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Top 16 Style Blogs & Websites You Just Can’t Ignore!

Are you a freelancer, web designer, stay-at-home mom, or college student?

Do you want to boost your lifestyle and enhance your wardrobe?

Do you want to look more stylish?

There are two ways: either hire a specialist fashion designer or do it yourself. One can’t afford any fashion designers unless you are a superstar or born with a silver spoon so that leaves us with the option of DIY fashion.

If you’re looking for simple ways to become more trendy, we will definitely encourage you to start following fashion blogs and websites. Not only do they help you discover the right ways to wear what you own, but they also help you feel more positive about the way you dress and your lifestyle!

So, let’s dive into some of the best fashion blogs and websites out there!

List of 16 Best Style Blogs & Websites

1. Into The Gloss

Into The Gloss is definitely one of the blogs that not only shares recent runway trends but also shows interviews with makeup artists and gives tips on skincare.

The website design is so aesthetic and satisfying to the eye that you would not stop scrolling through the posts. Don’t forget to check out their “ITG Top 25: Best of the Decade” blog to find out the reviews of the top 25 products of the last ten years!

2. The Beauty Department

The Beauty Department was founded in 2011 by Kristin Ess & Amy Nadine to fill the divide between a professional glam squad and those who don’t know a thing about makeup.

This blog is packed with over a thousand photo tips, video tutorials, product reviews, and visual inspirations, with the aim of raising people’s confidence levels across the globe.

3. Vanity No Apologies

Vanity No Apologies was launched in 2010 by Anshita who brought this blog from zero to hero in the last five years. This blog has over 25k followers on social media.

On the blog, you can get the latest reviews on all fashion products. This blog has a segment for reader inquiries that allows you to get better answers to your questions relevant to fashion.

4. Girl With Curves

While the standard picture of fashion is of an ultra-thin woman displaying the new styles of clothes, the truth is very different. The Girl With Curves approaches ordinary individuals that do not match the mold of the conventional image.

elink middle image

It describes itself as multimedia, award-winning platform made possible by individuals who believe that women are beautiful, irrespective of weight, shape, or size.

It was founded by Tanesha Awasthi, who has now become one of the favorite fashion bloggers in the world. Along with the other areas, Girl With Curves deals with topics such as self-esteem, appearance, identity, and motherhood.

Tanesha seeks to help women overcome their fashion issues. Trends, style tips, beauty advice, parenting, and wellbeing are also included in the website, all with the plus-size community in mind.

5. Atlantic-Pacific

Blair Eadie, the founder of Atlantic-Pacific, can be considered a true fashion influencer. She began 11 years ago as a Gap Inc merchandiser and has been part of the world of fashion ever since. She has built up a substantial following on social media, including over 1.1 million followers on Instagram. B

lair realized how fashion was greatly influenced by street culture and thus, founded Atlantic-Pacific to help grow awareness about this style in 2010.

She has also witnessed the reshaping of the industry inside out. She has worked as an influencer with many brands, including CoverGirl, Gucci, Nordstrom, Target, Tory Burch, Sephora, and many more. She has also worked with luxury brands including Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Who What Wear, Refinery 29, Style Watch, and more global campaigns.

6. Chronicles of Her

The Chronicles of Her Blog was founded by Australian design specialist Carmen Hamilton in 2011. Carmen, assisted by a squad of other fashion identities, runs the blog.

It features all of the coolest ladies from around the world, displaying their looks on a regular basis. The Chronicles of Her also strives to inform, teach about fashion and makeup tips to the readers.

7. The Fashion Guitar

The Fashion Guitar is the virtual home of Charlotte Groeneveld-Van Haren, a Dutch native. Charlotte is now a mother of two, living in New York.

During her previous course of work, Charlotte partnered with several fashion bloggers when she decided that she would like to create one herself. She also began exploring fashion for mothers and mothers-to-be.

8. The Daileigh

Ashleigh Hutchinson’s blog features posts and courses to help her readers build their dream wardrobe. She strives to empower women from 20-70 years of age to develop a look they will enjoy.

On her website, Ashleigh has quite a few fashion eBooks, as well as lovely fashion photography. She also offers online webinars to help individuals develop their sense of fashion. Many of her posts are also “How-to’s,” tailored to fit a certain subset of her audience.

9. Harper & Harley

The Harper & Harley blog is created by Australian Sara Crampton (nee Donaldson). The blog is ideal for those who love wearing black, white, and grey.

Sara has been running her blog since 2008. Harper & Harley reflects the principle of ‘less is more.’ Sara appeared in the Fashion Blogger reality show and has partnered with multinational brands such as Estée Lauder, Jaguar, Dyson, Loreal, YSL Beauté, Uniqlo, Gucci, and Nike.

10. Egg Canvas

Egg Canvas is truly the artistic journal of NYC-based production director and photographer Erica Choi. It focuses on fashion, makeup, lifestyle, and travel.

Erica received inspiration for the blog name from her childhood nickname that suggested her face shape resembled that of an egg.

The posts on Egg Canvas are mainly visual, as with many of the blogs, with the key text being the occasional photo caption augmented with a few explanatory paragraphs where needed.

11. Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha Redhu is the creator of this blog who started posting lifestyle and fashion tips back in 2010. The blog primarily contains posts that range from clothing to food to beauty.

Not only does she talk about the right clothes you can wear, but she also speaks about what jewelry and shoes to wear. In a nutshell, Akanksha helps you to feel more chic, glamorous. It’s the ideal place for all the fashion enthusiasts out there.

12. Purushu

The blog is run by Purushu and was founded in 2009 while he was studying at NIFT, New Delhi. He used this blog as a platform to document his journey as a fashion design student.

Purushu is a fashion contributor at The Hindu and is also named by a few celebrities, including Marc Jacobs. For fashion fans who want to have a beautiful look without wasting much cash on their clothes, the blog is a must-read.

You are sure to be inspired to become more trendy by Purushu’s skills in fashion design, draping, innovative pattern design, dress creation, costume history, and styling.

13. Miss Whoever You Are

Eileen writes lovely and insightful blog posts about all things beauty and makeup. Not to mention that her blog name is inspired by a quote from Tiffany’s breakfast! Make sure to also look at her makeup videos as well.

14. I Covet Thee

Alex of I Covet Thee supplies you with some cute beauty and skincare tips. The blog is much-acclaimed because she also emphasizes style and lifestyle.

15. Guilty Bytes

This blog is run by Devina Malhotra and mainly addresses the new fashion trends. With a whooping 60K+ followers on Facebook, this is a trendsetter blog in the fashion industry.

If you want to get a fresh hairstyle to improve your morale or want to try to upgrade yourself under a budget to the latest fashion trends, checkout Devina’s blog, and you’ll be blown away with her tricks, DIY guides, and fashion tutorials.

16. Cherry On Top

This blog was launched in January 2013 by Sayantini. She keeps testing new things from skincare to lipsticks and gives you the latest fashion and beauty tips.

Her love for cosmetics and beauty-related topics is the reason why you should follow her. If you’re looking for a one-stop fashion blog that covers everything from makeup to fashion to skincare, this is the place to go!

It’s a Wrap!

Style is greatly a visual business, which explains why Instagram is the chosen social network for style lovers.

But there is much more fashion content online than what individuals post on social media platforms.

Style blogs and websites infographic

There are several fashion blogs and websites that’ll surely provide you the best fashion advice for those mornings you open your closet door with a blank mind.

So why wait when you can get the best fashion inspiration with the click of a button?

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