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Top CNN RSS Feeds You Must Follow!

Do you like to stay updated about news and headlines from all corners of the world?

Are you searching for a platform that can scoop in all the updates of the world?

Do you know about CNN RSS feeds?

Don’t worry. You can relax your gaping mouth and immerse deep into this resourceful blog.

Let’s go!

What is CNN RSS Feeds?

RSS feed helps you get all the news and latest information at a place without hopping to other websites for information.

Simple and really helpful. Right?

Diving deep into the RSS world, you’ll find amazing platforms that can help you stay updated.

That is where the name of CNN jumps in!

Cable News Network is an American news-based pay television channel. It is owned by CNN Worldwide. It is one giant source for current affairs, sports, entertainment, news, and what not!

CNN is one of the largest online news and information provider. RSS is a free service rendered by CNN for people all around the world wishing to get news from the varied niches. Through it, CNN offers a feed of stories and new articles delivered directly to your desktop!

 News anchors on CNN channel

CNN RSS feeds reach out to corners of the world. This single platform is enough to get unbiased news on politics, lifestyle, technology, etc.

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You must be restless by now to get it!

Here is our curated list of best CNN RSS feed links you must follow to seep in news from a wide variety of domains. Dive in…

List of Top 17 CNN RSS Feeds You Should Follow!

1. CNN Top Stories RSS Feed


RSS Feed: 

Top Stories cover the latest news from every nook and corner of the world. You will find in-depth coverage of all top stories, right here.

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2. CNN World RSS Feed


RSS Feed:

CNN covers all the world’s happenings under this web page. Be it Europe, Asia, Africa, or the Middle East, CNN World makes sure you receive all the international news on this platform.

3. CNN Sports RSS Feed


RSS Feed:

With around 2.5 billion cricket fans and 3.5 billion football fans (source), sports is ruling the world.

CNN Sports comes up with the latest sports news from all the associations. It covers images and exclusive videos to satiate any sports lover’s hunger.

4. CNN Travel RSS Feed


RSS Feed:

Love traveling?

Spare no chance to subscribe to this RSS feed. CNN Travel offers fantastic videos on travel experiences and beautiful pictures of astonishing nature.

With insider guide stories, it will inspire you to leave your boring surroundings to watch nature in its glory.

5. CNN Video RSS Feed


RSS Feed:

Want to stay in touch with viral stuff?

CNN Video serves you with all the viral videos and content from all over the world in ONE place.

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6. CNN Entertainment RSS Feed


RSS Feed:

Who doesn’t like gossips! Get entertainment news on your feed by subscribing to CNN Entertainment.

For celebrity interviews, Hollywood headlines, latest movie releases, and reviews – it is a place you need to check out.

7. CNN Football RSS Feed


RSS Feed:

The world can’t get enough of football and the same goes for CNN Football. If you are a football fan, then you must follow this RSS feed to stay in touch with all the latest updates on the sport.

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8. CNN Technology RSS Feed


RSS Feed:

Technology is a booming sector with its hold becoming tighter with each minute passed. Get the recent technology updates happening in the world by subscribing to this RSS feed.

9. CNN Science & Space RSS Feed


RSS Feed:

CNN comes up with a separate RSS feed for Science and Space. Space is a mysterious place and for all those looking to solve this mystery, this CNN RSS feed offers the latest facts and news of discoveries in this domain.

10. CNN Motorsport RSS Feed


RSS Feed:

You can get instant motorsport news at CNN RSS feed on Motorsport.

From Formula One to NASCAR, you’ll receive all the news related to motorsports if you subscribe to this RSS feed.

11. CNN U.S. RSS Feed


RSS Feed:

Website owners uploading content according to categories

This feed gives you all US related updates. Just subscribe to this RSS feed and you’ll get all breaking news related to USA on your desktop!

12. CNN Middle East RSS Feed


RSS Feed:

This feed of CNN takes you to the corners of the Middle East at a go! News from Israel, Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc. all find a place here.

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13. CNN Asia RSS Feed


RSS Feed:

By subscribing to this feed, you can get breaking news and headlines from India, Japan, China, and other Asian countries on CN Asia.

14. CNN Africa RSS Feed


RSS Feed:

if you want to get all news updates from Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Libya, Liberia, and other African countries at CNN Africa, subscribe to this feed.

15. CNN Americas RSS Feed


RSS Feed:

You can get all the top stories in your feed from South America, Mexico, Canada, and many more at CNN Americas RSS feed.

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16. CNN Europe RSS Feed


RSS Feed:

Europe is never far from your reach! Get all updates from European countries by subscribing to this CNN Europe RSS feed!

17. CNN Money RSS Feed


RSS Feed:

For updates on money and business, CNN’s RSS feed is a must. Just copy the link and paste it into Elink’s RSS feed reader and you’re good to go!

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Want a bit of ‘me’ in it?

Why not!

You can now customize your feed by adding your own title, description, and image to the posts.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?


There you go, my friends!

This was our take on the best CNN RSS feeds.

With this, you will stay covered with all the information, breaking news, and headlines.

Haven’t we made the task of collecting news a lot easier for you?

Get started now and subscribe to CNN RSS feeds.

You can also tweet at @bit_docs and let us know about your favorite CNN RSS feed. We’d be happy to hear from you!

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