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Best GIF Websites and Blogs You Must-Not Miss!

We use GIFs almost every day in our regular conversations on texts, but wait, did you know the full form of GIFs? That’s right, get ready to be amazed by the full form of GIF too, after Google, NEWS, and Computer!

GIF is an acronym for Graphics Interchange Format. Founded in 1987, by Steve Wilhite, it is probably the most dominant thing that holds up the main essence of ANY virtual conversation- feelings & expressions.

This new format presents static images in moving form by putting them in a timed loop. It is a file like JPG or PNG; it does not contain sound.

Ever since its evolution, GIFs have been synonymous with viral. In 2012, it crossed a milestone by becoming the word of the year and hence becoming a part of the internet culture. For comic relief or for philosophical dose, GIFs have gained heightened popularity becoming commonplace among youngsters and the social world.

GIFs are eternal loops of amusement!

Repetition can be really boring in real life. However, when it comes to GIFs, loop movements add to the enjoyment. Repetition holds people and makes them stare till they burst into laughter or a simple exchange of a smiling nod.

GIFs are the most predominant ways to engage with people while they are reading long blogs. They act as a speed breaker and help you maintain a balance while you are reading something academic. And for the same reason, GIFs are abundantly used in businesses they are the agents of driving more CLICKS!

What are GIFs good for?

Are you amazed at why we are discussing the importance of GIFs? Maybe the following facts will blow away the cloud of doubts:

  • At present, GIF is the type of format that is shared more than JPEG or PNG. (Source)
  • 23 million GIFs are posted daily on Tumblr. (Source)
  • Around 5 million GIFs are exchanged on Facebook Messenger daily. (Source)

Are these facts good enough to convince you? We know the answer and can vouch for it!

List of 7 Best GIF Websites and Blogs

So, now that you have understood the importance of GIFs, it is important to understand another crucial aspect. The winning element of a GIF is decided through its proper usage. Getting a perfect match for your expressions is quite challenging. For this, you need a platform that serves good, trendy, and attractive GIFs without being too difficult to use.

Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered for you. We have made a list of the best GIF websites and blogs you can dive into for the best collection. Scroll down!

1. Giphy

Giphy: Gif website and blog

Founded by Alex Chung and Jace Cooke, Giphy is the most obvious choice when it comes to GIFs. It can be your search engine for animated GIFs. Since its inception in 2013, Giphy has been enjoying fame in the digital space of GIF websites and blogs. It serves categories namely – Animals, Actions, Anime, Cartoons, Emotions, Food/Drink, Gaming, Holidays/Greetings, Memes, and Videos.

Giphy brings to its users the amazing feature of “conversational search”. Don’t know what it is? Don’t worry, you still have probably done it. In this, the GIFs appear in the search box in your messaging applications. What a time savior!

elink middle image

So when you use Giphy, you are not surfing just another out of many GIF websites and blogs, but a website that caters to around 700 million people DAILY! (Source). Want to hear more? Well only to satiate your amazement, it serves around 10 billion GIFs daily (Source) to people all around the world! That’s a BIG number!

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2. Tenor

Tenor: Gif website and blog

Founded in 2014 by David McIntosh, Erick Hachenburg, and Frank Nawabi, Tenor is probably the best among GIF websites and blogs. People time and again go back to it to get the best reaction GIFs. If you wish to explode your conversations with something real and loud, this is the best platform for you!

The popularity that Tenor holds on the digital platform is because of its advanced features. It offers the most accurate results and puts ice on the crazy hungry GIF seekers.

So explore this fun mania of finding the right animated version of your feeling with Tenor!

3. Reddit

Reddit: Gif website and blog

Often referred to as the front page of the internet, Reddit is something we all have heard about. Founded in 2005 by Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian, and Aaron Swartz, it was never imagined to be a resource for GIFs. But times change and requirements do too. 😉 Being the 7th most viewed website (Source) on the internet today, Reddit GIFs is ready to flow into the conversations of people.

With over 20.6 million members, Reddit is here with its GIF collection. While Reddit posses enormous engagement with people, being a networking site. So providing the latest GIFs is basically the best thing they could have done to grow themselves.

GIFs on Reddit is given a designated section, uploading only the most trendy and latest GIFs for people’s binge-watch.

4. GIFbin

GIFbin: Gif website and blog

Holding up the bin of the most amazing GIF collection, is GIFbin founded early in 2009. Since then, it has been the most amazing stock of GIFs. It is the simplest website imaginable with categories including top-rated, most viewed, and commented.

The titles of the GIFs are among the funniest elements of this website like, “Dogs use teamwork to get the ball out of the pool” that’s way too straight and cool!

It offers the best way to search GIFs by pooling them into thematic collections. So these tags go by the name: funny, animals, movies, dancing, ouch, sports, kids, cats, and many more. Not only this, but the random GIF button serves you with GIFs you can’t possibly find words for. Searching GIFs couldn’t have been easier than this!

5. Imgur

Imgur: Gif website and blog

Next on our list of the best GIF websites and blogs is Imgur, founded by Alan Schaaf in 2009. It is an American online image sharing community becoming ever so popular for viral image posting. This website has won the hearts of people because of its appealing look and trendy GIF content. So, for amazing viral content, just dive into this platform and explore billions of memes, GIFs, and videos available on it.

In case you don’t want old and stale GIF content, then this segregation can be easily met on this platform. With Imgur, you can choose to view only the uploads made today, last week, or month. EASY!

For every emotion, there is a GIF on Imgur.

6. Reaction GIFs

Reaction gifs: Gif website and blog

Reaction GIFs give close attention to reactions. Yes, the search results are based on the answer entered in the “I am feeling” and “My Answer is” search box. So in a way, it tries to assign GIFs to the intuitive responses of the user. So for a quick go-to search, go to Reaction GIFs now!

Founded in the year 2011, it serves many categories namely: amused, angry, confused, crying, disappointed, dislike, do not want, do want, excited, fail, funny, happy jaw drop, kid laugh, LOL, mad moves, sad, sarcastic, say what?, scared, skeptical, smile, success, unsure, upset, what?, wild, wow, yes, and a lot many.

So are you wondering what’s left now? Nothing! In a go, you will find from “wow” to “yuck” and everything in between, in a click. And if you want to be more specific, then you can simply search using the search box. Go ahead and explore these tags!

7. Imgflip

Imgflip: Gif website and blog

Appeared first in 2011, Imgflip originated as a platform for funny GIFs with a meme spectrum running side by side. Not only this but you can also generate a GIF chart using this amazing website.

While the other GIF websites and blogs provide you with their own collection of GIFs, Imgfilp is the place that can create them as well? Isn’t it amazing? Here, you can see jokes and memes created by Artificial Intelligence.

The newly added feature of the Al Meme Generator develops memes on its own! It uses the data of 100 million captions submitted to it. While not every meme generated by it reaches the exactness, but most of them do hit a higher note. This can be really interesting if it goes right. Why don’t you try your luck as well? Do it, here.

So from images, GIFs, charts, and online meme generator, what’s left? Adding the cherry on the top is the built-in feature that allows users to share their content with friends and social circle. Imgflip also offers the Pro Plan. With this comes the ability to remove the watermark and advertisement from the content, serving you only images and content of better quality.


There you go! Out of a ton of GIF websites and blogs around you, this was our take on the best among them. They are not only user friendly but they also possess the aesthetic charm of making the entire process of searching for a GIF easier and enjoyable. We hope we’ve made it easier for you. 🙂

Do you have your own favorite when it comes to GIF websites and blogs? And did we mention those in our list? Feel free to write to us at @bit_docs your favorite GIF websites and blogs. We’d be glad to hear from you.


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