London-based Editor, Jonny Elwyn, offers a lot of tools and free stuff for professional video editing. On his blog, he shares his own insight and thoughts on post-production.

The highlight of his blog is the Top 5 Post category. All the best blog posts of his blog come under this category. Go through his bests and absorb the information he has in stock for you.

12. Larry Jordan

Larry Jordan is an inspiration for people aspiring to secure a job in the film and post-production industry. He is an award-winning producer, director, writer, and teacher. He has over 1600 tutorials on his blog, all for FREE! His blog is a complete package for people who are willing to enhance their skills in video editing.

His blog also has content on troubleshooting the problems people commonly face while using Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Audition, and many other top video-editing programs.

In 2003, his blog made a debut to help producers, editors, and directors to cope up with technological advancements. Wise Man!

13. Video Copilot

The story of Andrew Kramer can inspire each cell of your body. He started this blog just to fill up his free time while freelancing at the age of 20! From tutorials to a massive collection of plugins and resources, it is the most widely used source by video editors.

The best thing about Andrew is that his tutorials are easy to understand. You don’t need to be a tech nerd to understand his fun and easy-to-follow tutorials. So, what began with a few tutorial videos on After Effects is now a platform that shares advanced techniques and complex skills of editing videos with ease.

14. Red Giant

Red Giant’s underlining philosophy is “double bottom line– the idea of finding a balance between work and life”.

Red Giant in real terms is a giant video editing platform. Some of its most popular and widely acclaimed products include Trapcode Suite, Magic Bullet Suite, and Keying Suite. They are used for special effects in videos, color balance, extreme finishing, and chroma keying.

Along with tutorials, the blog offers innumerable behind the scene videos. All these years, they have helped professionals go smoothly with the task of editing videos by saving time. With Red Giant, video editing becomes easier, fun, and more secure.

15. Premiere Gal

Kelsey Brannan is the face behind this cool blog. She teaches and comes up with the best ways to edit videos. She has advice for production on her website as well. Her tutorials are uploaded on her YouTube Channel.

The company, Gal Media Creative LLC supports and manages this blog and it also produces content for educational courses and motion graphics.


So, folks, this was our take on the best video editing blogs and websites. We hope you found your partner to assist you in the journey of video editing.

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What do you have to say about our list? Did you like it? Also, did we mention your favorite blog or website as well? Let us know by tweeting us @elink_io. We’d be happy to hear from you.


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