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13 Tools for Freelancers to Manage Work!

We all know the feeling of liberation when we change career paths to start freelancing. However, a year or two later, you feel trapped in a rut. Your sales may flatline, your customer base may stall, and you may tend to feel the same every day.

You should be expanding your business, discovering new sidelines, check out new customers and collaborators, but you’re so under the snow. You say to yourself at this point: ‘I have to start working harder.’

And that’s the hardest thing you can do; you’re going to end up being more tired and less efficient. To start working smarter, what you need is to find new ways to get more work done in less time, to free you up to spend more time building up your company. And there are plenty of tools out there to assist you in doing so.

Yes, it can take some time to set up, but over the long term, that time could prove to be a real investment. So be bold, and begin to try the strategies you need to push your freelance company to the next level.

For your assistance, here is a list of some outstanding tools that’ll help you ease out the process. So without further ado, let’s get started.

List of Some Outstanding Tools for Freelancers

Marketing Tools for Freelancers:

Your time is being managed, but if you do not get your name out there and then turn your viewers into clients, that’s not especially helpful. There are a few simple options to assist you in tapping new ways to get income coming into your business.

Content marketing plays a major part in every business’s overall marketing plan. The only platform you need for making cool content is elink, an all-in-one content promotion, and a curation platform. elink supports advertisers and content producers by easily inserting web links to exchange email newsletters, websites, and social media content!

Users can also monitor the production of content and the degree of interaction with the content they make. elink has more than 30 pre-built, responsive templates, meaning you never have to think about the designing part and can only concentrate on the content.

You can turn any link in minutes into beautiful shareable content and easily track feedback from interaction on the content you share. elink has exciting features like a bookmark organizer, feed reader for RSS, an extension for chrome, and more.


Mailchimp: Tool for freelancers

If by sending email newsletters, you are looking to develop your company, then this should be your go-to app of choice. For years, MailChimp has ruled this space, and the expertise they have gained along the way ensures that they remain the strongest.

You don’t need to take our word for it: up to 2,000 users and 12,000 emails a month are free of charge for the service, which is definitely enough to give it a fair try before you put your hand in your pocket.

elink middle image

Writing Tools for Freelancers:

Content writing is one of the most in-demand freelance competencies today. Content marketing has shown to be successful in pushing sales and acquisitions, which is why many websites (especially SEO-optimized content) have a steady need for content.

These are some of the best tools for freelancers, whether you are doing content marketing for a customer or your own brand: Tool for freelancers

Bit is a cloud-based document sharing platform. If you are looking for a modern, sophisticated but quick editor, look no further!

Bit provides the opportunity to collaborate with your colleagues on writing assignments in real-time. You can welcome them to the doc if you are working on a solo project, and you need advice and input from fellow authors or friends. Your team can highlight improvements, add comments, and, without leaving the document, can even chat with you.

When you’re bringing together analysis or need to use different types of digital assets within your document, Bit’s editor stands out. You can quickly add web links that convert into visual bookmarks instantly, with an image, title, and summary that can be edited to make it the best writing tool on the market.


Grammarly: Tool for freelancers

Just because bad grammar and spelling among freelance designers and artists are not rare doesn’t mean it’s not detrimental to their market prospects. After all, spelling errors in a portfolio can raise warning bells. You can use the basic document spell check feature, but it won’t capture all errors, so use Grammarly to double-check your words.

This sophisticated software searches the text for grammatical errors that are normal and complex. It’s hard to think about a freelancer who wouldn’t profit from using Grammarly.

Grammarly addresses grammatical faults and can also accurately detect words used in the wrong way. Grammarly’s great thing is that it explains why the correction has been made, making you get better at writing continuously.


Hemingway: Tool for freelancers

The Hemingway software is a free tool for grammar testing that includes a range of valuable insights into the written material you build for yourself or for a customer.

The ability to judge the level at which the material reads, how to avoid using vocabulary and phrase forms that might be too advanced for the general web audience is one of the most interesting features.

Digging much further, by providing recommendations in terms of items such as replacing terminology with clearer terms, breaking up paragraphs, and alternating active and passive voices for clarity, Hemingway helps make the writing more succinct and legible.

Project Management Tools for Freelancers:

Due to underperformance, $122 million is lost for every $1 billion invested in a business. Project management tools and techniques are key in pursuing this line of thought to keep on top of tasks and not leave money on the table!

Here are some options for the right tools for freelancers who require some project management assistance:


Things: Tool for freelancers

There are many personal assignment managers in the market, but Things stand out. It’s just too easy to use and beautifully built and is available for Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad.

You can determine which things you want to see and which you want to be tucked inside, rather than being burdened with all the specifics of a project. Then you can concentrate on what’s important instead of being distracted by details, making it very easy to keep on top of your schedule.


Trello: Tool for freelancers

Collaborating on a project with others often entails continuous, often confusing spreadsheets. However, by offering a very visual way for teams to collaborate, Trello breaks into all that and places it squarely in the wheelhouse of imaginative freelancers.

Trello helps you to use boards, tables, and cards intuitively to coordinate and prioritize your project activities by syncing through all your devices, giving you more flexibility to get on with the actual job. In addition, Trello is being used by over 25 million people at present, so there must be something flawless about it.

Proposal Tools for Freelancers:

You will need to add business development to the list of daily positions if the aspirations involve earning six-figures as a freelancer.

As these lead sources typically entail more competition and reduced wages, it is not enough to apply for vacant work posts or pursue openings exclusively by job boards. These career prospects may be ideal for building your portfolio if you’re just starting out, but you shouldn’t settle for low-paying work once you’ve earned more experience.

You need to know how to write emails that convert into opportunities. Here are some of the best tools that’ll help you do so:


Qwilr: Tool for freelancers

The secret to increasing your freelance business is gaining more pitches and hence, increased work opportunities. By helping you build stunning and intuitive proposals, Qwilr eases this task for you.

Professionally crafted models help you to build ideas that consumers can grasp quickly, have a fantastic selling point, and give you an upper hand during your pitch.


Proposify: Tool for freelancers

Proposify helps you by providing a wide library of in-built templates to create beautiful proposals in half the time it would usually take to build a proposal.

The tools of Proposify allow you to monitor typography and layout and add snippets that you can then reuse in the future to save time. Proposals made out of this tool are mobile-friendly. To make it more engaging, you can even add videos to your proposal.

It even gives you input on stuff like how long the idea has been stared at by the customer and whether or not they have approved it.

Finance Tools for Freelancers:

Freelancers usually take care of their own expenses, whether they wish to or not: from handling their budgets to securing payments (and tracking down late invoices) and struggling with their taxes.

Just having the right set of tools make this aspect of work a bit better:


Paypal: Tool for freelancers

For freelancers and customers from other countries, it can cost a lot of fees to get paid via bank transfer, and the payment can take a long time to come. The most convenient way for most freelancers to get paid is by PayPal.

It is available in more than 200 countries, can support 25 currencies, and is known to be very stable in general. PayPal is also very versatile: it is approved by many online retailers as a payment system.

The only drawback, something that most freelancers acknowledge, is that as a cost of doing business, PayPal charges some steep processing fees. The good news here? As an expense for doing business, this fees can be deducted from the taxes.


Quickbooks: Tool for freelancers

Quickbooks is another common online application for accounting that integrates with your bank accounts so that your revenue and company expenditures can be conveniently monitored.

You can use it to organize and pay contractors (or yourself, through their Payroll feature) in addition to bookkeeping, and it can also track car mileage from a cost point of view.

Quickbooks also integrates with other freelancer tools like engagebay, shopify, PayPal, etc.

Time Tracking Tools for Freelancers:

Time is the most precious commodity as a freelancer.

When you work for yourself, you own your time. Many freelancers confuse the boundary between work time and personal time. Eventually, not having a good dividing line between the two can lead to problems, so it is important to get a grip on the two.

Time-tracking apps shall help you at the beginning of your freelance ride. They can also be helpful for monitoring your contractors’ time when you continue to grow your company.

In terms of their time management skills, here are some of the best tools for freelancers:


Hubstaff: Tool for freelancers

Hubstaff is a time planner that was originally developed to handle remote teams. It takes snapshots of the online activities of users so that you can see if your employees are working or not. 

You’re going to have to consider if being a big brother is a role you want to play for others that work with you or whether you’re fine with a customer’s demand who wants you to use this tool. You can also submit invoices from inside Hubstaff and make direct payments.


Harvest: Tool for freelancers

One of the most accurate time-tracking tools is Harvest. It combines with Trello and Quickbook project management software and helps you to file invoices from the app itself.

It also helps you to bill customers through the use of an inbuilt feature called Client Billing, making it easier to exchange specific time monitoring data as well.


So, you see, freelancing isn’t just rainbows and smiles. Freelancers have to look after their own finances, find and close their own projects because their income depends on getting ample work, and carefully manage their time as well.

Certainly, good freelancing involves the wearing of several hats, often requiring recruiting and managerial duties. Scaling your freelance company with the right tool at your disposal makes your task infinitely simpler and a lot less tedious.

Spend time setting up and getting to know the most appropriate choices for what you do in order to be effective, and simply watch your earnings improve!

Now, it’s your turn: what do you think are the best freelance tools? Tell us in the comments below.

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