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Best Christian Podcasts You Should Listen To!

We all know how those mornings feel when you attend church on Sundays. Blissful, right? They’re like a glass of ice water on a sunny summer day under a cool tree. They’re a chance to stop everything else and satisfy the soul by worshipping God.

Shouldn’t it be that way every day? It can be! Podcasts can be a great way to sneak into a midweek sermon that allows you to circle back to Jesus if you’re in your car or on the move all week.

There are a lot of great Christian podcasts out there and we probably can’t cover all of them. But here are 13 great ones by some of the world’s most well-known pastors (in no particular order). These people might not be your pastor on Sunday, but their words might just be what your soul needs to hear for the rest of the week.

List of the Best Christian Podcasts

1. The Happy Hour Podcast

The happy hour podcast: Christian podcast

Jamie Ivey hosts The Happy Hour Podcast. The show features a captivating guest each week. The small things, the big things, and everything, in particular, is debated in the happy hour. It’s almost as though you were with your own girlfriends across the table. Their discussions cover spiritual problems, family, dating, life setbacks, and milestones, as well as everything imaginable!

Jamie enjoys communicating with and supporting women through their tough life. In one hour, these conversations will make you laugh and weep. Every week, Happy Hour will give you something you look forward to. When you listen to other women speak about the easiest stuff in life to the best, you’re sure to get inspired. Make yourself a coffee cup and enjoy the podcast.

2. The Bible Project

The bible project: Christian podcast

Timothy Mackie and Jonathan Collins, who were roommates at Multnomah University and have been friends for a long time, are now the hosts of The Bible Project. A non-profit animation company founded by the two to help people discuss the scriptures and avoiding misunderstandings.

To help all audiences to experience God’s message, they release animated services and videos focused on the Bible. The hosts’ dream is for the Word of God to change the lives of both viewers and the world as a whole.

Timothy and Jonathan recognize that the Bible is a simple set of motivational quotations or an instruction book that most people ascribe to. They present the scriptures in a manner that is entertaining, transformative, and accessible in order to demystify the misconceptions about it.

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3. The Church Boys

The church boys: Christian podcast

“The Church Boys” is a comical demonstration of contemporary affairs that covers religion, politics, community and so much more. Hosts, Chris Field (The Blaze) and Billy Hallowell ( dig deep into the challenges of the day, discussing current affairs, personal stories, and spirituality that are irreverent.

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For those looking for a light-hearted exploration into serious and meaningful topics, The Church Boys is a must-listen podcast.

4. Youth and Children’s Work

Youth and children's work: Christian podcast

For any Christian excited about raising the next generation, the Youth and Children’s Work podcast is just the right one to look into. Ruth Jackson presents interviews with Mike Pilavachi and conversations on major issues such as gender and sex, making the best of the Messy Church and ways to help foster care of the children.

5. Risen Motherhood

Risen motherhood: Christian podcast

This is a weekly podcast that comes out on Wednesdays primarily for mothers. It is a place to realize that we are not alone, to be challenged to have hope among the turmoil, to remember that grace covers repentance, and to follow above all things the value of the gospel.

This is the podcast for every imperfect mum who is still exploring, still developing, and still completely realizing that she does not have it all together but comes to the base of the cross every day to reach for the one who does.

6. Daily Grace

Daily grace: Christian podcast

The hosts of Daily Grace, which is one of the best women’s Christian podcasts, are Stefanie Boyles and Joanna Kimbrel. The two ladies are both married and passionate about the ministry of mothers, motherhood, and godly marriages. The hosts believe that the Bible is the revelation to humans by God Himself and that all the scriptures are trustworthy and accurate. It includes values that God Almighty uses to judge all of us.

Daily Grace’s purpose is to inspire women of all ages and equip them by His Word to pursue Lord. The hosts advise all women that in-depth theology and Bible study are not only intended for scholars of theology, but for other believers as well.

God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are the highlights of the episodes, and the podcast is very interactive. All women are urged to follow Jehovah at a deeper level, for all praise is deserved by him.

7. Harvest

Harvest: Christian podcast

Author and Pastor, Greg Laurie has many podcasts available via his church and ministry. “A New Beginning with Greg Laurie” podcast is a 30-minute radio show concerned with Biblical issues such as evangelism and more. One satisfied listener ranked the podcast five stars on iTunes, said, Pastor Greg, is one of the most eloquent and insightful ministers that he’s ever seen.

8. Nomad

Nomad: Christian podcast

Although it is considered “stumbling through the chaos of post-Christendom, searching for signs of optimism,” this podcast is more upbeat than it seems. Since its debut in 2009, Nomad has gone through numerous shifts and new presenters, but at its heart, the podcast still contains interviews with informative and knowledgeable Christian figures. Many of their guests even speak about journeys of faith involving deconstruction and uncertainty.

9. The Homemaking Foundations 

The homemaking foundations: Christian podcast

The Homemaking Foundations podcast lives to give you the tools, motivation, and encouragement you need to build a Gospel-Centered Home. The host Jami, the author of discusses different facets of homemaking, including biblical womanhood, parenting, safe living, organizing, cooking, and so much more!

If you feel like your home is out of balance, or if you ever feel discouraged in your role as a homemaker, then join Jami every week as she interviews other homemakers and gives Gospel-centered motivation inside homes to carry God’s Glory everywhere.

10. Pass the Mic

Pass the mic: Christian podcast

Pass the Mic is owned by The Network of the Witness Podcast. It is one of the best spiritual podcasts. It discusses issues relating to faith, justice, race, and society from a Biblical point of view. Both adherents and followers of Jesus are challenged to think and act according to the message found in the scriptures.

Personal faith and concerns related to public justice are given particular consideration. It is important to remember that while black people are the main audience of this top Christian podcast, it is not solely for them. Any other believer of Christ is welcome, regardless of their race, to listen to the material. There are often varied views and emotions, as the material slices through different facets of life. All of them though, are addressed politely.

11. BreakPoint

Breakpoint: Christian podcast

“BreakPoint” has been offering a Christian viewpoint on today’s news and events since 1991, from the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. BreakPoint currently hosted by John Stonestreet, attempts to address questions such as “How can Christians make sense of the world around us?” and “How do we make sure that we have clarity in our everyday lives?” and much more.

12. This Cultural Moment

This cultural moment: Christian podcast

Portland-based pastor John Mark Comer and cultural observer Mark Sayers introduce you to this American-based podcast. Their conversation revolves around how to live for Jesus in a post-Christian world and brings forth several lovely tangents on the way. This Cultural Moment has been a necessary podcast since its launch last year for pastors and Christian leaders who are struggling to pursue Jesus in an overwhelmingly aggressive Western society.

13. Transformation Church

Transformation church: Christian podcast

Transformation Church is among the best Christian podcasts to keep you focused as a follower of Jesus. The podcast is hosted by Michael and Natalie Todd who happen to be the pastors of the church itself.  

The pastors believe that they serve God and spread positive news to both the lost and the discovered. It is one of the free Christian podcasts distributed on multiple sites, including Player FM. One of the things that separate this one from the others is that it is both multi-ethnic and multi-denominational. This means it is among the finest Christian podcasts for both millennials as well as older generations.

The pastors believe in progression. This suggests that everyone is welcome to listen to the material regardless of their past deeds.

So, you see there are plenty of Christian podcasts available to remind you to observe the teaching of the Bible and empower you to lead a more rewarding life. In an overwhelmingly secular environment, podcasts are an ideal contemporary alternative for absorbing Scripture on the move.

Final Word

Technology, depending on how we use can be a blessing. Listening to podcasts will give us a rare opportunity to unite as believers from a distance and give us the opportunity where we can address and express our faith with like-minded people who understand what it is to experience and to press toward the target of the prize of Jesus Christ’s upward calling.

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