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Best Lifestyle Blogs to Pursue Better Living!

If you are a lifestyle enthusiast who is looking for the best lifestyle blogs to follow in 2020, this article is exclusively for you!

From fashion and food to craft and cats, the internet is soaked with content from regular people who care to share their passions through words.

These individuals are often known as bloggers, communicating their lives in an inspirational way, through their lifestyle blogs!

A lifestyle blog is all about the author’s life, personal interests, and is basically curated from their daily experiences & activities.

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Whether one shares food recipes or writes about the best beauty products online, lifestyle blogs are the perfect way to network with those with similar interests and spread inspiration to keep going!

However, with unlimited content to pursue online, we have curated a list of the top 13 lifestyle blogs you can follow to have a blissful and improved lifestyle. Before that, let’s delve a little deeper into learning more about lifestyle blogs.

What Exactly is a Lifestyle Blog?

A lifestyle blog is basically a digital content representation of its author’s everyday life, areas of expertise, personal interests, and usually have content in more than one area or niche. Where some blogs may be described by their niche – for instance, a beauty blog, however, lifestyle blogs cover a variety of topics.

In other words, if you want to cover more than one niche on your website, there’s a good chance you fall into the lifestyle blog category.

Great lifestyle blogs involve some appealing websites that are helpful for letting their audiences know some of the top trends that are coming about in your industry and how to adapt them in your daily routines.

Let’s begin with some of the most trending lifestyle blogs on the web that are a must-read for anyone willing to make their life better in someway!

List of Top Lifestyle Blogs You Must Read:

It’s easier to show you some of the best lifestyle blogs, rather than tell you about it! So, here are 13 must-read lifestyle blogs in all types of niches. These websites are a great example- that a lifestyle blog is a flexible, purposely broad label that can fit people’s creative goals and interests.

1. TheSkinnyConfidential

The skinny confidential: Lifestyle blog

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By: Lauryn Evarts

Content categories: Beauty, wedding, wellness, fitness, and travel.

The Skinny Confidential is a podcast and blog dedicated to a healthy lifestyle for modern-day women. It was created by a wellness enthusiast Lauryn Evarts.

She talks to her audience on how to become the best version of themselves and ensures that readers learn something new each time they visit the blog.

Along with that, this lifestyle blog has been featured in top magazines like SHAPE, People Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, and SELF Magazine.

Apart from blogs and articles, some of the mediums Lauryn uses to express her ideas & lifestyle are books, videos, and image galleries. She even hosts an entrepreneurial podcast called “The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER” with her husband, Michael Bosstick, which got over 54 million downloads.

2. Thirteen Thoughts

Thirteen thoughts:  Lifestyle blog

By: Paula

Content categories: Blogging, Photography, Beauty, Wellness

Thirteen Thoughts is the creative creation of Paula — a self-taught photography expert and lifestyle blogger. The profile of the blog points to photography and content on women’s lifestyle needs.

In addition to lifestyle, her blog also covers topics of beauty and fitness. These segments include details on the newest products that people can use in their lives, what they can do with them and how can they be beneficial!

If you haven’t started following a lifestyle blog, you should definitely take a look at Thirteen Thoughts for inspiration. It showcases how far anyone can go if they are patient, and stay true to their passions.

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3. Goop

Goop: Lifestyle blog

By: Gwyneth Paltrow

Content categories: Health, Travel, Fashion, DIY, Home, Parenting, Food

Yep, You read that right! The very Gwyneth Paltrow from the Iron Man movies. And yes, she is the creator of our next featured lifestyle blog on the list, Goop.

She started out with this blog as a passion project back in 2008. The very first piece of content ever published on it was a customer newsletter featuring recipes for banana-nut muffins and turkey ragu.

However, today, this blog uses newsletters as a primary content distribution channel for its audience. Goop also sells its own range of skincare products along with fashion assets from different designers. 

4. CupOfJo

CupOfJo: Lifestyle blog

By: Joanna Goddard

Content categories: Fashion, beauty, food, travel, relationships, and lifestyle.

This is one of the most popular lifestyle blogs available on the web. Joanna or Jo is known as the queen of lifestyle blogging! Before creating CupOfJo, she worked as an editor at Bene and Cosmopolitan.

Later, she quit and started her blog as a weekend hobby, which is now her profession.

The blog connects with the audience in several ways based on the author’s lifestyle and brings a lot of readers back for more every day.

Forbes recognized CupOfJo as one of the top lifestyle websites to follow and has been featured in some great publications.

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5. Gal Meets Glam

Gal meets glam: Lifestyle blog

By: Julia Engel

Content categories: Style, Beauty, Travel, Home

Gal Meets Glam was originally a mini project that evolved into an authoritative lifestyle blog on fashion, travel, beauty, and more. 

The motto of this blog is to encourage followers to add a little glamour into their daily routines. Adding a bit of glamour could help people with their trust issues as well as develop other qualities like confidence.

The author, Julie often shares micro-posts that talks about the details of each item she wears every day. And rather than the blog being text-heavy, there’s always a generous use of visuals to spice up her content.

6. A Beautiful Mess

A beautiful mess: Lifestyle blog

By: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman

Content categories: Crafts, Decor, Recipes, Advice, Style

A Beautiful Mess is owned and operated by a sister duo: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman.

These two sisters run their lifestyle blog as a full-time profession. It features over ten years of recipes and step-by-step guiding tutorials for home decor projects. 

 In addition to their blog content, this duo has written three books on cooking, home decor, photography and build a few top-selling photo editing apps

An entire team of workers helping them run A Beautiful Mess, making them successful entrepreneurs and professional business owners.

7. The Blonde Abroad

The blonde abroad: Lifestyle blog

By: Kiki

Content categories: Travel, Photography, Beauty, Food

The Blonde Abroad is the go-to lifestyle blog for solo travelers and travel enthusiasts from around the globe.

The blog tells the ultimate travel story by the author Kiki that never gets old. Her content brings in the journey she has lived, from a young financial professional and a Hollywood spokesmodel to s solo non-profit traveler.

The travel tips she offers help people get inspired to tackle their first solo venture! The Blonde Abroad is now a renowned blog about travel tours and educational retreat experience for many enthusiasts.

8. CamilleStyles

Camille styles: Lifestyle blog

By: Camille Styles

Content categories: Lifestyle, Home, Travel, Health, and Wellness.

Camille is a texas-based blogger, who inspires others to live a healthy life through her lifestyle blog. Initially, she started an event managing company that later turned into a one-stop destination for style enthusiasts.

She brilliantly weaves the stories of talented contributors to present the ultimate inside guide on self-care and living routines through her blogs and provides great tips on health & wellness along with delicious recipes!

She has been featured on House Beautiful, The Oprah Magazine, HGTV, and other big shows! CamilleStyles is a powerhouse online lifestyle magazine and blog to follow!

9. The Blonde Salad

The blonde salad: Lifestyle blog

By: Chiara Ferragni

Content categories: Tips on beauty, lifestyle, travel, and fashion.

The Blonde Salad is said to be one of the most influential blogs in the fashion and lifestyle industry operated by Chiara, an Italian businesswoman cum influencer blogger.

She has collaborated with some of the top brands such as Pantene through her lifestyle blog. This blog has also been covered by top fashion magazines along with being featured on sites like the Guardian, Forbes, etc.

Her blog is a great platform for those who want to learn more about enhancing their lifestyle by following surefire tips related to beauty and fashion.

The Blonde Salad has a mission to inspire people around trends, beauty tips, and fashion tips.

10. Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

Conscious lifestyle: Lifestyle blog

By: Justin Faerman and Meghan McDonald

Content categories: Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Art, Humanitarianism, Music

Lifestyle is more than just the things you do, have, or use every day. Conscious Lifestyle Magazine serves as a reminder that your everyday thought process is a crucial aspect of your life as well. 

The blog is run by international speaker Justin Faerman and award-winning psychology researcher Meghan McDonald.

Together, the duo helped hundreds of readers achieve inner peace and healing via the content of their lifestyle blog. Conscious Lifestyle Magazine imparts wisdom on how to deal with personal issues, experience the art of meditation, practice mindfulness, and more.

Both authors created this blog with a mission to empower people in making better choices that brings compassion, consciousness, awareness, and prosperity in them. 

11. D’Marge Magazine

D'marge Magazine: Lifestyle blog

 By: Luc Wiesman 

Content categories: Men’s style, Health, Travel, Timepieces, Men’s hairstyles, and products

D’Marge Magazine is a go-to resource for anyone interested in men’s fashion, grooming, health, and travel. This lifestyle blog also shares useful content on two of classy men’s interests: Cars and Watches.

It is designed like a print magazine that boasts of rich content on modern man culture and creates an enjoyable reading experience that only a few lifestyle blogs manage to deliver.

D’Marge Magazine welcomes contributors from various regions, like London, Melbourne, Tokyo, and New York. They combine their storytelling prowess and fashion sense to produce content you can enjoy from anywhere around the world!

12. HBFit

HBFit: Lifestyle blog

Founder: Hannah Bronfman

Content categories: health, beauty, and fitness.

HBFIT is considered as one of the top lifestyle blogs in the industry. It stands for Health, Beauty, and Fitness which covers all the relevant tips and advice that you can follow to improve your lifestyle.

Hannah is a wellness enthusiast, who is considered as one of the most influential bloggers in the fitness industry, where she aims to help her audience with their daily life routine in a better way.

She uses her patent hashtag #HBFIT on each of her posts, which grabs good attention and a huge following. She is also the author of the book “Do What Feels Good”, which is all about her life journey and tips to have a healthy & balanced lifestyle.

13. The Rugged Male

The rugged male: Lifestyle blog

By: Maxwell

Content categories: Health, Food, Beverages, Men’s lifestyle, Men’s fashion

The Rugged Male is another awesome lifestyle blog dedicated to men of all ages, interested in discovering, enhancing, or creating their life, in a more meaningful manner.

It is headed by Maxwell — a father who holds a degree in mathematics along with experience in the healthcare, tech, hotel industries.

The blog content focuses on men looking for guidance or inspiration on manhood, and more. The Rugged Male covers everything from tieing a bowline to driving an Indian motorcycle.

Final Word

There is a gazillion of blogs on the internet and it can become a challenge for anyone to find the most relevant lifestyle blogs that offer real value through their content.

That is when the above list of top 13 lifestyle blogs comes in handy! Hope you find the best and the most useful content to get some quick inspiration and ideas on how to improve your lifestyle.

Did we miss out on any of your favorite lifestyle blogs? Let us know in the comments section below!

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