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Top Bodybuilding Blogs and Websites for Fitness Geeks!

If you have a brief idea about the roadmap to fitness, then you probably know that it is not an easy task to go for. People give their blood, sweat, and tears for years to attain a better physique, but without expert advice and a good dietary plan, it becomes a far cry.

Journey to bodybuilding and fitness is a religious expedition. You need to have that passion and patience to be able to appreciate little improvements. For some, the transformation takes a few months to surface while for others it might take years and more. So friends, just keep your hopes up!

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On your journey to fitness, bodybuilding websites and blogs can be of immense help. They will help you learn some really effective ways and strategies to gain or lose a few more pounds and build muscles. Not only this, these bodybuilding websites and blogs can also help you ace the right position during workouts. So if you are a fitness enthusiast, this is probably the best place for you to learn from.

Ready to sweat? Dive in…

List of Top Bodybuilding Blogs and Websites:

With thousands of bodybuilding websites and blogs on the internet today, it can be really exhausting to figure out which one is the best. To help you with this tiring procedure, we have explored and come up with a list comprising of the best bodybuilding blogs and websites just for you, fitness freaks!

Here is our guide to the top 15 bodybuilding websites and blogs that can really help you stay in good shape and healthy.

1. Body Building


Body building: Bodybuilding blog and website

Do you need a personal trainer?

A nutritionist or a diet expert?

Well, Body Building is the place where you can hold firm on the hooks of your racing fitness horse.

This website has the tagline ‘your transformation is our passion’. This is one of the most sophisticated blogs for fitness freaks. From diet products to technological tools, this website provides the best bodybuilding aid to your fitness regime.

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2. Muscle and Fitness


Muscle and fitness: Bodybuilding blog and website

With a devoted fan base of 6.49 million followers on Facebook, Muscle and Fitness are your partners in bodybuilding. It can act as your comprehensive guide to bodybuilding and fitness. It also helps you find your perfect match for a workout routine, tips, and nutrition guide.

With this blog, the wish of achieving the perfect physique becomes easier. It is the ultimate solution for gaining strength, losing fat, and building your body. So friends, get access to this wholesome manual with its killer workouts and nutrition tips.

3. Flex Online


Flex online: Bodybuilding blog and website

Fitness gets online with FLEX Online. If you want a blog that gives you all in one solution to your fitness, dietary, nutrition needs, then FLEX Online is your mate. This blog is a quality resource for your body aspirations and health. It is your complete workout and diet manual for the perfect bodybuilding routine.

So to get the best advice on how to prepare for Olympics level of competitions, nutrition, training, and related videos, flex in with FLEX Online.

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4. Muscular Development


Muscular development: Bodybuilding blog and website

You cannot talk about bodybuilding without making lots of muscles and it is not that easy. Muscle Development is among the most popular bodybuilding websites and blogs. Founded in the year 1964 as a bodybuilding magazine, it now generates amazing web content and expert videos on bodybuilding and fitness.

This is probably the blog that gives you the best return by enhancing and working over building your muscles. So, friends, this is where your muscle training begins from!

5. Muscle for Life


Muscle for life: Bodybuilding blog and website

In the world of muscle building and training, experience speaks louder and clearer than the loaded chunks of knowledge available almost everywhere. Run by Mike Matthews, Muscle for Life is more than just a factual representation of information; it is an experiential blog. Mike shares his own experience while undergoing body transformation. He also shares his personal tips, diets, nutrition charts, and guides others who are in pursuit of the same goal. Sweet guy!

From the experience of Mike, this blog can become your faithful companion on your journey of bodybuilding and fitness. So flex in with Mike’s tips on natural muscle building without indulging in TOXICS!

6. The Female Muscle


The female muscle: Bodybuilding blog and website

Are you a female looking out for guidance on bodybuilding?

Stop right here and walk through this particular recommendation. Making in our list of the best bodybuilding websites and blogs is FemaleMuscle! They are the most trusted female bodybuilding website on the internet with specialization in this domain for the last 20 years! And you know what? This website is here to stay for long.

Female Muscle is founded by Lori Victoria Braun who is the owner and editor of this website and is quite well reputed in the world for her informative website. Female Muscle has become a go-to place for all the females interested in bodybuilding and fitness.

The website’s motto is to provide a platform and acknowledgment to athletic women all over the world and promote the idea of beauty, strength, and ultimately POWER to the women in all measures.

7. Iron Mag


Iron mag: Bodybuilding blog and website

With over 37k followers on Facebook, Iron Magazine has become the favorite blog for serious bodybuilders. Name anything from the world of bodybuilding and fitness, you will find it in the blog. Covering over 6000 articles on fitness, this blog covers all topics from tips to news. You name it and they have it!

8. Dr. John Rusin


Dr John rusin: Bodybuilding blog and website

Welcome to the one man’s army in the world of bodybuilding and fitness!

With over 71k followers on FaceBook, Dr. John Rusin the perfect coach for anyone seeking advice on bodybuilding. With his blog, Rusin has revolutionized the entire cosmos of body training and fitness. Be the guest to this website for fitness inspiration or for kickass advice on diet, training, and nutrition. Not only this, but this blog is ahead of its competitors as it offers comprehensive content on physical therapy, injury prevention training, and much more.

So, get a new and fresh change of strategy with Dr. Rusin!

9. Legion Athletics


Legion atheletics: Bodybuilding blog and website

To use this website, you don’t have to be a bodybuilder or athlete. You can just be someone having an inclination towards better health and fitness. This blog is made for everyone. It has many listings including blogs on the ultimate shoulder workout, the three little big things about building lean muscles, how to use Deloads to gain muscle strength faster, tips on how to build muscle fast, and many more.

10. Nerd Fitness


Nerd fitness: Bodybuilding blog and website

Whether you are beginning your journey in bodybuilding, a pro, or someday in between, this blog is suitable for you. Established in the year 2009, Nerd Fitness is a professional team of 25 bodybuilders and trainees to give you a direction in this confusing venture. With their coaching programs on online course platforms and at-home workout sessions, it is quite popular among the fitness nerds.

11. Elite FTS


Elite fts: Bodybuilding blog and website

This website has overtime established its stature as Elite among other bodybuilding websites and blogs. They know that finding out the best workout practice for you is not a layman’s task and hence they do it with grace for you. So focus, trust, and strength – all here in one place at Elite FTS.

12. Ross Training


Ross training: Bodybuilding blog and website

Ross Enamait is here with his training package to help you with bodily developments. This is a dedicated website that not only helps you in maintaining physical endurance but also mental endurance. So for information on health and fitness, this is probably the best among the bodybuilding websites and blogs.

13. Tony Gentilcore


Tony gentilcore: Bodybuilding blog and website

Tony Gentilcore’s blog cannot be ignored when it comes to the best bodybuilding websites and blogs. He has been in this domain for many years now. If you dealing with the problem of lean muscles, then he is the right trainer for you who can help you pack it up.

14. Strong Lifts


Strong lifts: Bodybuilding blog and website

In May 2007, Mehdi created this blog to help people out with their fitness regimen. He is an expert and has been lifting weights since 1999. From there he moved on to strength training and since then he has been an inspiration to all the people aspiring to be where he is. You can read more about him and his inspiring journey on the website.

15. Dave Draper


Dave drapper: Bodybuilding blog and website

Any questions regarding bodybuilding? This blog will probably answer all your queries. While some of you might say that home workouts can never equate to the feeling and output acquired by working in the gym, this misunderstanding can be cleared by giving a chance to this blog in helping you make a gym-like environment at home. So abide by Dave, your online trainer, and get the physique you want.

16. The Bony to Bombshell


Are you a skinny gal looking to build some muscle and gain weight? Then The Bony to Bombshell is the website for you. It offers you tips and advice on strength training, nutrition planning, and lifestyle changes. Their 8-part program and newsletters will help you enhance your physical fitness by focusing on building muscle mass and increasing strength. The website also offers personalized coaching and support, as well as a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are working towards similar goals.

17. T Nation


T Nation is a popular online platform that provides information, advice, and articles related to fitness, strength training, nutrition, and health. It is a go-to source for individuals who are interested in learning about the latest trends and research in the fitness industry. They offer e-books, blogs, and articles about fat loss, muscle building, and sports performance. The platform is known for its high-quality content and its team of seasoned bodybuilders, coaches, and experts.

18. Scott Laidler


If you’re looking for some personal training content, then look no further than Scott Laidler’s website. Scott Laidler is a personal trainer and fitness coach with a background in bodybuilding. He’s known to have helped several athletes, movie stars, and celebrities to get into shape. His website offers various fitness and nutrition services, including online personal training, fitness coaching, video demonstrations, and customized workout plans. The website also features a blog and articles section that contains a wealth of information on fitness, nutrition, and healthy living.

19. Girls Gone Strong


Ladies, this one is for you! Girls Gone Strong is a bodybuilding website that focuses on women-specific health and fitness coaching and certifications. It was co-founded by Molly Galbraith and includes her blogs which have been featured in top institutes and companies such as Johns Hopkins, Yale, the Olympics, Time, ABC, and more. The website covers a range of topics including fitness coaching and training, strength training, pregnancy, postpartum, nutrition, and much more! It is also the perfect platform for you if you wish to become a certified women’s coaching specialist.

20. Will Brink’s Brinkzone


BrinkZone is a website and brand created by Will Brink, a well-known fitness and nutrition expert. This bodybuilding website provides information on various aspects of fitness, nutrition, and health, including workout routines, supplement reviews, and diet advice. It mainly focuses on the scientific aspect of bodybuilding. BrinkZone also offers videos and a bodybuilding program book aimed at building mass. The website also provides reviews of products and training programs, motivational stories, articles on hormone replacement therapy, and more!


Here you go, my friends! This was our take on the best bodybuilding websites and blogs for fitness that you must visit to satiate your bodybuilding spree.

Hope you found your go-to blog on our list. In case we missed out on your favorite bodybuilding websites and blogs, write to us at @bits_docs and we’d be happy to hear from you.


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