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15 Best Online Gaming Websites & Blogs! (Free & Paid)

What makes a blog or website particularly perfect for gaming?

Daily updates?

Articles in the editorial?

Impartial reviews?

The answer is probably a blend of all those attributes.

However, the problem is, that there are many such gaming websites and blogs out there that it becomes tiring to pick the best ones.

That is why we have your back!

Here is a handpicked list of the best online gaming websites and blogs. Let’s dive in!

Not many people have time to search every single gaming website and gaming review page, so it typically only comes down to reviewing a few select ones.

How to decide which ones are worth your time?

Well, read on to find out!

1. Guardian Games Blog

The Guardian’s Gaming blog and website is as necessary as the blog of a broadsheet newspaper. It removes the rush for press releases and screenshots in lieu of a more balanced approach, providing research, interviews, and viewpoint.

The website is thought-provoking and is readable at every point in time. You can get the latest games news, comment, and analysis from the Guardian, the world’s leading liberal voice.

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2. Polygon

Unlike other gaming websites and blogs, Polygon did not start as a magazine but was released straight into the digital environment.

It has rapidly risen to prominence since its launch, all thanks to its star-studded sixteen-person team, including former chief editors and significant contributors to other rival video-gaming blogs.

Instead of writing only about the games, its developers have decided to concentrate more on the people who play the game and also the developers. This is the reason why Polygon has been in the limelight and continues to influence the game industry today.

3. GameSpot

GameSpot is another website for gaming lovers from all over the world. Some people also say that “GameSpot is to video games what Wikipedia is to knowledge.”

The blog entails every nook and cranny in the world of gaming. In addition to this, it also encourages the members on their forum to express their thoughts, feedback, and blogs, which is just great for all game lovers.

This website is also well-designed and contains numerous categories, such as PC gaming, Xbox One, PS4, Gametech, Offers, and much more.

4. USgamer

USgamer blog and website is exclusively dedicated to publishing gaming news, commentary, reviews, editorials, guides, and viewpoints.

It is so committed to its content that is not only reviews the game but also revisits the game even after people don’t play it anymore to see whether the thoughts of the writer have changed or not.

In addition, there is one special feature on this website that allows you to comment on each paragraph of any post. This makes it just the right platform for discussion at any given point in time.

5. Destructoid

There are hundreds of websites out there that merely rehash game news. This is primarily the reason for them not being on this list.

Destructoid stands out as one of the blogs for games with its own definable character: sharp, sparkly, and never intentionally boring. It is one of the most awesome websites to find all the great blogs focused on video games and the latest news.

Along with the video material, you can also find a special section on movies and tv, community blogs, and many more.

6. Kotaku

With its authors voicing their characters without being self-indulgent, Kotaku is loved for its humor. On the website, you can find gaming reviews, news, tips, and much more!

The authors at Kotaku also talk about gaming hardware, board games, and other things. Kotaku has a youtube channel as well, where you can find reviews of the latest games.

7. Gamasutra

This gaming website focuses mainly on the game-making business & art.

This website is loved by all gaming professionals and aspirants and is great for you if you are looking for knowledge and education about game creation.

Articles relating to art, programming, layout, audio, marketing, and video game development are also released on Gamasutra.

There is also a dedicated page named “Find Jobs” where different game studios are able to post games-related employment openings. Some major companies such as Intel or Activision post their vacancies frequently on Gamasutra.

8. IGN

IGN, or Imagine Game Network, was released 21 years ago and is now the world’s hottest favorite gaming platform.

It focuses primarily on video games and the entertainment market. This website is favored by many as a one-stop shop for gaming, TV shows, comics, and movies.

You can read about the best video game reviews, video game articles, gaming tips, facts, and so much more all in one place. In addition, Imagine Game Network was also awarded as the most visited video game website by the Guinness Book of World Records, which is just icing on the cake.

9. That VideoGame Blog

That VideoGame Blog is another multi-format gaming site that digs behind the headlines and frequently provides articles that are as relevant to gamers as to people in the gaming industry.

It’s a hard line to walk on, but this site does it very well. This blog is a relaxing read due to its clean style and straightforward blogs.

10. My Top Sportsbook

MyTopSportsbooks is a one-stop shop for online sports bettors to engage in responsible gaming and betting practices. They are designed to make the best bets any day of the week regardless of the sports league or the bet type.

MyTopSportsbooks enables users to find high-quality sports betting analysis and in-depth sportsbook reviews on various sports betting sites that mention everything from payment options to bonus offers to sportsbook features and more.

Whether a professional sports bettor looking to improve your online betting experience or simply a rookie, you can read MyTopSportbook’s sports betting reviews and start betting the smart way. It is merely the most trusted site for all your sports betting needs.

11. Gaming Debugged

Formerly known as Debug Design, it is regarded as one of the best forums for passionate videogamers, online players, game developers, and novice game designers.

It was launched in the early 20s and is known for high-quality and exclusive gaming content that ranges from mainstream to indie gaming to game designs and development.

Game developers view it as a wonderful forum for sharing their graphics and materials that can be used in-game creation.

12. Extra Credits

Extra Credits offers brief (~ 5 minutes) animated videos that illustrate and discuss various game design elements and other such information.

They provide an exploration of game design elements without an analysis or gameplay framework. It is written by two experts in the industry and animated by a third.

You can even get personalized advice if you choose to get in touch with them.

13. A Series of Interesting Choices

A Series of Interesting Choices is a blog concerning the mechanics of game design, which is named after the popular “Sid Meier” quotation.

Interesting Choices is the go-to platform for an in-depth talk about the nature of mechanics with a limited yet deep emphasis. 

14. Game Design Aspect

The Game Design Aspect awaits you with an abundance of research and insight.

Although this blog is written for the more informed public, and the expressions get a little lengthy, the informative new articles about the art of making games make it an outstanding resource that publishes regularly.

This gaming blog is a must-read for the more professional developers and those wanting to enhance their skills.

15. Game Design Advance

Game Design Advance is a bucket load of assets in one place, which means this is a cornucopia of knowledge for the budding game designers. The website contains podcasts, reviews, and evaluations of the game design.

If you’re more into listening than reading, the podcasts provide perspective in short bursts whilst the blog posts have deeper explanations.

A key feature of Game Design Advance is the 300-word feedback, packing a lot of information in such a small room!

It’s a Wrap!

Online possibilities have dramatically improved for gamers, and with this, remarkable improvements have also been noticed in other important aspects of gaming, i.e., content.

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There are various other gaming websites and blogs out there that we may have missed, but we can say that some of the amazing game-based content creators that you can bookmark instantly are the blogs mentioned above.

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