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18 Women Blogs & Websites You Need to Follow!

Women’s blogs are gaining popularity like never before. Whether you’re looking for tips to maintain work-life balance, raising a child, a new recipe for family dinner, or starting your own company, there’s a blog for that.

With millions of bloggers now on the internet, women are leading the way with fresh ideas and great content that we have never seen before! Some of the world’s most influential blogs that are women-oriented have now become famous brands and raised millions of dollars in the process. This is the real potential that lies in the blogging world, particularly for women.

There’s no denying that women have amazing voices and deserve to be heard. Also, we women believe in sisterhood and are always looking for platforms where we can share and gain information to help us navigate through life.

Finding blogs for women to read isn’t a big deal, but finding one that fits your needs might be a little difficult. But, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here’s a perfectly curated list that’ll ease out the process. Check out these blogs for inspiration, guidance, wisdom, and more.

Before we jump to the list!

List of Best Women Blogs & Websites

1. Speaking of Women’s Health

Speaking of Women’s Health is an online forum that focuses primarily on women’s health. It offers detailed and valuable guides on different health needs and the treatments available to women.

The founder of this site, who started it back in 1996, is Dianne Dunkelman. She is passionate about encouraging other women to lead healthier lifestyles.

The blog focuses predominantly on all topics related to health. Also, it provides you with up-to-date knowledge from trusted experts on health-related topics, recipes, self-care manuals, and so on.

2. Woman and Hom

As the name suggests, Woman and Home focuses primarily on home-related problems for women, such as maintenance, decor, etc. The website provides quick tips for doing design and decorating jobs, quick food recommendations, and ideas for mini workouts for working women. There is a whole section devoted to recipes so that women can make the most of their meal preparation time.

Woman and Home blog is a one-stop destination for all your concerns. They are in line with many women’s interests, and to determine what to cover in their next issue, they usually reach out to their fans and readers for suggestions.

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3. The Mom Edit

The Mom Edit blog talks about fashion, makeup, house, lifestyle, travel, and almost everything that revolves around these topics. To sum it up, you might just say that it is a combination of a fashion blog, a home blog, as well as a beauty blog, and a travel blog.

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The blog talks about the life of mothers. It has a separate column on its website titled #MOMLIFE where you can find recipes, gift ideas, shopping, home, style, and holiday season hacks. You can also find stuff related to issues like breast cancer. They offer advice about everything that is relevant to being a mother and a woman.

4. MarieForleo

If you have been in the internet community for some time, you may have already heard of Marie ForLeo. The creator of this blog is Marie Forleo, a female writer and motivational speaker. She is also an American life coach, author, and web television presenter.

She also runs MarieTV, where you can find a lot of informative interviews with other marketing professionals and internet gurus to drive your life and career to the next level.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular women’s websites with readers in over 195 nations. The blog mainly lets individuals like us think BIG and do remarkable things in life by taking concrete steps.

On this blog, you can find a lot of helpful subjects, including life advice, business-related advice, interviews with tons of world-famous people (from Tim Ferriss to Oprah to Tony Robbins).

5. Career Girl Daily

Celina and Ellen found Career Girl Daily in the year 2014. In just a few months after the site was launched, it received the Bloglovin award for ‘The Best Blog to Better Life’. With the slogan ‘You can do whatever you want’, it was founded as a motivational blog for women.

CGD is now a forum with millions of trusted readers from around the world who continue to help women and educate them on how to do what they want. It influences lifestyles and professions.

6. Femina

Femina.in is an online publication based in India that focuses on providing useful information and articles for women in India and around the world. They bring you information about new fashion trends in India as well as what is going on around the globe.

Women who want to cook impressive meals for their families often need recipes, and this where Femina comes to the rescue. It’s a nice website to bookmark whether you live in India or intend to visit England.

7. Cup of Jo

A Cup of Jo is a website based mainly on helping women enjoy a healthy, richer, and more successful lifestyle. This is a globally popular women’s lifestyle blog that attracts over 5 million page views and 1 million unique users every month. This amazing blog was launched by Joanna Goddard in January 2007 to share everything she knows about fashion, makeup, craft, food, and so on.

This blog has been featured on top sites such as Forbes under ‘Top 10 Women’s Lifestyle Website’, ‘Top 100 Women’s Website’, and ‘Top Parenting Influencer’. You can find all the insightful material on this awesome blog, including lifestyle, history, motherhood, food, travel, and even relationship tips. 

8. Workout Mommy

This Workout Mommy is another top blog for moms based on wellness blogging and more. The writer is a mother who shares information related to fitness and exercise, hence the name.

The single mother supports moms who wish to shed the baby weight and the success of every mom who has achieved weight loss targets. A little wellness awareness has also recently been included in the blog. It shares awareness about breast cancer after the author was diagnosed with this disease.

9. Babble

Babble.com is an entertainment blog that speaks about the struggles of women. Parenting and child-rearing are among the subjects that are often discussed. On this subject, the blog features many distinct stories that women can read and learn from.

To help women find out what to call their babies, there is even a special section of the blog devoted to “baby names.” If you are a woman finding fascinating topics and stories to read, visit this blog and you will definitely find some information that will help you or at least inspire you!

10. TheEveryGirl

The Everygirl speaks about fitness and lifestyle, where you can practically find hundreds of in-depth traits, job profiles, and how-to guides to enhance your lifestyle.

Alaina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss handle this website and offer a dose of guidance and inspiration to millions of people around the world. Some of the subjects on this awesome site that you can explore include job and financial advice, fashion, health tips, travel, health, and beauty tips.

What’s this blog’s most interesting piece of content? Well, that’s the ‘Lazy Girl Meal Prep: A 15 Weeknight Dinner Recipes’ section that addresses some of the best food recipes that are quick and easy to prepare.

11. Her Campus

Her Campus is an online magazine and a blog that wants to encourage young people in their twenties. It talks about a wide range of topics, from politics to career to lifestyle. The authors, Annie, Windsor, and Stephanie, started this blog when they were in college, and the blog instantly became an inspiration for many.

This is an online magazine devoted to, published by, and focused on inspiring women in college. The blog does not revolve around one thing, rather speaks about problems of general existence. This is the best go-to spot for all those who want to read a blog about general or real-life problems.

12. Style Craze

The founders of the blog feel that the women of today are motivated and driven to lead healthy and happier lives. Style Craze aims at making women’s lives simpler. Whether you’re in your late teens, a working mom, or a mother with a toddler in tow, they have something for everyone.

Style Craze is the destination of choice to get all the latest information related to beauty, fitness, health, and all the issues that matter most to today’s women. Whether it is advice from a trusted professional or a DIY lesson, they have it all covered.

13. TheLeanGreenBean

If you are looking for guidance from a professional dietician you can blindly embrace The Lean Green Bean. This blog is run by Lindsay Livingston, a female blogger who is a registered dietitian from Columbus, Ohio.

Lindsay offers great ideas that cultivate your way of life. That being said, on this awesome blog called The Lean Green Bean, some of the topics you will discover are food recipes, exercises, women’s fitness tips, and much more.

14. Reddit for Women

For both men and women, Reddit is a popular social media site. But there is a different URL for women that focuses mainly on topics that are of concern to women and that is reddit for women.

You will find lots of posts by other women and responses to different issues brought up by them. The new posts pop up as soon as you first visit the site, and if you sign up with Reddit, you can respond to them or start your own threads/discussions.

15. The Corporette

This is one of the best fashion blogs and beauty blogs for ladies holding white-collar jobs such as bankers, judges, and all other ladies who are acing their professional lives.

The writer shares advice on topics like how to rock fashionable shoes, best workplace outfits, best fragrances to use, etc. Women must definitely take a look at the forum to learn more about the corporate world.

16. FitBottomedGirls

Fit Bottomed Girls is a great women’s wellness blog run by Jennipher Walters and Kristen Seymour, who are both accredited fitness experts. It is a wonderful blog that focuses mainly on young people who are productive and ambitious and who want to keep up with their diet, wellness, and fitness routine.

The blog covers subjects such as diet advice and recipes related to health, family, parenting, and pregnancy, along with advice on yoga, self-care, and relationships.

Apart from the above subjects, you can find a lot of tips that inspire you to live a happier, healthier life full of conviction. It also has a podcast series on the blog. The subjects on the podcast range from food, wellness, nutrition, yoga, fitness, and more, where you can listen to people like Bob Harper, Ayesha Curry, and Mary Lou Retton.

17. Hello Giggles

HelloGiggles is a high-culture publication that captures all of today’s new trends in the fashion world. They recently posted a new article on revamping your Fall wardrobe, which has become popular with their followers as Fall is a fantastic time to refresh your clothing items and get ready for the new season.

They discuss several topics and issues that affect women, including cybersecurity challenges and other concerns. They promote some of their favorite items on the blog as well. You can visit their homepage to find some valuable product reviews.

18. Sixty and Me

This blog is targeted to women over 50 years old. The blog is run by a sixty-year-old woman and proves that age shouldn’t stop you from looking attractive or hot. She addresses many topics that concern senior citizens, such as retirement, finances, dating, lifestyle, clothing, make-up, travel, fitness, etc.

Bottom Line

Women’s blogs are dominating the internet and the website listed above are just a few of the best blogs for women out there today. Now you see, most of the famous blogs begin with someone who starts writing them just as a hobby but end up becoming an inspiration for millions of people.

Do you feel the writer inside you wants to start a blog? As long as you are passionate about whatever you plan to write about, you can start your own blog! Be creative and make sure that your blog is up to date with new trends so that people read and enjoy it.

Did we miss out on any of your favorite blogs? Let us know by tweeting us @elink_io or tell us in the comments section below!

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