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Best Social Media Automation Tools to Use in 2024!

Ever wondered how your favorite brand posts on social media at just the right time, no matter whether it’s day or night? Their secret to a consistent online presence is social media automation tools.

Suppose you’re a small business owner instead of spending hours posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In that case, you can utilize the power of social media automation and save time by focusing on other aspects of your business. It’s like having an assistant at work, scheduling posts to share your updates when your audience is most active. Also, did you know automation can increase productivity by up to 50%?

So, don’t wait for your competitors to beat you in the social media game! Dive into our article to reveal the full potential of social media automation tools.

What is Social Media Automation?

Did you know that in the early days of the internet, a simple “away message” on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) was a basic form of social media automation? And now, we’ve come a long way towards digital convenience.

So, what’s this that we call “social media automation”? It’s like having a dependable digital assistant for your online presence. Imagine you’re on vacation, sipping coconut water, but your social media is still publishing updated content. That’s the coolness of automation!

Social media automation is all about using tools and software to schedule, post, and manage your social media content automatically.

The objective? To save you time, boost your online visibility, and engage your audience consistently. Imagine setting up posts in advance for your business, sharing daily inspirational quotes, or even wishing your followers “Good Morning” while still sleeping. This is the reason why 75% of successful companies are using automation software in today’s date.

Curious for more? Move on to the next section and look at our list of 13 best social media automation tools to handle all your stress efficiently.

13 Best Social Media Automation Tools That Are Effective!

Do you know that the digital world never sleeps? And in this never-resting world, keeping your online presence in check is tiring. This is where social media automation tools help simplify the process and place you at the top of the digital ranking.

1. Brand24

Brand24 stands out in the race for social media automation tools. It allows you to export data effortlessly, automate report generation in PDF and Excel, monitor what people think about your brand, and engage in fruitful conversations with the clients to improve the overall experience.

Brand24 fulfills big and small enterprises’ online reputation tracking needs and even solo entrepreneurs.

Key features:

  • Discussion Volume Chart: This feature lets you visualize your brand mentions online and pinpoint trends.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Powered by AI, this feature categorizes mentions as positive, negative, or neutral, enabling you to address issues promptly.

2. ContentStudio

ContentStudio sets itself apart in the contest of social media automation tools as it’s not just about scheduling posts; it’s about revolutionizing your content strategy. ContentStudio is best for agencies, brands, and marketers aiming to elevate their social media game while enhancing productivity.

Key Features:

  • Publishing & Scheduling: Schedule and approve content easily, and with Chrome extension, effortlessly share it with your audience.
  • Analytics: Learn about the minds of your followers with demographic insights, and keep an eye on your competitors’ publishing strategies.
  • Social Inbox: Organize conversations and assign them to your team members. Create canned responses and ensure efficient real-time responses.
  • Discover: Find out high-performing content and learn trending topics to stay ahead of the game.

As for pricing, ContentStudio offers a 14-day trial or a demo to help you try the platform. Afterward, it transforms into a premium tool, well worth the investment.

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3. Hootsuite

With many features, Hootsuite tirelessly solves the complexities of various social media platforms. Though large enterprises and agencies often favor it, its versatility suits businesses of all sizes.

One of Hootsuite’s exceptional features is its social media streams. Imagine monitoring multiple social platforms simultaneously, staying ahead with real-time updates, and keeping a sharp eye on all your brands from one dashboard. It’s also great for efficient campaign management.

But Hootsuite isn’t just about scheduling posts. It enhances engagement through automated conversations and empowers you to send bulk messages to your followers. Imagine the time saved and the outreach expanded!

4. BuzzSumo

Why has BuzzSumo become the first choice for many content marketers? It’s simple – it reveals your competition’s strategies like a detective. With BuzzSumo, you can discover the most popular content by entering a keyword or domain name.

But here’s the real twist: you’re in control. Filter your results by duration, location, or platform preference. BuzzSumo collects insights from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

5. Sprout Social

This flexible platform offers a range of features. It’s like a Swiss army knife for digital marketers. It lets you effortlessly organize tasks and even run ads on select social platforms. It can schedule posts and campaigns, making your content strategy flawless.

But that’s not all. Sprout Social doesn’t just stop at scheduling. It offers insights with its analytics and social listening capabilities. Whether you’re a small business or a corporate giant, Sprout Social scales to meet your needs.

What truly sets Sprout Social apart is its automation ability. Custom rules empower you to automate responses to new followers, assign tasks to your team, and more. It’s like having a social media butler available 24/7.

And if you’re curious about alternatives, Sprout Social has competitors, but few match its comprehensive feature set.

6. Buffer

Buffer is like having a personal assistant for your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. What makes Buffer stand out is its adaptability. You can customize each post to suit the unique vibe of each social platform.

Buffer doesn’t tie you down to your desktop, either. It’s got a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Plus, they cover your social media game on the go with Android and iOS apps.

Buffer works efficiently with small and large organizations. They’ve got you covered, from content scheduling to team collaboration and analytics.

Pricing-wise, Buffer offers options for all pockets. Starting with free plans and stretching to pro packages, the more you invest, the more social accounts you can connect. Pro users even get access to Pinterest scheduling.

With Buffer, you can set your posting on autopilot with default schedules or craft your own. It gives you the freedom to manage your social presence easily. So whether you’re on your computer or mobile device, Buffer has your back. It’s the perfect friend to help you explore the world of social media with expertise.

7. CoSchedule

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or part of a marketing project, CoSchedule streamlines your efforts. It’s not just a tool; it’s your social media master.

One of CoSchedule’s standout features is its integration with WordPress. With a simple click of “publish,” your content effortlessly lands on your preferred social media platforms. No more switching to multiple tabs or logging in and out of accounts.

What sets CoSchedule apart is the “Top Content Report.” It’s like having a personal analytics guru. This report gives detailed information about your campaigns’ social engagement, helping you refine your strategy.

But that’s not all. CoSchedule’s “ReQueue” feature is a revolutionary. It automatically reschedules your best-performing content, ensuring your audience gets a fresh dose of your brilliance.

Whether you’re a one-person show or a marketing master, CoSchedule has a plan for you. It plays nice with all major social networks, offers helpful tutorials, and even gifts you a 14-day free trial – no credit card needed.

8. Sendible

Are you tired of multiple social media accounts, trying to keep up with posting schedules, and analyzing performance all at once? Enter Sendible – your friendly social media automation tool that simplifies the chaos and brings efficiency to your digital presence management. Sendible serves agencies, brand managers, and social media marketers who handle social media presence for clients or themselves.

Key Features

  • Publishing: Sendible allows you to schedule posts effortlessly, whether a single piece of content or bulk uploads via CSV files. No need to worry about image resizing; it’s handled smoothly within the app.
  • Collaboration: Organize teamwork by adding clients and team members, establishing workflows with approval mechanisms, and customizing permissions to maintain control.
  • Analytics: Impress clients with automatic report generation. Gain a valuable understanding of the social media networks driving website traffic, discover optimal posting times, and identify top-performing posts.
  • Social Listening: Stay ahead of the game by monitoring industry keywords, hashtags, and trends.

9. Meet Edgar

You know what makes Meet Edgar unique? It’s all about smart scheduling. You can schedule your posts, and Edgar also offers the feature of saving content in your library for future use. Imagine the time you’ll save!

But that’s not all – Meet Edgar supports various social media platforms, from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. It even integrates flawlessly with TikTok, Google Business Profile, and more.

Meet Edgar’s crown jewels are ‘Refresh’ and ‘Schedule.’ With Refresh, your evergreen content is automatically recycled, ensuring your socials stay fresh and lively. And the Schedule feature? It takes the hassle out of posting by handling it all for you.

10. Agorapulse

Imagine you’re juggling between multiple platforms, but Agorapulse arrives with a keyboard shortcut and saved replies. Managing messages becomes a breeze as Agorapulse’s social inbox directs queries to the right team members and tidily archives spam. Your brand’s sentiment? It’s under control as the software monitors social chatter, creating insightful reports that guide your social media journey.

Collaboration is the name of the game here. Need to schedule, reschedule, queue, or bulk upload posts? Agorapulse has your back. They cover Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram, so you work smoothly on all major platforms.

11. Oktopost

This B2B social engagement tool is your key to soaring content visibility and discovering the real ROI of your social campaigns.

Oktopost offers the bulk of great features. It’s all here, from scheduling to precise analytics and AI-driven social listening. You’ll effortlessly integrate LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter under one roof.

This multifaceted tool extends its greatness with business intelligence, CRM integration, and marketing automation. Your team can sync their social media data with these essential functions. Dive deep into your performance with custom dashboards, turning raw data into engaging charts, tables, and more.

What sets Oktopost apart? Its primary focus is on generating high-quality leads for your business. It’s not just about posting; it’s about attracting leads that matter. Oktopost thrives in three key areas: Social Employee Advocacy, Social Media Management, and Social Media Promotions.

For B2B agencies seeking to conquer multiple social networks, Oktopost is the compass that leads to success.

12. Zapier

This powerful automation tool is your secret to reclaiming precious time while supercharging your online presence. Zapier’s magic lies in efficiently managing your social media activities. Whether scheduling posts, sending messages, or gathering essential data, Zapier has your back. The best part? It doesn’t play favorites. It connects your digital universe with support for over 2,000 apps, including all major social media platforms.

Zapier lets you create your custom workflows. Imagine an automatic message to your followers when your latest blog post goes live. You can create endless possibilities to meet your unique needs!


Screenshot of Elink Newsletter Generator Page is your magnificent social media automation tool, simplifying your online presence management. It has a user-friendly interface that automates sharing content across various platforms, saving you time and effort. offers a free plan with basic features. For more advanced features, consider the Pro plan at $12/month or the Autopilot plan at $36/month. These plans unlock additional automation and customization options, making it a worthwhile investment for businesses and professionals looking for efficient social media automation.

Key Features:

  • Content Curation: Elink helps you discover and curate content from the web, making it easy to share relevant and engaging posts with your audience.
  • Automation Scheduler: Plan your posts ahead of time with the scheduling feature. Set specific times and dates for creating content for your social media accounts.
  • Automate Newsletters: Link your automation process with the RSS feeds and automatically have newsletters built and shared.
  • Team Collaboration: Collaborate with team members by adding them to your Elink account, allowing seamless content sharing and management.
  • Analytics: Analyze the performance of your social media posts with detailed insights, helping you filter your content strategy.
  • Customize Keyword Filters: Select keywords and phrases you want to include and exclude keywords to display the most relevant content.

Sign up now to enhance your social media presence and watch your audience grow. Don’t miss out on this valuable tool for digital success, and join us further, where we’ll summarize the entire discussion for you.


Hey, as you know, we’ve reached the end of our discussion on social media automation tools. The secret to revolutionizing your online presence is not a secret anymore! So go on, use this blog as a guide, and conquer the online world of marketing and branding.

Among all 13 social media automation tools, is the champion. Don’t believe us? Sign up on the platform today and let it easily handle all the tedious social media tasks. It’s so user-friendly that even your grandma would love it!

So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to procrastination and hello to automation. Also, share your thoughts and queries with us on X @Elink_io. We’d love to help you!

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