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15 Best Gaming Podcasts That You Can’t Miss Out On!

The world of gaming is heaven for people who are passionate about it.

These are people who spend hours of their time immersed in a digital world, experiencing adventure, thrill, and excitement, all in one place. So much so that they don’t want to come out of it.

And gaming podcasts have come as a blessing for these people. Imagine listening to people talk about your favorite games, analyzing them, discussing them, and giving new perspectives.

Today we are focusing on such podcasts for you game nerds who want to explore the world of podcasts and listen to people discuss your favorite games.

Let us dive right into the world of gaming podcasts and see how they are unique and enriching for all gamers.

15 Best Gaming Podcasts You Should Listen to Today!

1. Games and Feelings

Games and Feelings gaming podcast

Hosted by Eric Silver, Games and Feelings is a simple podcast focusing on the human element of gaming. So apart from giving advice about games, and which ones to buy, you also get to listen to how a game might reach out to you on a human level, be it in theme, story, or character. The host also discusses the latest games and recommends the best ones to you. If you are stuck at one checkpoint of a game and don’t know how to go further, Eric is here to give you advice on that as well.

2. Giant Bombcast

Giant bomb gaming podcast

Giant Bombcast is one of the most famous podcasts on gaming. What makes this podcast stand out is its variety. Apart from an abundance of enriching information on various games, the hosts also conduct interviews with well-known gamers to keep the listeners engaged. The people delivering the content are well known for their jest and banter, which makes for entertaining listening. Regular reviews, the latest gaming news, and fun interviews form the core of the podcast.

3. Castle Superbeast

castle super beast gaming podcast

Castle Superbeast is one of the most entertaining podcasts on gaming. The duo Woolie and Pat, were part of a gaming YouTube channel called Super Best Friends Play. They now host this show and make the listening experience an absolute blast. From funny banter to inside jokes, this podcast has everything in it to keep you engaged as a listener. Their game sense is also evident from their discussions, and hosts make an effort to ensure that you are up to date on the latest developments in the gaming world.

4. Kinda Funny Gamecast

kinda funny games gaming podcast

As the name suggests and also underplays, this is another fun and entertaining gaming podcast. Greg Miller, Blessing Adeoye, Tim Gettys, and Andy Cortez take turns in hosting this podcast. The important information on the gaming trends of the world gets people to listen to this podcast, and the funny personalities of the hosts, coupled with the entertaining commentary is what keeps them hooked. It is a weekly podcast that covers everything you need to know to keep enjoying the world of gaming.

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5. Spawn On Me

spawn on me gaming podcast

Hosted by the experienced Kahlief Adams who has been involved with gaming for a decade, Spawn On Me is probably your best bet to figure out which game to buy next. Created in the year 2014, this gaming podcast brings you all the information about the gaming world, along with game previews and reviews. The host is also entertaining to listen to with the host’s charming humor. The guests on the podcast bring in their own perspectives to add to the charm. Apart from gaming information and facts, Kahlief also discusses trends that are changing in the gaming world and how that is affecting our own world.

6. What’s Good Games

What's Good Games Gaming podcast

Representation is important in every sphere of work and life. Andrea Rene, Brittney Brombacher, and Kristine Steimer present the What’s Good Games podcast precisely for this audience. If you have felt the odd one out in a room full of male gaming nerds, worry not, for there is a space for you too. The three industry experts hosting the show, bring a refreshingly new perspective to every game and news about the latest developments in the gaming world. Everyone should try this podcast just for its unique perspective.

7. The Gayming Podcast

The Gayming Gaming podcast

Another gaming podcast with a different perspective, The Gayming Podcast, brings you the latest developments on gaming news through a queer lens. The show is hosted by Robin and Mia, who regularly update their listeners on the recent gaming trends along with advice on how it should change to get better. Apart from video games, this podcast also focuses on board games and does not shy away from discussing gender issues with enthusiasm and verve.

8. Gameplay

Game play gaming podcast

Gameplay combines the art of gaming with storytelling to make a very wholesome gaming podcast. The episodes are evergreen and you can enjoy the relaxed long-form storytelling of the podcast. You can also enjoy the multiple mini-documentaries about the various facets of the gaming world, from the history of gaming to the music involved in games. The host, James Parkinson, gives the impression of a deep guy, who knows his stuff. Delve into the realms of gaming and storytelling with the host as he discusses the universality of video games.

9. Get Played

Initially called How Did This Get Played, the Get Played Podcast has transitioned from its roots. Initially, it was a podcast that roasted games, and now it riffs on games that are both good and bad. Heather Anne Campbell, Matt Apodaca, and Nick Wiger are the three hosts of the podcast, who make every episode a laugh-a-minute riot. If you are looking for a break from the serious discussions of games, and want to delve into the funnier quotient, this podcast is made for you. There is also a monthly play-along that keeps the listener engaged while keeping them happy and entertained.

10. Triple Click

Triple Click is a fairly new gaming podcast that was launched in the year 2020. The recency of the podcast is not in the equation with its hosts. The hosts Kirk Hamilton, Maddy Myers, and Jason Schreier are all well-known gamers who bring their wealth of experience to the podcast. Discussing the latest games in-depth and also maintaining the funny spirit of the podcast is a rope well balanced by the hosts. They discuss new games and give valuable advice to their listeners on which games to pick and how to tackle each level.

11. GI Podcast

The GI Podcast is a niche podcast made for people working in the gaming industry. Giving an abundance of valuable information, this podcast is a must for people working in the gaming industry. Not only will you enjoy listening to it, you will also learn loads and progress at work. However, people who don’t work in the gaming industry can also enjoy this podcast. If you are a curious fan who wants to know how the gaming industry works, this is your go-to gaming podcast.

12. Gamertag Radio

Gamertag Radio started in 2005 when neither gaming nor podcasts were a trend. Thanks to its early start, the podcast today has over 1000 episodes to choose from for the listeners. From the latest news and game reviews to in-depth analysis of games, this podcast has everything in it. The guests appearing on the podcast are also experts in the field who bring valuable experience and knowledge to add to the already strong content delivered in the podcast. The most important developments of the gaming world are also covered by this podcast, making every episode a worthy one.

13. Retronauts

retronauts gaming podcast

If you are a fan of older video games and want to explore stories and facts about these “ancient” games of the days gone by, Retronauts is the podcast for you. Hosted by Bob Mackey and Jeremy Parish, the podcast shifts from minute analysis of the olden games to very opinionated debates. The podcast keeps you engaged and helps you trace the history of video games and how they are still relevant and impacting their modern versions.

14. Sacred Symbols

The Sacred Symbols Podcast is hosted by the duo Colin Moriarty and Chris Maldonado. It is a podcast that focuses on PlayStation games. The conversations in the podcast are spirited and at times animated, reflecting the passion of the hosts. Each episode is at least 2 hours long, and rich with content, information, and entertainment. The content delivered is enough to captivate the listener and make them come back for more.

15. Axe of the Blood God

axe of the blod god gaming podcast

The Axe of the Blood God podcast focuses on role-playing games. The podcast is a haven for people who are fans of role-playing video games, as it covers almost every game in the genre. The show is hosted by the official cast of Usgamer’s and covers games from the Japanese RPGs to Pokemon and Dark Souls-esque games. The hosts are well-versed in the subject and know the art of podcasting, so there is never a dull moment. The podcast might also be a good experience for someone looking to explore the genre of role-playing video games and know more about it before starting.

Wrap up

With podcasts becoming increasingly popular, the world of possibilities has significantly improved for gamers everywhere. We hope that this list of podcasts will open new opportunities and help gamers learn and widen their knowledge of gaming. Good luck!

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