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Travel Newsletter Templates You Need to Check Out!

People LOVE to travel…and with good reason.

Travelling is an ultimate adventure that exposes you to new things, new people, and different ways of living.

It is something that opens up your mind and helps you discover things you would have not learned otherwise – about yourself and about the world.

It gives you the chance to escape from the mundane routines for a while.

Did you know that the travel and tourism industry of the US contributed over 1.1 trillion dollars to the country’s GDP and supported millions of jobs in 2019?

How great is that?

So, when it comes down to it, the more information travelers and tourists will have, the better everything is going to be…and providing them with information is super easy with a travel newsletter.

Travel newsletters are a magical portal to the travel industry, offering the latest news, deals, trends, and content that the tourists care about.

Umm…Why Should I Send Travel Newsletters?

The main purpose of travel newsletters is to win the heart and minds of your readers so that they become customers. They are the best way to get the word out to everyone in one go.

Want to know some more benefits of sending travel newsletters? Let’s go!

1. Social Media vs Email Newsletters

Think about your travel marketing budget.

You must be spending tons of money on advertising and social media, right?

Just like everyone else, you might be under the impression that everyone is on social media or reachable via Google ads.

elink middle image

However, the reality is, planning and booking trips aren’t really the top reasons people are hanging out on social media sites.

Also, people are buried with so many ads everywhere and all the time.

That means you’ve to compete with thousands of companies out there.

A better and effective way is to deliver opt-in messages to your travel consumers’ inboxes.

2. Converting Lookers to Bookers

Yes, through effective travel SEO, social media outreach, and outline ad campaigns, you can reach A LOT of people.

But convincing those people to click on the ‘Book Now’ button on the first visit?

Well, that’s not realistic at all.

No one books a vacation in one go.

It involves complex research and scouring the internet for affordable vacation package deals.

It’s a drawn-out process that takes a long, long time.

This is exactly why gathering leads via email is the smartest way to convert more lookers to bookers.

If you are not offering an email newsletter subscription to travel consumers, you are leaving booking conversion to chance…and you obviously don’t want that!

3. To Stay on Top of the Mind of Customers

If you want your members to think about you while booking their next vacation, you need to interact with them year-round. You can showcase your deals, new destinations, specials, and much more.

Even if customers aren’t currently looking to go on a vacation, your travel newsletter can build loyalty to your program.

When they are ready to book a trip, their interactions with your e-newsletters will keep your company and your services at the top of their mind.

4. The Power of Email Marketing

In 2019, approximately 293.6 billion emails were sent and received every day and global email users amounted to 3.9 billion users

By 2023, this figure is set to grow to 4.3 billion users

That’s half of the world’s population. 

What does it all mean? Competition, and lots of it. 

But that doesn’t change the fact that email marketing is the ultimate opportunity for travel brands to tap into larger markets. 

 With email marketing, travel brands can: 

  • Inform customers about new products, sales, or special offers they are running.
  • Reach out to potential customers and retain existing ones.
  • Establish themselves as industry experts. 
  • Build connections through personalized engagement.
  • Promote their products and services.
  • Increase sales and improve brand loyalty. 

So, What’s Next?

By now, you must have understood that travel newsletters can do wonders to keep your business top-of-mind and nurture leads that are already on their way down the funnel.

However, “done well” isn’t just about serving up great content. It is much more than that.

There’s a component of creating newsletters that is often overlooked: design. 

However, in between responding to the queries you might get from travelers and managing bookings – you might not have the time to create a newsletter from scratch.

From designing to compiling all the content – creating a travel newsletter is a long, long process, and time, as we all know, is money.

…and that’s where travel newsletter templates come into play.

Using travel newsletter templates, you can create beautiful looking travel newsletters without breaking a sweat.

The best part about these templates is, what you see is what you getYou don’t have to wonder what your travel newsletter will look likeat the end. All you got to do is imagine your content in the templates you’re considering.

But with such an abundance of choices, how do you find the best place to get these templates from? 

Don’t worry! Help is at hand because we’re going to tell you about the best tool on the planet which can help you create beautiful travel newsletters in no time –

What on Earth is

Elink: Tool for creating newsletters

Elink is a newsletter creator and a content curation platform that helps you to send out stunning, visually appealing, and responsive travel newsletters in minutes.

Here’s how it works:

Select a newsletter template and simply add the links to the content (articles, videos, documents, etc.) you want to share in your newsletter.

Elink will then automatically convert those web links into visual blocks with a picture, title, and a short description. You can customize it by adding a header, some intro text, your company logo, and a tagline! 

Then simply export it via Gmail, Mailchimp, or any other 3rd party email service by simply copying and pasting the newsletter HTML code.

That’s not it! elink also offers a super awesome automation tool that does the heavy lifting for you and saves you your precious time by automating content creation for your travel newsletters.You can choose sources and add filters to make your content more relevant and effective. 

At any point in your newsletter creation process, you can switch between elink’s 50+ beautiful templates anytime you want and preview and test each one to see which one fits your design needs.

Want to know the best travel newsletter templates out there? Let’s roll!

Travel Newsletter Templates You Need to Try Out

1. User-Generated Content

We have all been to hotels and places where the images online looked way different from the real thing.

This is why travelers have started to rely less on photos posted on a brand’s website than they did earlier. They find user-generated content more reliable.

Nearly 84% of millennials admitted that their travel decisions are based on user-generated content and not professional photos that are posted on the website.

…and that’s why you should definitely include it in your newsletter!

Pro tip: You can use a custom hashtag and encourage your customers to post on social media with that hashtag. You can then showcase the best in your travel newsletter. (Thank us later!)

Check out this template:

Travel newsletter template

call to action button

2. Blog Articles, Educational Content & Guides

If you don’t provide educational content and blog articles in your travel newsletters, they’ll end up being just a promotional message.

The result? No one will click on them.

Adding how-to information and travel guides in your newsletters will help you get more leads, and drive traffic to your website as well!

It’s a win-win situation.

Check out this template:

Travel news template

Call to action button

3. Special Deals, Discounts & Services

Yes, your travel newsletter should always focus on helpful tips and insights because readers will get used to skipping every email from you if they feel like you’re always trying to sell something.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally highlight the deals and discounts your brand is offering.

Exclusive deals and discounts definitely interest the readers if they know that it is a one-time deal.

According to a survey by Socialnomics, more than half of customers look forward to discounts and offers if they’re tailored for them.

What we are trying to say is, if you position the deals the right way in your travel newsletters, your customers most probably won’t mind!

Check out this template:

Travel packages newsletter template

Call to action button

4. Testimonials

Hundreds of marketing trends will come and go, but word-of-mouth would always remain one of the best ways to convince a lead to make a purchase.

Don’t believe us?

Well, 90% of travelers say that their decision to book a specific vacation is influenced by the reviews they read online.

The point being, adding customer testimonials to your travel newsletters is a sure-fire way to turn lookers into bookers!

Check out this template:

Customer testimonials template

call to action button

We’re pretty sure these beautiful newsletter templates will activate the readers’ wanderlust and make them excited to pack their bags!

Now, let’s learn how you can build beautiful travel newsletters for any email service in minutes using elink.

Easy Peasy Steps to Create a Travel Newsletter Using elink

Step 1: Go to the ‘Post’ section and click on ‘Create Post.’

Step 2: Select ‘Start from Scratch’ or ‘Choose a Template’.

Step 3: After you’ve chosen a template, add the web links to the content (articles, videos, documents, etc.) you want to share in it.

Step 4: Click the ‘Header’ tab and customize your header text, header image, footer text, and profile.

Step 5: Once done, click on the ‘layouts’ tab. Scroll through, choose any layout, and watch your content update instantly. (All the layouts are fully responsive!)

Step 6: Click on the ‘Settings’ tab and update your color, fonts, and SEO settings.

Step 7: Now, hit the ‘Publish’ button on the far right corner of the screen.

Step 8: A pop-up will appear allowing you to customize your content URL.

Step 9: Once your content has been published, you’ll see a ‘share’ popup on your screen. Click on the newsletter tab and export your e-newsletter.

You can export your published masterpiece as an email newsletter using any email service that lets you add HTML code like Gmail, Zapier, GetResponse, MailChimp, and many more! 

By the way, don’t forget about elink’s amazing automation tool that can save you loads of time by automating content creation for your travel newsletters.

Wrapping Up

Whether you run a B&B, cruise tour, trek company, or local museum – you can get more bookings if you send out e-newsletters to your subscribers.

But remember, never create a newsletter just for the sake of it – always keep in mind the benefits for the reader.

Looking for some inspiration?

The stunning templates on elink can surely help you find it.

Got any questions or suggestions? Tweet to us @elink_io and let us know!

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