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15 Spiritual Blogs, Websites, and Influencers!

‘Religion’ and ‘spirituality’ are two words that have been used interchangeably for a very long time. However, they aren’t the same. Want to know how? Perhaps this quote summarizes it well…

Religion is belief in someone else’s experience. Spirituality is having your own experience. – Deepak Chopra

You might even ask us, “do people even follow spirituality?” In fact, according to a very recent survey (source) only 63% of U.S. adults considered themselves as religious, whereas, 37% said that they are spiritual. That’s a huge difference!

Now, if you are on this page, you must already be spiritual or are looking for some guidance to usher you into the marvelous world of spirituality. We’ve got you covered with some of the best spiritual blogs, websites, and influencers listed ahead!

BUT before we dive into the full list, let’s start from the basics and get an idea of what spirituality is all about. Read on!

What is Spirituality? (Defintion)

In the present date, spirituality is a broad notion that has space for a lot of viewpoints. It doesn’t have a rigid structure but encompasses many definitions together.

Generally speaking, spirituality requires a feeling of belonging to something greater than oneself, and a quest for meaning in life is typically involved. As of now, something that touches and binds us all is a shared human experience.

A couple doing meditation for spiritual achievement

It is possible to speak of a spiritual experience as something holy or transcendent, or simply a deep sense of living and interconnectedness.

Although some people may discover that spiritual life is intricately linked by their affiliation to a church, temple, mosque, or synagogue, others may find it in a personal relationship with God or a higher force. Some can find their ties to nature and art to be spiritual as well.

Just like your sense of meaning, which evolves throughout your life, adapting to your own experiences and relationships, your personal conception of spirituality can also evolve and change over time.

With that, it’s time to dive into the full list of the best spiritual blogs, websites, and influencers that are sure to help your on your journey of finding spirituality, enlightenment, and harmony…

List of the Best Spiritual Blogs, Websites, and Influencers

After doing some extensive research, we have compiled a list of some of the best spiritual blogs, websites, and influencers. The list is as follows…

  • Tiny Buddha
  • Ignatian Spirituality
  • The Mindful Word
  • Amanda Linette Meder
  • Elizabeth Peru
  • Sivana East Philosophy
  • Patheos
  • Dada Bhagwan Foundation
  • The Daily Meditation
  • Erin Pavlina
  • Abbey of the Arts
  • I Love Devotionals
  • GodSpace
  • Killing the Buddha
  • Purposes Fairy

Let’s take a look at each of them in detail…

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1. Tiny Buddha

First up on our list, Tiny Buddha is about focusing on simple wisdom and finding new ways of applying it into our complicated lives – with its tasks, challenges, dreams, and relationships. Established in 2009, Tiny Buddha has emerged as a leading resource for peace and happiness.

With more than 6 million followers, readers, and a lively community forum, the platform features stories, tips, and perspectives from readers across the globe belonging to all age groups.

While most of Tiny Buddha’s content is rooted in Buddhism, it is not a religious website at all. It combines ideas that are little when introduced but end up making a major difference in the world. On the blog, you can easily find posts on happiness, love, relationships, improvement, purpose, mindfulness, spirituality, simplicity, minimalism, and letting go.

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2. Ignatian Spirituality

Ignatian Spirituality is a daily life spirituality. This form of spirituality insists that God is real in our worlds and is involved in our lives. It provides a road to deeper prayers, wise choices led by a keen ability to judge well, and service to others by leading an active life.

Ignatian Spirituality is based on the assumption that God is alive, personal, and above all, present to us all. You can find routes into the main areas of Ignatian spirituality on their website:

  • Prayer
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Retreats
  • Making Healthy & Wise Choices

3. The Mindful Word

Next on the list is The Mindful Word which was founded as a voluntary group in 2007. It began as a small short-run print magazine and website, and since then, it has gone entirely digital.

The Mindful Word is a group of people committed to building a philosophy of living with dedication. They seek to further incorporate mindfulness into daily life rather than studying mindfulness in isolation.

Other aspects of engaged living, such as slow movement, permaculture, and contemplative arts, are often studied for the features they share with mindfulness.

In addition, The Mindful Word aims to speak out against injustice in an open, inclusive manner, instead of speaking out against someone else. They are committed to being a platform where sensitive issues such as inequality can be discussed and debated.

4. Amanda Linette Meder

Amanda Linette Meder is a writer, a teacher, an intuitive scientist, a lover of all supernatural things, and is deeply fascinated by the mysteries of the universe.

Using her blog posts, she connects natural well-being, science, and spirituality together through essays, educational seminars, and programs. She educates people using her past professional experiences in teaching and shares her spiritual love with others.

She shares her observations and opinions in an educational, informative, and fun way; which makes her blog one of our top picks on this list!

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5. Elizabeth Peru

Elizabeth Peru is an Australian author, Cosmic Guide and Spiritual Teacher whose teachings of energy and knowledge are read every week by tens of thousands of souls in over 100 countries around the world.

She is known to be committed to raising global awareness and uplifting humanity since 2000. She is also considered to be at the forefront of understanding energy changes and frequently addresses challenging spiritual topics in a simple to understand and apply manner.

The greatest goal in life for Elizabeth is to inspire love and help unlock the strength inside everyone.

6. Sivana East Spirituality

Sivana East Spirituality, based in Encinitas, CA, is a small family-owned and operated mindful lifestyle company with the aim to offer you comfort on your journey to discover the ancient practice of yoga and conscious living.

Sivana East began as a small blog to describe the Sivana Family’s products in detail but has now become a strong group of writers and contributors who share their insights and knowledge of Eastern Philosophy.

7. Patheos

Next Up! Patheos.com is the leading online destination for engaging in the global discourse on faith and spirituality and for discovering and witnessing the values of the world. For the millions of people searching for accurate and balanced knowledge of religion, Patheos is the website of choice.

Patheos brings faith leaders, writers, and the general public together in a single setting, and is the place where many people turn for wisdom, motivation, and stimulating conversation on a regular basis.

8. Dada Bhagwan Foundation

The Dada Bhagwan Foundation (DBF) and its associated charitable foundations are spiritual non-profit entities founded by the philosophy of Akram Vignan, the science of self-realization as elaborated by the Gnani Purush Shree Ambalal Muljibhai Patel, popularly known as Param Pujya Dadashri or Dada Bhagwan, with the aim of promoting world peace, harmony, and ultimate happiness.

They organize the Satsangs/Gnan Vidhi (a two-hour Self Realization Science Process) of Pujya Deepakbhai all over the nation and around the world. The satsangs are in a question-answer style and include a wide variety of questions spanning from the most subtle spiritual problems to gross worldly matters.

They also create and operate non-sectarian Trimandirs in various parts of the world to spread the spiritual science of Akram Vignan. This spiritual philosophy is also broadcast across a variety of programs, including books, monthly journals, DVDs, forums, and satsangs.

9. The Daily Meditation

The Daily Meditation is your go-to resource for anything related to meditation, mindfulness, and yoga. They have helped over 1 million individuals practice mindfulness and meditation with their courses, goods, and services!

At The Daily Meditation, they believe in all meditation techniques including Buddhist mediation techniques, Zen meditation techniques, mantra, mudras, yoga meditation, and much more, offering authoritative study, tools, and lessons.

10. Erin Pavlina

Next on our list of the best spiritual influencers, Erin Pavlina is an intuitive psychologist who uses her psychic ability to help her clients accomplish what they want in the area of work, relationships, finances, wellness, spirituality, and more. She has read for thousands of customers worldwide to date.

She has also published over 900 posts that you can read on her blog for free. Thousands of people have read her book on Astral Projection, and she provides other items online for sale.

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11. Abbey of the Arts

The Abbey provides pilgrimages, online classes & retreats, reflections, and services that combine contemplative spiritual practice and artistic expression with monastic spirituality as a virtual global online monastery.

They are aimed towards helping people become world monks and nourishing a consciousness that cherishes the earth. They are a transparent community that aims to be affirming and radically inclusive.

12. I Love Devotionals

I Love Devotionals is another spiritual blog from a Christian viewpoint. The author, Wendy, is a young lady with a great deal of experience to impart.

She is a cancer survivor and has written wonderful devotional essays for those in the middle of a health crisis (or any struggle). She stresses dependence on God, Jesus’ emphasis on love and justice, and above all, self-reflection. Her articles are concise, readable, and convincing, which makes her blog one of our best picks for this list.

13. GodSpace

Christine Sine is the creator and facilitator of GodSpace, which emerged out of her enthusiasm for imaginative spirituality, gardening, and sustainable growth.

Christine describes herself as an introspective artist, a vociferous gardener, a poet, and a liturgist. She enjoys playing with church ceremonies and motivating followers of Jesus by developing novel methods to spirituality that interweave the divine throughout daily existence.

She also conducts training courses on spiritual activities, spirituality and gardening, simplicity and sustainability, introspective and artistic, as well as how to build a more spiritual pace for our daily life. She is strongly influenced by the spirituality of Celtic Christianity, which has opened her eyes to God, who is prevalent in each and every moment, each experience, and every place.

14. Killing the Buddha

Killing the Buddha is an online religious, cultural, and political journal. It started on November 13, 2000, when Peter Manseau and Jeff Sharlet invited readers to join them in creating an electronic Tower of Babel, a Talmudic cathedral of stories of lost and discovered faith, both hostile and attracted to talk of God. They named it after a saying created by Lin Chi, the Chinese Buddhist sage.

Their subjects are vast, ranging from spiritual awakening, spiritual practice, meditation, personal growth, to spiritual healing, relationships, theology, food, death, suffering, and more.

15. Purpose Fairy

Purpose Fairy, created by Luminita Saviuc, has evolved into a library of tools around happiness, spiritual and physical well-being, personal development, and meditation.

This blog contains just about everything here with a wide and varied selection of authors and writers, along with Luminita’s own excellent material. The topics range from conversations on depression and overeating to guided meditation activities and bedtime rituals.

Final Words

Spirituality could mean different things to different people, which is why we have created this diverse list of spiritual bloggers and influencers. With these, you are all set to embark on your own journey of spirituality and attaining peace and harmony within yourself.

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What are you waiting for? Go check out these awesome blogs and websites, and subscribe to their content! Happy spirituality!

Did we miss out on your favorite spiritual bloggers, or website? Let us know at @elink_io. We’d love to hear from you!

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