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13 Best Personal Finance Blogs to Improve your Money Skills

Are you trying to stay on top of your finances or need some fresh inspiration to manage your wealth?

This blog post is for you!

There’s always something we don’t know about and realize it only after the damage has been done. Especially, when it comes to money management and personal finances, only true knowledge can help us win the game.

Luckily, we are living in the digital age! There are hundreds of finance experts on the internet writing blogs on the topic and making our lives easier.

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These blogs offer free advice on everything from funding management to frugal living to tax preparation and can help you build a financial perspective.

With that in mind, we have compiled a grand list of the top 13 personal finance blogs of 2020 that serve up fresh content on finance-related topics and might help you save more money this year!

List of top 13 personal blogs to help you improve your finances:

Let’s take a closer look at the best financial blogs on the internet and let’s begin our journey to a great financial life!

1. Frugalwoods

Frugal woods: Personal finance blog

Founder: Elizabeth Willard Thames

Frugalwoods was created to help people make informed decisions about finances so that they can achieve financial freedom. On the blog, you will find tricks on how to save more money and how to use those savings to create the life you love.

The majority of content on the website is focused on creating a frugal lifestyle through homesteading and other such life hacks. ‘Frugalwoods’ covers topics from DIY home improvement, retirement, frugal travel to real estate, and more.

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2. The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder: Personal finance blog

Founder: Kyle Taylor

The Penny Hoarder is one of the biggest personal finance blogs in the US. Founded by Kyle Taylor, the mission of the blog is to help others take control of their finances and make smart money-related choices. The blog provides actionable resources and articles on how to save, earn, and manage money.

With thousands of finance-related articles and other content available on the blog, you are likely to find exactly what you are looking for! While looking through the website, you can envision a world where people earn a liveable wage, no matter what their jobs are, and can retire with confidence. 

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3. Boomer & Echo

Boomer and echo: Personal finance blog

Founder: Robb Engen

Self-taught money expert, Robb Engen, created this blog back in 2010. He intends to share his financial journey globally as he works towards achieving financial independence by the perfect age of 45. In this personal finance blog, you’ll find tips on how to save money, invest smartly, and retire on your terms.

‘Boomer & Echo’ provides great details on how much you should be saving every year, how much it actually costs to retire early, and how to get the golden ticket known as ‘financial freedom’.  

4. Millennial Money Man

Millenial money man: Personal finance blog

Founder: Bobby Hoyt

Just like the name suggests, ‘Millennial Money Man’ is geared toward Millennials. Their mission is to teach millennials how to make, save more money, and pay off debt so that they can live their best financial lives.

The author, Bobby, focuses on three main areas: make, save, and pay! His blog has been featured on many major financial news sites like Business Insider, Forbes, CNBC, and Yahoo finance.

This personal finance blog reviews and recommends several tools to help you get a handle on your finances. You won’t be disappointed if you spend some time on Millennial Money Man.

5. Our Next Life

Our next life: Personal finance blog

Founder: Tanja Hester

Our Next Life is a personal finance blog centered around the goal of early retirement. However, you will learn more than just the mechanics of reaching financial freedom on the blog. Readers will have the chance to uncover strategies and plan out many more aspects of financial independence and early retirement.

Instead of rushing to the finish line without making plans, visit ‘One Next Life’ which will help you transition into financial independence with your future goals in mind.

6. Financial Samurai

Financial samurai: Personal finance blog

Founder: Sam Dogen

Sam Dogen has been running ‘Financial Samurai’ since 2009 intending to dig deeper into investing, career strategies, real estate, retirement planning, and more so that people can achieve financial independence. Every post is written on the blog provides helpful insights about money matters.

Financial Samurai even offers an honest and in-depth review of the best financial products to help you achieve your financial goals. It covers content categories from wealth management to estate crowdfunding and more.

7. Get Rich Slowly

Get rich slowly: Personal finance blog

Founder: J.D. Roth

Like other successful personal finance blogs, Get Rich Slowly is for people craving greater financial freedom. It has compelling articles on real-life debt struggles and how to manage finances. The author shares stories about saving money, debt elimination, and practical investing.

He also tells ways to lower expenses, increase revenue, and pay down debt along with principles that readers could adapt to their own lives. The style of his writing is relaxed, while the content is rich.

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8. Money Crashers

Money crashers: Personal finance blog

Founder: Andrew Schrage

Money Crashers is an excellent resource with articles to help others make a great financial future. Their mission is to build a community of people trying to make sound financial decisions and deliver accurate news to them so that they can make informed choices.

The blog covers topics from credit cards and banking to homes and investments. Money Crashers is one of the most comprehensive personal finance blogs on the internet and is a must-follow!

9. Making Sense of Cents

Making sense of cents: Personal finance blog

Founder: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

If are considering cleaning up your finances in order to go on some adventures, then Making Sense of Cents is the perfect resource. Michelle, the creator of this personal finance blog, was able to build an incredible business and then embark on countless adventures, living on a sailboat with her husband and dogs.

The blog offers a contemporary spin on getting out of debt and saving money. Beyond that, it offers encouragement on achieving a better financial future and building a life that you love.

Making Sense of Cents has all kinds of helpful articles on budgeting, using credit cards, saving money, and even minimalism. 

10. Cut The Crap Investing

Cut the crap investing: Personal finance blog

Founder: Dale Roberts

Dale Roberts quit his job as an advertising creative director in 2013 to work as a personal finance advisor and help people discover lower fee index investing. He created this personal finance blog to help people avoid high fees “crap”.

He hopes to show millions of people how easy it is to take control of their finances and investments and live better lives. Cut The Crap Investing also covers topics such as asset allocation, retirement, and dividend strategies.

11. Wealthy Nickel

Wealthy nickle: Personal finance blog

Founder: Andrew Herrig

If you want to stop living a regular paycheck-to-paycheck life and hold control of your finances, this personal finance blog is for you!

Wealthy Nickel was started with a motto to help people reach financial independence. Wealthy Nickel delves into its founder Andrew’s personal experience of raising a family on a single income and generating wealth through real estate investing.

This blog focuses on making money and using side hustles to build wealth faster. Andrew even created a Side Hustle Interview series that documents many different entrepreneurial ventures, and what it takes to be successful.

12. Ellevest

Ellevest: Personal finance blog

Founder: Sallie Krawcheck

Ellevest has an incredible resource hub that includes blog posts, guides, links to podcasts – making it the best money-minded places to explore. This personal finance blog has a mission to brings a data-backed (but easy-to-understand) take on personal finance and close the gender-investing gap.

One of the canny resources on her website is the weekly show about women, money, and power. Ellevest also provides information on how we can redirect our spending to support women and people of color in this white male-dominated finance industry.

13. 20 Something Finance

20 something invest: Personal finance blog

Founder: G.E. Miller

20 Something Financetalks about holistic lifestyle changes you can make to embrace a debt-free way of life along with every aspect of a financially responsible environment. The author Miller started with significant debt and no savings, and now, he saves 85% of his income.

This personal finance blog tackles all kinds of financial troubles, like whether or not you should financially support your older parents or how much money to spend on an engagement ring. You’ll also find great tips on how to maximize credit card rewards, manage unemployment, and save more on health insurance.

Final Words

There you have it!

While there are many more finance blogs on the web, these are the few that stand-outs.

Whether you’re looking for a way to live on less, make your first million dollars, or plan for retirement, these blogs will teach you a lot.

We assure you, the above-mentioned personal finance blogs are suited to all types of financial situations and will certainly help you become financially independent and make savvy financial decisions.

All the best!

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