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Top 15 Nutrition Blogs and Websites for Fitness Geeks!

“Prevention is better than cure”, we’ve all heard that saying since we were kids. However, it is important to understand what this means. That is why, in recent years, wellness has been attracting a lot of attention.

Our vulnerability to infections can be minimized by the implementation and execution of proper diet and thus leading to lower health care costs.

Although nutrition may appear daunting initially, once you get used to a healthier way, then there’s definitely no looking back. People may think that keeping a check on nutrition is too limiting, not fun, and impossible to carry out in everyday life.

The positive thing here is that there are credible nutrition blogs and websites that help people identify a personalized solution and improve their lifestyle.

Health has so much to say, and these blogs and websites on nutrition do the job! These blogs have their own wow factor, from exploring various medical issues, raising fad diet awareness, to cooking stunning, healthy, and tasty meals.

If you are interested in following a healthy lifestyle as well and are searching for some decent blogs on nutrition, we’ve got it all covered!

1. A Healthy Slice of Life

Former fitness coach Brittany Dixon discusses three big keys to her healthy life on this blog – nutrition, family, and travel. The food segment focuses on balanced, simple-to-prepare meals that are suitable for people with busy lives.

A mixture of plant-based and paleo recipes can also be found on the blog. Interested in discovering how Brittany adapts other facets of her life to healthier eating? Check out the rest of the blog for a detailed insight.

2. PickyEater

Through her blog ‘Picky Eater’, Anjali Shah, a registered fitness coach, and a food lover helps her readers in finding the right food & lifestyle options by offering restaurant reviews and instructing them on how to prepare delicious organic vegetarian and vegan food with basic healthy ingredients.

Thanks to all the enticing photos she posts on her blog, her balanced dessert & meal recipes are a true treat for your eyes and stomach. She is one of the leading nutrition bloggers in India. Many of her health-related posts concentrate on the difficulties of daily lives and how to solve them. Now, isn’t that something we all can relate to?

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3. Nutrition Facts 

Nutrition Facts is a non-commercial, science-based public service delivered by Dr. Michael Greger, who delivers bite-sized videos and information on the trends in nutrition studies.

With new videos and articles posted every day, the platform talks about every part of healthy eating and has more than a thousand posts, Nutrition Facts was launched by the Jesse & Julie Rasch Foundation. Incorporated as a non-profit charity, the website now depends on individual donors to keep it running and thriving.

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4. The Full Helping

A diet focused on plants is far from restricting, and this blog is proof of that. If you are new to a vegan diet or are trying to play with more plant-based meals, try using The Full Helping to kick start your plan.

This blog is run by Gena Hamshaw, a licensed dietitian who has created several recipes and published cookbooks devoted to the purpose of enjoying life to the fullest (and if her recipe for Vegan Pantry Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese has left you hungry, you’re not alone!). If you wish to consult directly with Gena, you should check out her options for nutritional counseling.

5. Health Beckon

Vineetha, the founder of Health Beckon, is an Ayurveda health practitioner. She writes instructional data on different processes of eating nutritiously, and easy remedies for various health problems, turning Health Beckon into one of India’s best health blogs.

Her blog seeks to raise awareness of the basics of wellness principles and break health and nutritional misconceptions to live a healthy and holistic life with an engaged fan base on social networks as well as the web.

6. Authority Nutrition

You can find regular posts on nutrition, weight loss, and wellness at Authority Nutrition. All blogs are based on scientific facts that are verified by experts. Their accredited dietitians and nutritionists tend to be truthful and impartial and present all sides of the debate.

Authority Nutrition comes with expert content along with real treatment. Both of which will surely help you, direct you, and inspire you and your families to live healthier lives!

7. Nutrition Stripped

Nutrition is at the core of every balanced lifestyle, but it can be daunting to get started on the ‘right’ eating schedule. If you’re searching for ways to adjust your eating patterns to more nutritious and conscientious ones without losing out on flavor, Nutrition Stripped can be a helpful place to start.

Run by nutritionist McKel Kooienga, readers can learn valuable facts about the value of nutrition and good wellbeing, while also discovering some fresh and tasty recipes. You can also find out benefits for paying memberships as well as one-on-one coaching if you choose to collaborate with McKel.

8. Zig Verve

Owned by Kishor Kumar and his team, it is one of the best health and fitness blogs. Zig Verve writes blog posts on diverse subjects such as women’s health, abstinence, medical problems & remedies, exercise advice, and strategies. The blog spreads a balanced opinion with secret recipes. They also welcome guest posts that can inform their readers on similar topics.

9. Diet Spotlight 

You could explore the insights and methods at Diet Spotlight to support you in your search for fitness, wellbeing, and sustainable weight loss. Created in 2008, the blog has, since then, grown into a reliable resource for tens of millions of women and men worldwide.

This blog is a diversified library of entertaining and long-form posts. Their pieces quote numerous reputable references, that are checked for authenticity and include nutritionists and dietitians’ direct quotes. Diet Spotlight now features over 100,000 comments and queries around a variety of weight loss and nutrition-related topics.

10. The Art of Healthy Living

Becky Stafferton is the nutrition lover who’s behind the Art of Healthy Living – a blog written by professionals devoted to food and exercise knowledge, as well as beauty and general well-being.

You can conveniently browse through this blog, and you can even find recommendations for particular diets, beauty services, holiday spots, and more. To help you keep on board with your own fitness goals and giving you an opportunity to try something different, check out the recipe feature.

11. Put That Cheese Burger Down

As the name suggests, if you’re looking for the right workout techniques and nutrition recipes, this is one of the best fitness blogs you can find. The motive is to share nutrition, exercise, and health-related insightful content without making it too hard for readers to comprehend.

The author of this interesting blog, Neha Ghosh, is a fitness enthusiast and a professional diet specialist. She claims that without feeling bad about her lifestyle and eating habits, one can get fit and feel amazing. She is an influential contributor and blogs at about sexual and mental health as well.

12. HUM Nutrition Blog

The goal of Hum is to become the world’s best wellness and nutrition company. They aim to do this is by linking you to a free personal nutritionist, who can review your data to build your free personal profile.

Their nutritionists recommend micronutrients to help you reach your health & beauty goals, based on your requirements. All this happens online and they ship customized supplements, minerals, and botanicals straight to your doorstep to make your life simpler.

13. Eating Bird Food

Meet blogger Brittany if you dream of getting a natural nutritionist on speed dial. Using alternative treatments and vegan recipes, she has plenty of tips for leading a healthy life. Brittany shares recipes that you won’t find anywhere (well say hello to chocolate chia pudding) including travel stories on wholesome goodness in cities like Grand Rapids, Michigan, Charleston, and South Carolina.

14. Mom On The Run

Anupriya Kapur, a single mum and an athlete, survivor of postpartum depression and child abuse, encourages young moms and women to make fitness a way of life by providing constructive tips through her blog.

Initially, the blog was written to overcome her postpartum depression and provide support to women like her to resolve these issues. She hopes to educate people by quick lessons on exercise and nutritious diets as a home mom and a passionate athlete. She runs an insightful blog covering nutritious meals, reviews of items, and all facets of fitness and running.

She is now a start-up owner at Imbue, with the goal of making goods that get women moving. If you are looking for a holistic approach to nutrition, Mom On The Run is one of the best health and nutrition blogs to opt for.

15. Nourish Holistic Nutrition

Anne Baker, a qualified natural nutritionist, helps patients with serious health conditions regain their best health. She believes that the root of your health issues is discovered and treated when her clients reduce medications that only treat symptoms.

Her therapeutic nutrition programs are based on using healthy meals, targeted nutrients, and lifestyle improvements in order to get the body back to good health. Anne partners with individuals throughout North America and Canada through virtual phone and Skype appointments.

A Final Word

Nutrition, fitness, and inner peace: it could sound like a long task to live a healthy life! But it becomes all the way smoother and more fun if you have some friendly advice by your side, anytime and wherever you need it.

To boost your fitness, you don’t actually need a costly gym subscription or a diet schedule. You can get solid fitness and nutrition tips from blogs and websites as well.

The internet is loaded with tips, tricks, and stories that are surely going to inspire you on your path to a healthy lifestyle with just a few clicks!

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