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15 Best Photography Blogs & Websites to Check Out!

As the digital age has led to a greater need for visual content, the photography industry has become a competitive and prosperous business sector.

One needs to keep up with the rapidly changing trends and new technologies coming out each month, whether you are an aspiring photographer who’s just starting out or a professional photographer looking to build your business.

There is so much online information (from videos, podcasts, tips and tutorial sites, eBooks, in-depth guides, workshops, and the list goes on) to help us improve ourselves as photographers and create successful companies. Honestly, it can be overwhelming sometimes.

Fortunately, there are many photography blogs and websites out there that publish resources, articles, reviews, and photo stories regularly. Each one of them is designed to keep you informed and inspired by the latest in photography.

So we’ve decided to narrow down the options for you. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Skip Cohen University

When people call you “The God Father Of Photography”, it’s only reasonable to keep one of the best photoblogs on the internet. Skip Cohen University is full of information, interviews, and strong business advice from a man who has been in the industry for more than a few years.

Skip Cohen uses his industry experience and long-term relationships to curate content that can only be described as a must-read for any photographer looking to expand their company and enhance their work.

2. Humans of New York

One of the most popular photography blogs is Humans of New York. Brandon Stanton launched it in 2010 as a photography project. Since then, he has also written a book. His original aim was to collect 10,000 New Yorkers and establish a catalog of the city’s residents.

He began interviewing his subjects and telling their stories or experience. Today, the blog has more than twenty million social media followers. If you check its content and you will definitely understand the reason.

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3. DIY Photography

Think of this impressive platform as photography’s Pinterest. There are videos, ideas, tricks, and news articles that photographers can enjoy at all levels. John Alred and Dunja Djudjic run this photography blog and online guide and archive their experiences and provide helpful ideas and tips they have picked up over the years.

The platform is really simple to navigate, and if you are searching for anything more specific, you may browse through all the latest news, recommendations, and product guides that concern you. You can visit the home page and check out the archives as well. This blog is extremely helpful for beginners as it helps you find the best suitable equipment according to your current level of expertise.

4. Feature Shoot

Feature Shoot focuses on highlighting photo stories across many categories by showcasing the work of renowned photographers. Portraits, still life photography, landscapes, and some of the very finest documentary photography are some of the subjects the blog covers.

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They admire photographs that tell stories and reflect on the background behind each photograph. Alison Zavos, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief, has collaborated with several photographers to create one of the best photography blogs with over 4000 photo blog entries in the archive. They also conduct interviews with artists, exhibition reviews, and interactive shows.

5. Fstoppers

It’s impossible to imagine that Fstoppers has been around only since 2010. Let’s believe we all saw the popular iPhone fashion video shoot that took the Fstoppers squad to the forefront. The video has been viewed over 1 million times to date. Today, this online forum has become an anchor destination for all creators when looking for web content such as gear reviews, how’s, news, and BTS videos.

Believe it or not, but this squad is all things photography. Lee Morris and Patrick Hall’s creative picture duo have created an excellent team of contributors who each month continue to inform and encourage over a million photographers worldwide.

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6. Magnum Photos

Magnum Photos is an impressive and interesting photography blog run by numerous creative people. Magnum is a platform that shares narratives, and it does this incredibly well. The media used can vary from story to story, but you can still bet on the use of creative images and insightful proses.

Another remarkable feature of Magnum Images is the sheer length of time that it has been around. Started in 1947 right after the Second World War, Magnum has cataloged world affairs and told thought-provoking tales that it had been known for since then.

The artists contributing to Magnum are just the best of the best, which is why it is so polished and exquisite. Although this is a place for all, experienced photographers will find it particularly fascinating to use lighting and other methods used by some of the world’s best photographers.

7. Two Loves Studio

Two Loves Studio is a blog about everything you’d ever want to know about food photography. Here, Rachel combines her love of food photography with her highest degree of understanding and shares tips, methods, and information on how to take better food pictures and how to start a photography business.

To help you become an expert in food photography, composition, and editing, she frequently runs masterclasses. Her most popular posts concentrate on lenses and tripods and how to get the most out of your gear.

8. Flak Photo

Flak Photo is another great photography website on this list. The site is a constant source of inspiration and is dedicated to showcasing the very best photographs from artists, curators, bookmakers, and photo organizations worldwide.

Andy Adams, editor, and founder is constantly raising the bar and bringing attention to the rising stars, best-kept secrets, and names that we need to know as image-makers and lovers of the industry. Without a doubt, we can say that Andy Adams is one of today’s leading voices in contemporary photography and is certainly someone to whom we should all pay attention.

9. Gary Arndt

This website was launched back in 2007 when Gary wanted to wander the globe. So far, he has explored over 95 countries. This highly followed blog and the immense fan base is the outcome of this expedition. He has over 100,000 followers on Twitter.

On this site, Gary’s personality shines through in his material. It’s more like a personal photo album and a diary. He is an inspiration to everyone and well regarded by photographers. He’s just one of the few persons to be mentioned in the ‘best 25 blogs of 2010’ in Time Magazine.

10. Photomonitor

Photomonitor is a special photography blog that excels in abstract photography, which is not an easy genre to take, but it can be absolutely outstanding if done correctly. And that’s what you’re going to find here – excellent art from very talented contributors.

They produce thought-provoking material that will make you look at their galleries a million times over. This blog is based in the United Kingdom and Ireland and is headed by a creative team of extremely talented artists.

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11. Kristen Kalp

Kristen Kalp was initially overwhelmed by the dynamic industry when she started her own photography company. That led her on a quest to match her business interests with her introverted and relationship-building attitude.

She speaks about running a small blogging company on her blog and how to market herself locally. For those starting out, she even gives a practical overview of small business photography.

12. Richard Bernabe

Richard Bernabe, another traveling photo blogger, has a fantastic blog to subscribe to. With beautiful photographs from around the world, he regularly updates his website. Along with each shot, he also mentions the location, type of camera, and a brief summary. But maybe the best thing about Richard is his story.

He left behind a useless corporate life in 2003 to pursue a passion: to share love for the wilderness, wild places, and the creatures that inhabit them with the world. Clearly, he is an inspiration for all young photographers who are currently trapped in dead-end corporate careers.

13. David Hobby

David began as a photojournalist and back in 1995 found his way into writing online. Since then, this website has evolved, with over 300,000 photographers from 175 countries receiving its big monthly online readership. Time Magazine regarded it as one of the 25 Best Blogs of 2010.

To boost digital photography, Strobist is an extensive website that focuses on lighting techniques. It’s one of the websites that take onto the Top 20 Photography Websites of any photographer’s list.

14. William Beem

Being a good photographer means you can tell a thoughtful story through a shot, and you can become an even stronger visual storyteller with the guidance of William Beem. The website is easy to access, and most importantly, it has a lot of information for beginners and advanced photographers.

Advanced photographers might not find as many helpful tips and tricks here but when you have time, it’s always worth browsing through it as there’s certainly plenty to take away. William is the biggest contributor, and without making you feel like you are only enrolled in a night class, he is able to get his point across in a relatable and easy-to-understand manner.

15. The LawTog

To help other specialists understand the legal complexities of the photography industry, Rachel Brenke mixes her law degree with her photography business.

She addresses her website from a business advisory angle.  In order to help other photographers develop and sell their work while keeping the legal issues in mind, several of the articles provide strategic details as well.

Wondering How Can These Photography Blogs & Websites Help You?

If you are wondering how you can benefit from these blogs, here’s a quick run-down for you!

  • Get ideas from stories on pictures, interviews, and articles on photography.
  • Use blog articles on photographic methods, program tricks, and guides to brush up your skills.
  • Learn about the resources that will support you with your photography business.
  • Keep up to date with the new cameras, gear, and technology.

The Bottom Line

In the competitive photography industry, it is important to constantly remain up to date with news, equipment, and industry trends. But definitely, it’s no quick job to identify the most popular photography sites. It’s all about discovering the most famous blogs and photographers with exceptional talent.

Photography blogs and websites infographic

Here was our take on the 15 best blogs and websites for photography in 2022. Each of them is a wonderful inspiration and provide quality material. They cover diverse subjects and some of them also offer news on photography. Checking out these blogs is worth all your time!

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