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Top 10 RSS Feed Widgets For Your Website!

Looking for some awesome RSS Feed Widgets to improve your site? We have got you covered. Read on!

When we look back to the days when social media didn’t exist, the best way to keep up with relevant and interesting content was by subscribing to RSS feeds.

Before the concept of RSS feeds emerged, we had to refresh a website several times a day to read the latest news and honestly, it was nothing less than a headache.

All thanks to RSS feeds, it became possible for us to have all the information directly delivered to our inboxes.

And then, the wind of social media blew RSS feeds away. Well, RSS feeds may not be as popular as they once were, they are still one of the best ways to get an in-depth look at the content of a website, rather than knowing only what’s shown on social media.

In this era, you should have the top RSS Feed Widgets on your website. That’s why we’ve compiled all the insight you need for choosing the best RSS feed widget for your website.

Without any delay, let’s get started!

What is an RSS Feed Widget?

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is an online file containing information on any piece of material published by a website.

Every time a site publishes a new piece of material, information about the content is automatically created in the file and shown in reverse chronological order. It includes

  • The full text of the content or a rundown
  • Publication date
  • Author name
  • Link, etc.

You can use RSS feeds for anything.

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Whether to stay up to date on every new article, your favorite blog or to create email newsletters and social media messages to promote your latest content. As soon as a new piece of content is published on a website, the RSS feed gets updated.

The RSS Feed Widget is a convenient widget that helps you insert and show your favorite RSS feed by simply adding the RSS feed URL.

elink middle image

After you add the URL, press the “Create Widget” icon. It will produce a shortcode for you instantly. Copy and paste this shortcode to your web page or site, and you’ll be able to see your favorite content in real-time.

How Adding an RSS Feed Widget to Your Website Can Be Beneficial?

RSS Feed is a great way to get all your favorite content in one place. However, using widgets in the feed would make things even better. Mentioned below are some of the cool benefits of adding RSS feed widgets to your website!

  • Higher user experience and retention of customers: If consumers can quickly navigate through your RSS feed, they are more inclined to stay up to date with the new content you are uploading. That contributes to a more powerful user experience and awareness of the brand.
  • Your content may be embedded on other websites: Your RSS feeds may be embedded on other websites or news feeds, thus raising your content visibility level. Widgets keep a watch on websites that are using your content without your permission.  
  • People can read your content over multiple sites: Mobile devices are rapidly taking over the market and RSS Widgets make it for mobile phone users to follow your posts.
  • Promotion of more than one type of content: You can bring a lot of value to the website by adding content from other websites and blog feeds. Your consumers might love the content you create, but you could further use plug-ins to add a variety to your website by mixing content from various sources and giving consumers quick access to RSS feeds at the same time.

List of Top RSS Feed Widgets for Websites:

1. elink Rss feed widget

elink is your ultimate end-to-end solution for following and reading posts. With elink’s robust RSS feed reader and widget, you can follow all your favorite RSS feeds in one place and stay on top of the latest information! Simply grab the RSS feeds from the sites you love and elink displays them for you to read articles or create content.

You can follow an infinite number of RSS feeds and keep up with the newest stories with this newsreader. You can also filter and search articles based on keywords to find and curate content easily. Organizing your feeds is super easy with the help of folders and subfolders.

Using elink, you can collect links from RSS feeds and share them as newsletters or embed them on your website IN MINUTES. All you’ve to do is select any of your RSS Feed articles and start bundling them. Once you’re done, you can convert them into a content post, customize it, and share it with the world!

That’s not it! Elink lets you automate content creation & publishing. You can choose how and where you want your content to be published via Zapier.

Using elink’s robust RSS feed reader, you can create website news feeds, industry news feeds, company press coverage, email newsletters, and much more.

2. Feedzy

Feedzy: Rss feed widget

Another commonly used RSS feed widget within the WordPress group is RSS Aggregator by Feedzy. It has more than 40k downloads. It is constantly updated and is available in 3 languages.

This Widget lets you add infinite RSS feeds to your website. If you want to import several related feeds, you can divide them into groups, and then mark each category. You can set the number of items to be shown in the feed, select the feed’s cache time, sort order, etc.

Besides several specialized settings for additional CSS levels, there are various graphic and item-specific features as well. In case you want to go for the premium version, you can choose between annual & lifetime subscriptions.

3. WordPress RSS Aggregator

Wordpress Rss Aggregator: Rss feed widget

WordPress RSS Aggregator is the perfect widget to transform your WordPress website into a content aggregator. It helps you import, view, and combine RSS feeds on your WordPress website without any kind of coding. It helps you retrieve content from your other web properties, third-party sources, and other blogs.

Your content can also be imported into WP as blog posts and can be saved in the WordPress archive. You can use it to get job listings, real-estate listings, news stories, or curate top content from your favorite sites. You can also extract entire content using add-ons, including images from RSS feeds that only contain extracts.

The widget can be used for auto-blogging also. However, using it to scrub whole content from third-party websites can lead to copyright violations and legal issues.

4. RSSImport

RssImport: Rss feed widget

RSSImport is a lightweight, simple solution among RSS feed widgets. You just need to install it on your device and use either a short code, a widget, or a PHP feature to make it functional. No additional buttons or discomfort. This is how clear and successful this widget is!

To deploy it as a widget, go to Appearance/Widgets, drag and drop any widget area with the RSSImport button and fill in the empty spaces. Simply tap on the ‘Save’ button, and there you go! Copy-paste the shortcode to attach a feed to a website.

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5. Super RSS Reader

Super Rss Reader: Rss feed widget

Super RSS Reader is a simple, handy jQuery widget that allows you to view RSS feeds on your website in custom widget areas. There are over 10k active downloads at the moment, and the widget is updated continuously. You can add n number of feeds, and then split the feeds into tabs. So, based on your tastes and desires, you can switch between different feeds.

This widget helps you give title your RSS feeds and tabs, determine how many things you want to show (from 1 to 20), display content, date, and author (if available), display thumbnails, etc. There are also multiple coloring options for you to pick from, and you can also change the widget’s height. The jQuery ticker text animation is another nice functionality this widget has. This widget is fully royalty-free with no premium edition available.

6. Smash Balloon Instagram Feed

Smash Ballon Instagram Feed: Rss feed widget

If you are trying to embed your Instagram profile or hashtag, you need the Smash Balloon Instagram Feeds widget. Since Instagram doesn’t make RSS feeds easy to use, this widget uses its API to show your Instagram, posts in WordPress. It’s easy to use and comes in different formats and designs.

By design, the widget is mobile-responsive and looks good on all platforms and screen sizes. The tool also enables you to use hashtags to create personalized Instagram feeds. You can also link your Instagram posts directly to product sites to maximize revenue. You can view your Instagram stories on your website in a lightbox popup, resulting in more user engagement on your stories.

7. Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription

Category specific rss feed subscription: Rss feed widget

This widget is different from everything else here. While the other ones are about importing things, this one is about providing your readers the freedom of subscribing to your blog for category-specific RSS feeds.

Say that you are publishing a lot of different material, and your audience might not be interested in ALL of it. For example, you have an “apparel” category and a “travel” category. So now, you can make people subscribe individually to any of these categories with this widget.

Once you have installed Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription, go to the WP-Admin Configuration section, and then go to the Relevant RSS tab. You will see a list of the categories with which you can create a feed.

8. CBX RSS Feed for CustomPost Types 

CBX Rss feed: Rss feed widget

This RSS feed widget makes it easy to view feeds of custom post types in your default WordPress feed. By default, WordPress enables you to add RSS feed support for each custom post. Most individuals who login to your website may only see your main feed, which only contains blog entries.

The widget solves this problem, and you can integrate the custom post style feeds into the main WordPress stream. In your key RSS feed, you can simply pick which post styles are shown and save your changes!

This widget gives an easy way to view feeds of custom post types in your default WordPress feed. By default, WordPress enables you to add RSS feed support for each custom post. Most individuals who login to your website may only see your main feed, which only contains blog entries.

The widget solves this problem, and you can integrate the custom post style feeds into the main WordPress stream. In your key RSS feed, you can simply pick which post styles are shown and save your changes!

9. RSS With Images

Rss with images: Rss feed widget

Brush up your RSS feed by adding some appealing images to your site’s RSS feeds. Use RSS with images to protect them from coming out as dull and boring. The tool also comes with personalized sizing options. It works very well with email promotions, helping you get something out of your emails. Even the XML encoding of your RSS feed can be personalized.

10. CyberSyn

CyberSyn: Rss feed widget

CyberSyn is a WordPress freemium RSS feed widget with a great list of functionalities. Using CyberSyn, you can:

  • Import feed items as real WordPress posts
  • Import full text even if the feed only contains an extract
  • Set a custom interval for importing feeds
  • Put feed items into categories and add tags
  • Automatically translate feed items using Google Translate or Yandex Translate

Automatic translation and customizable feed import cycles to prevent output hits are the best features of this tool.

How to Choose the Best RSS Feed Widget?

The widget you choose should focus on the way you want your RSS feed elements to be viewed.

  • If you want RSS feed items to be shown via a Shortcode: RSSImport provides the lightest solution, but for an average user, the interface can be challenging to grasp. WP RSS Aggregator and Feedzy RSS Feeds Lite provide a range of features and they are comparatively easier to use.
  • If you want RSS feed items to be imported as Posts: Two strong options that let you import RSS feed products as posts for free are – CyberSyn and WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher. Both the tools have this feature; you just need to pay for it.


RSS feeds are beneficial resources that allow us to keep track of just what we want without putting up with things that we couldn’t care less about.

Adding RSS feeds widgets to your website isn’t quantum mechanics. All you need to do is find a good widget and we’ve already made the search easier for you.

Rss feed widgets infographic

Regardless of the widget you choose, you can add RSS feeds to your website without breaking a sweat. Some of these widgets have more customization choices, but it all boils down to choosing the one that fits your requirements the most!

Did we miss out on your favorite RSS Feed Widget? Let us know by tweeting us!

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