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13 Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford To Miss In 2023

An excellent marketing strategy paves the foundation for a successful business. As factors that affect marketing are always shifting, marketing trends help us understand what tips and tricks work at a given time in the industry.  

But let’s be real, not everything is certain. What happened in 2021 is something no marketer could have ever prepared for. But some things are certain, like the way forward for any business is going digital and being inclusive. 

Do you want to know some other emerging marketing trends of 2022? Well, you are in the right place! We have compiled a list of the 13 hottest marketing trends that will help propel your business to success.

List of Marketing Trends You Need to Know About!

1. Personalization

SmarterHQ reports that 72% of customers only engage with personalized messaging. 

Customers won’t bat an eye to content that is not curated to address their needs. Thus, it becomes more important than ever to personalize it.

A little nudge in this direction of personalization and you are bound to see shining results! It’s the little things that will win prospects over and give you a competitive edge. 

Personalization is no more just a nice thing to have, it’s a necessity if you want to have a place in the game.

2. Sustainability 

Sustainability has been the talk of the town for some time now. And companies are picking up their phones to use this as a way to drive better conversions. 

As consumers become more aware of being socially and environmentally responsible, it’s high time firms took the same approach. And this needs to be evident in their marketing. 

Talk about how your firm takes eco-friendly practices into account, share environment-related content, and make sustainability your brand’s identity in all its glory.

A whopping 40% of respondents of a survey feel that companies should do their part in saving the environment.

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3. Customer Segmentation 

Segregating your customer into groups based on age, gender, location, and other factors is one marketing trend that is expected to rise in 2022. 

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Although customer segmentation is not new, it’s more popularized today. When you divide your consumers into smaller groups, it’s easier to target campaigns and yield better results.

Such segmentation aids personalization which not only increases returns but also reduces the costs spent on advertisements.

4. Use of Videos

Video content is an awesome way to grab the end user’s attention. Posts without a video generate 92% less traffic than posts with at least one video.

A video that starts playing immediately as a person scrolls through it is more likely to catch attention than lengthy texts. 

We understand that videos may feel like a bit of an expense. But who said you need professional videos? You can use pre-existing teasers from webinars etc. You can even ask internal teams to create product tutorials, a great way to introduce how your product works. 

The possibilities are infinite and so is the content you need, all you have to do is decide ways to get started and present them to the world!

5. Voice Search

Voice search has predominantly seen a boom in the past few years so marketers need to pay heed to this. WebFX reports that 55% of people are using voice search when looking for new businesses. 

With no signs of stopping, this marketing trend is only going to grow. Booming sales of smart speakers back this theory! 

No matter what business you are in, it needs to be optimized for voice search. Your content needs to be directed to answer a voice searcher’s query. Begin with optimizing voice search today and you won’t be left behind later!

6. Shoppable Posts

We’ve all seen social media become a powerful marketing asset and today, it is a great place to shop from! Social media posts can now be linked directly to products and help consumers buy right then and there. 

And it’s just as simple for businesses to set it up too! All you need is a business account on these social media platforms and boom! You’re good to go ahead and sell your products. 

7. Web Security 

Customers today are more aware than ever. And they need to know that their data is in safe and secure hands. That is why staying up to date with new security measures is crucial. 

When you develop this trust, you create long-lasting relations with your customer. Especially when financial data is traded, it becomes imperative that a website is sound and secure.

8. Influencer Marketing

Recommendations and advertisements help drive sales. So when the same is done by popular influencers on social media, the results are awesome!

And this marketing is not just limited to using micro-influencers or celebrities but also industry analysts, content creators, and more. Thus, creating an all-rounded influence on the people.  

Influencer marketing is a great way to generate high engagement rates and is considered a power move in marketing today. 

9. Inclusivity 

People today are more selective about what brands they associate themselves with. 

Just take a look at the Black Lives Matter campaign and you’ll see how consumers want companies to actively take a stance and fight injustice. 

Not just this, many other issues including the gender pay gap, LGBTQ equality, ethnic minorities, and more have taken center stage and demanded that companies pick a side!  

Accenture reports that 41% of shoppers have shifted their business away from retailers that don’t reflect diversity and inclusivity. 

Companies can’t just be complacent anymore, they need to be a force that helps drive good change. This is a marketing trend that can boost goodwill and help develop trust in people.

This responsibility of choosing sides and endorsing positivity works far more powerfully than advertising does for any business. 

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10. Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence is the future!

Chatbots, Voice Search are all works of AI automation. Many more IT processes are going to become easier and businesses can focus all their time on strategizing and planning. 

But remember, AI needs to be used to improve marketing, not to replace the human aspect of it. Both of these together are a mighty combo! 

The benefit of this marketing trend is that AI not only enables better personalization but also aids in assessing data in a better manner for effective targeting. 

11. Impact of Ad-Blocker

Marketing is not all roses and that’s where ad-blocker comes in. 21% of users are expected to use ad-blockers in 2022 and this obstacle is one that every marketer needs to consider. 

Given that your ads can get cut off even before it does its intended job, engagement strategies will need to be re-assessed. Although traffic won’t drastically decline, it’ll have some effect. 

Use your data analytics to inform you if the impact of ad-blocker is minuscule or damaging. If negligible, you can have a good night’s sleep! 

But if not, you may need to use your money on other strategies that may be more successful.  Choosing influencer marketing is a great way to switch from futile ad campaigns. 

12. Local SEO

Local SEO is not a relatively new concept but it surely is an effective one even today. Local SEO is more effective than broad SEO as it targets a very specific audience based on location.

And it’s reported that 87% of marketers plan to use location data in their marketing strategies. 

Start by registering on Google My Business which will help you rank better and offer additional information on your company to people online. 

This will help you win customers in your locality and generate better ROI. 

13. Turn Your Attention To Customer Retention

Returning customers are more valuable than acquiring new ones. 

When customers trust a brand and become loyal to it, they help educate others about the brand and in turn become brand ambassadors. 

Many of the above marketing trends will help you retain customers and provide value to them.

Other than that, providing free webinars and demos are some techniques to hook customers to your brand. A happy customer will always be an asset to your brand, make sure you secure them! 


As a business, you need to escape the ideology of just profit-making and push a little further to make a difference. 

Marketing trends act as a reminder of what the people want and expect from your business.

Understanding your audiences never goes out of style, so stick to it as it is one marketing trend that will only age like fine wine.  

Now don’t wait any longer, bring out your drawing boards and get started with the marketing trends we just discussed. 

What are some of the upcoming marketing trends that you think are on the horizon? Do let us know by tweeting us @elink_io. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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