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Best Fashion Blogs and Websites You Must Follow!

Whatever is visible is Fashion

Fashion is a domain known to all. While some of us will refrain from outright saying that they really love to dress up, others will do it out loud. However, you will agree with us that nobody in this world can remain completely isolated and untouched from the glory of the world of styling and fashion.

You don’t need to be a model to stay in touch with the latest fashion trends. Why? Well, fashion isn’t as simple as the clothes you wear, or the accessories and brands that you endorse. Rather, fashion is the statement that you make. It is a form of expression through which people speak their minds.

Fashion models

Whether you prefer to wear hoops or dots or prefer a pixie cut over long hair, it is a choice that you make, and what governs the rest is fashion. We all consciously or unconsciously subscribe to some sort of fashion at the back of our minds.

What you wear is how to present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick, Fashion is the instant language.

-By Miuccia Prada

Fashion is what speaks louder than words. With this area growing and evolving at light’s speed, it is important to hold back and absorb the trends.

But, how do you do it?

There are innumerable fashion blogs and websites online. Online sources can flush you with lots of visually appealing content and images. But before you dive right into the list of the top blogs and websites of fashion, let’s quickly understand why it is important for you to stay in style.

Why you should sink in with the latest trends?

While fashion gets a bad rep for being a waste of time, it is often misunderstood. It gives you a space to rediscover your personality and see what fits in best for you.

Let’s take a quick look at why you need to stay in style…

  • Makes your impression last longer
  • It helps you being LOUD and CLEAR
  • Makes you compatible with the LATEST!
  • It gives you a unique personality
  • Hones up your confidence and gives an attitude!

With that, you are ready to smack anybody in the face! Kidding, Why so serious?

So now that we know why we should all stay in style, let’s have a look at the best Fashion Blogs and Websites that we must religiously ascribe to as fashion freaks (or not). These Fashion Blogs and Websites can help you stay in touch with the latest fashion icons and get a view of what they think fashion is all about.

17 Best Fashion Blogs and Websites to Follow

The world is changing and so are the trends. We have pooled the best 17 Fashion Blogs and Websites from the world that can help you rediscover your style. Not only this, these fashion blogs and websites can even get your bags filled with shopping. Excited? Dive right in.

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1. Egg Canvas


Egg canvas: Fashion blog and website

Erica Choi is an NYC based design director and blogger. Egg Canvas is a visual journal giving insights into the whereabouts of Erica. This journal brings in stories of travel and home through the medium of aesthetic pictures. Initially, this site was launched in July 2014 and now it has become a hotspot for people crazy for beauty, fashion, travel, and stories.

The site has a magnanimous appeal while at the same time it keeping the orientation subtle. The credit goes to her experience as a graphic designer as the aesthetic creeps in her site in the right proportions.

2. Girl With Curves


Girl with curves: Fashion blog and website

Real fashion in the true sense is limitless. Girl With Curves is the need of today because it speaks out of the set mold in which girls are expected to look. The fashion industry is full of influencers and models with sleek thin body types making an underlining statement that fashion isn’t for someone who has put on some extra pounds.

Well, the world is not all black and white like it seems. There are people as trying like Tanesha Awasthi who is the founder of Girl With Curves. She seals the gap between the straight and plus-size people and tells that there is no definite size in which style seeps in.

Her blog caters to over 1.5 million women all over the world. A note from her letter on the site says, “What started as a personal style blog is now a lifestyle brand and clothing line that empowers confidence through fashion, style advice, beauty tips, wellness, and living.”

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3. Atlantic Pacific


Atlantic pacific: Fashion blog and website

Blaire Eadie is a real influencer in the fashion industry. 11 years back she began her career as a Gap Inc Merchandiser and since then she has revolutionized her take on fashion. Her social media footage is strong, crossing over 1.6 million followers on Instagram presently.

She brought forth the street style shopping to the upfront and tried to deliver it through Atlantic-Pacific. The name out loud tells about her vast reach in the fashion expertise and undoubtedly her deep oceanic take on the style.

She is an influencer and has worked with ace brands like CoverGirl, Gucci, Target, Zara, J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, and many more. Her style has mixed elements that keep up with the latest trends as well as maintains the flavor of classic as well.

4. Chronicles of Her


Chronicles of her: Fashion blog and website

Australian style expert, Carmen Hamilton is the beauty with brains behind her blog, ‘Chronicles of Her’. It is a landmark for fashion enthusiasts. Her blog has a flowing potential to stir people with delight from every nook and corner. She, with her fashion team, forms the backbone of the blog.

It shows the coolest models wearing clothes in day to day walks of life. So, on streets, in photoshoots, and sightseeing places, Chronicles of Her hardly leaves any domain to cover up.

A cherry on the top, The Chronicles of Her is educational because it teaches anybody interested and wishes to seek advice on beauty tips, what-to-buy-guides, fashion, and much more. So, this blog can be your secret space for inspiration on what clothes to wear. Just budge in!

5. The Fashion Guitar


The fashion guitar; Fashion blog and website

Discover fashion afresh at The Fashion Guitar and get your hands on the clothes you love the most. Sounds so good, right?

Originally, Charlotte is a Netherland-based mom of two toddlers, James and Stella. In her life, she has worked on several fashion blogs, and finally, she came up with her own with the name, ‘The Fashion Guitar’. The name very exquisitely resonates with the appearance and the visuals of the fashion content that she puts on her blog.

6. Harper & Harley

Harper and harley: Fashion blog and website


If you are looking for a minimalistic blog, Harper & Harley is the right blog for you. Sara Crampton launched her blog in 2008 and it is now the perfect place for anyone willing to do the most in a minimal sense. Sara, a style blogger from Australia is immensely admired in this field and considered an expert.

With her blog, she has extended the philosophy of ‘less is more’ out of the books. She starred in the reality show, ‘Fashion Bloggers’, and gained experience overtime in her work profile. This all has in turn helped her engage with the people via Digital Content, stuffed with the skills of converting customers and followers.

In addition to this, Sara launched her own website – THE UNDONE, which is an online shopping platform to really put her ambition into action. So if you are a minimalist, then you must check it out.

7. The Daileigh


The daileigh: Fashion blog and website

The Daileigh is Where Fashion Gets Easy.

This is blog is a must if you don’t wish to spoil your experience with fashion both in theory and in practice. Ashleigh Hutchinson, the creator of The Daileigh is helping the fashion freaks with a roadmap to the perfect closet. If you want to select a style for yourself, this is definitely the fashion blog and website you must go to.

Her blog postings are of immense importance as they offer insight from an expert’s side. There are scores of “How to” blogs that call in for a perfect ready-made guide for the readers. She even holds online webinars just to help people by taking their queries. Sweet!

8. Hello Fashion


Hello fashion: Fashion blog and website

Launched by half Colombian and half American, Christine Andrew, Hello Fashion is a blog created to give free advice on fashion. beauty, lifestyle, and home. From sharing her favorite fashion findings to launching her own clothing line called ILY Couture, her life is an inspiration.

9. Kyrzayda


Kyrzadya; Fashion blog and website

Here in the list of best fashion blogs and websites comes a self-named website which in itself is a telling aspect of the creator, Kyrzayda Rodriguez’s passion. Her passion for style and unique content took a toll in 2013 with her blog. Success reached her way and she became a full-time blogger by 2016.

She on a very regular basis features her OOTD i.e. Outfit of the Day and comes up with great detailing of the stuff she wears. She is not only a trend settler but she also provides links from where the people can buy it. Fellows isn’t it the best thing?!

Her blog gets even better with the E-Commerce feature. She now operates a shop accurately named Kyrzscloset. Flood into her website NOW!

10. My Fash Diary


My fash diary: Fashion blog and website

My Flash Diary shows its readers fashion in a flash. It is the diary of Chicago born but brought up in Dubai Fashion Graduate, Tala Samman who ranked in Dubai’s Hot 100 list in 2011.

Ahlan Nominee, Tala has hosted many style events in Dubai, London and Doha. She has been featured in The Guardian, Grazia UK, and many more and with this, her international recognition reached a milestone. Her blog has a variety of Fashion, Travel, and Food, all infused together to produce genuine content.

11. One Dapper Street


One dapper street: Fashion blog and website

Why should girls have all the fun? Likewise, why not mention men!

Yes, this is the first men blog on our list. One Dapper Street focuses on male fashion. The curator of this blog is Marcel Floruss sharing his passion for fashion online.

His journey into this field began at a Fashion school in New York. Before getting his hands on this blog, he modeled. His love for photography, fashion, and the right culmination of both has paved the way for this amazing blog.

12. What My Boyfriend Wore


Whatmy boyfriend wore: Fashion blog and website

Coming up next, is the second blog on our list that focuses on men’s fashion. Andrew Brautesth shares the story of the origin of this blog in the about section.

Andrew’s former girlfriend used to document his outfits on her Instagram and from there on her posts picked on great popularity. Simple, that’s how the idea of the blog struck him. Lucky Guy!

The blog has evolved and tells the whats and hows of men’s fashion. So boys, for your fashion needs pick on this website!

13. Style Me Grasie


Style my grasie: Fashion blog and website

This blog is an abode of writer and actress Grasie Mercedes from Los Angeles. Style Me Grasie is another blog for fashion lovers. It has its roots dug deep in a variety of subjects like beauty, travel, clothes, and home decors all entwined with fashion.

14. Lust for Life


Lust for life: Fashion blog and website

Clothes and Fashion are indeed a lust for life!

Coming up next in the list of fashion blogs and websites is Olivia Lopez’s fashion blog that was launched in 2006. Her Instagram hold is intact and she flares as an admired influencer by the people. Her blogs and pictures are a visual treat. Her tagline sums up her blogging aims saying it is “a design destination for the culturally curious and Epicurious.”

15. Pop Sugar Fashion


Pop sugar fashion: Fashion blog and website

Pop Sugar Fashion empowers women to be who she is and feel good about it. One site and all your fashion queries are put to rest. The variety that this blog display is dynamic. From shopping to advising on what to wear and choose, this is the perfect place to satiate your hunger for fashion.

16. Yoyokulala


yoyokulala: Fashion blog and website

Singapore based, Yoyo Cao, is quite recognized for her effortless ways in which she carries herself. In no time, she created a huge buzz in the international street style. She has been featured in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar editions. Her personality is charming, her blog a hub for fashion consultancy.

Her natural appeal and unique style are applauded worldwide. She even has a clothing label Exhibit. Get a glimpse of her world and feel the real fashion.

17. NYC Bambi


Nyc bambi: Fashion blog and website

Making up on our list of fashion blogs and websites is an NYC based student actively changing the horizon of fashion through her blog. Christie loves fashion, adventure, and photography. This blog is an extension of her creative instincts. She is young and expresses fashion in language that breaks the stereotypes. Inspired by androgynous looks, she brings in light from both feminine and masculine lines to the fashion world.


FOLKS! I hope we have overwhelmed you with these beautiful and pleasing fashion websites and blogs. This is was our take on the best fashion blogs and websites. Now you have the list ready, just swim and explore more fashion blogs and websites.

Did we miss out on your favorite fashion blogs and websites? Tweet us @elink_io and we will be happy to know.


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