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11 Best Firefox Extensions & Add-ons You Need To Check Out!

Did you know that Firefox has a total of 800+ million users worldwide and 250+ million active users per month? That’s why it’s one of the most popular web browsers in the whole world.

Firefox may not have started off with a basket full of extensions or add-ons by its side, but right now it boasts of thousands of extensions that are geared up to enhance every user’s browsing experience!

What’s that? You didn’t know that Firefox had amazing extensions?

Worry not, my friend, that’s why we are here! In this blog, we have hand-picked some of the best Firefox extensions that will make your browsing experience ten times better than it is now.

But before that, let’s take a look at what exactly a Firefox extension is!

What is a Firefox Extension?

In case you don’t know what an extension is, it is a small software program that adds new features and functions to a browser.

With the same definition in mind, we can say that a Firefox extension is one of these software programs that can be installed into your Firefox web browser to improve its functionality. This can include adding new features or altering its existing functions.

It’s kind of like downloading new apps on your phone so that you have more and better features that improve your experience.

These extensions offer a wide variety of functions and features ranging from blocking ads, managing passwords, changing themes, bookmarking, or simply helping you learn new words!

Now that we know what Firefox extensions are, let’s take a look at the list of must-have Firefox extensions out there!

Ready? Let’s go!

List of 11 Firefox Extensions & Add-ons You Must Have!

1. elink

Let’s kickstart our list with elink, a Firefox extension that makes for an amazing bookmark manager and content curation tool. It allows you to save and arrange any web links, articles, cloud files, etc. from anywhere online with just a single click!

You can create unlimited folders and sub-folders to organize your saved links in the best possible way. You even have the option to save them via tags. Moreover, you can personalize the content you save on elink by adding your own title, notes, descriptions, and images.

elink middle image

The best part? All the links that you saved can be showcased using elink’s responsive layouts and templates. You can share these links as email newsletters, single web pages for your social media, or embed them on your blog or website to create news feeds, e-commerce pages, press pages, etc.

Key Features:

  • Bookmarks and saves content with just a click
  • Provides multiple layouts and templates
  • Allows you to easily organize content in a visually appealing manner


  • Free bookmarking and organizing.
  • Pro plans start at $10/month for publishing.

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2. Tomato Clock

If you find yourself getting distracted while working, then we recommend you use Tomato Clock, an excellent Firefox extension for improving your productivity. It is based on the famous Pomodoro time-management technique and allows you to break your work session into 25-minute long intervals with short breaks in between.

All you have to do is click the tomato icon on your toolbar and choose the timer you want. It even lets you customize and set your own work intervals and breaks, and also sends you notifications to remind you about your sessions.

Tomato Clock keeps track of the timers you used, which means that you can view your daily, weekly, and monthly stats and track your progress. You can also easily sync your stats on multiple devices via Firefox’s cloud storage.

Stay focused and ketchup with work using Tomato Clock. Pun intended!

Key Features

  • Allows customization of timer lengths
  • Send reminder notifications
  • Keeps track of your stats


  • Tomato clock is free to use

3. Adblock Plus

Isn’t it annoying when you have ads popping up and spamming you each time you visit a website? That’s why we recommend Adblock Plus, an amazing Firefox extension that can help you remove and block all the unnecessary ads online.

It does not even allow most of the ads to download, thus preventing malicious adware from loading and making your browsing faster.

In case you do want to view certain ads, then Adblock provides you with an option to use filters that allow you to create and manage specific content.

What’s more? It also prevents advertisers from tracking your online activity, thus ensuring a safe and secure browsing experience.

Key Features

  • Blocks and removes ads
  • Provides the option to filter out content
  • Disables and prevents tracking


  • AdblockPlus is free to use.

4. Lightshot

We know that it’s easy to click a screenshot on our phone, but most of us tend to scratch our heads when we want to click a screenshot on our desktops or computers. With Lightshot, you don’t have to worry about that ever!

It is a Firefox extension that lets you take and edit a screenshot of anything on your browser. All you have to do is hit the Lightshot icon on your toolbar, then select a page or area you want to screenshot and then just click “Save”. Voila, it’s done!

Lightshot allows you to customize your screenshot by adding texts, drawing lines, resizing the shot, and more. It also has the ability to help you search for similar images online. What’s more? You can easily share your screenshots to several social networks or even print them out.

Key Features

  • Easy to click and save a screenshot
  • Allows customization of screenshot
  • Helps search for similar images online


  • Lightshot is a free Firefox extension.

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5. Dark Reader

Sometimes you may have to work late into the night or maybe you are simply a night-owl, but reading on your computer screen, especially at that time, can be quite stressful for your eyes. That’s why we suggest you download Dark Reader, an amazing Firefox extension that allows you to create dark themes for your browser.

It inverts bright colors and adjusts brightness, contrast, sepia, greyscale, and font setting according to your needs. This helps make your late-night browsing or reading less stressful for your eyes.

Dark Reader even allows you to customize and choose which website should be dark and which shouldn’t be. It’s also extremely easy and convenient to use. What’s more? It doesn’t show you any ads or send your user data anywhere.

Key Features

  • Creates dark theme for website
  • Allows customization
  • Free from ads


  • Dark Reader is a free Firefox Extension

6. Grammarly

How do you avoid making those embarrassing grammar mistakes, spelling errors, or careless typos while writing emails or messages, or work-related projects? With Grammarly, duh!

It is an excellent Firefox extension that acts as your writing assistant. It comes with a spell-checker, grammar-checker, and a plagiarism-checker which checks and points out all your writing-related mistakes.

Grammarly even has a vocabulary enhancement tool, which means that it will constantly provide you with real-time suggestions for better word choice, phrases, tone, and style.

With Grammarly, you can kiss all your writing errors goodbye!

Key Features

  • Eliminates spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Provides alternate word suggestions
  • Detects Plagiarism


  • Free – Basic writing corrections
  • Premium – $11.66/month
  • Business – $15 per month/per member

7. Bitwarden

The fear of getting hacked and losing everything is real. It’s no joke. That’s why we recommend you use Bitwarden for ensuring safety and security online.

It is an amazing Firefox extension that acts as a protected password manager that allows you to keep all your information about your passwords and login credentials under a single master password.

It’s almost like locking it inside a high-security vault, because Bitwarden uses AES-256bit encryption and salted hashing. This Firefox extension automatically fills in your username and password each time you want to log in to a website. In addition to all this, Bitwarden also keeps your data synced between all your devices and platforms.

Key Features

  • Keeps information under a single master password
  • Auto-fill login credentials
  • Syncs data across multiple devices


  • Bitwarden is a free Firefox add-on.

8. Undo Close Tab

You are working against a tight deadline and then this happens – you accidentally close an important tab! Ugh! You don’t have time to search the website or dig through your browsing history. Solution? Use the simple and amazing Firefox extension, Undo Close Tab.

It allows you to instantly open a recently closed tab with just two clicks. All you have to do is right-click and choose Undo Close Tab and you will immediately retrieve your lost tab.

In fact, this Firefox extension gives you quick access to up to 25 recently closed tabs, so you don’t need to ever worry about saving your tabs all the time.

Key Features

  • Instantly restores lost tabs
  • Provides quick access to 25 recently closed tabs
  • Available for mobile versions as well.

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9. Privacy Badger

The Internet is filled with trackers and hackers who aim to invade our privacy, and the best way to block them all is by using a really great Firefox extension called Privacy Badger. It always keeps an eye out for invisible trackers that might use your data while you browse and automatically blocks them.

This extension sends a ‘Do Not Track’ signal to every server you are browsing and then deletes any or all servers that overlook this message. Privacy Badger also prevents advertisers and other third-party trackers from anonymously tracking your online activity.

What’s more? It does not require permissions and configurations to block and prevent trackers from capturing your data; it does on its own.

Key Features

  • Constantly watches trackers and blocks them
  • Sends Do Not Track signals
  • Does not require permissions for preventing data capture


  • Privacy Badger is a free Firefox Extension

10. Dictionary Anywhere

It’s too much effort to go searching for the meaning of a word that you don’t know each time you across one. With Dictionary Anywhere, that will be no longer be a problem.

It is a Firefox extension that provides you with the definition of any word just by double-clicking on it. This will appear on a pop-up bubble right next to the word so you can view it right there without ever leaving the page.

Dictionary Anywhere supports multiple other languages such as Spanish, French, German, etc. and you can easily switch or change the language with just a few clicks.

What’s more? It allows you to download the words and meanings you searched so that you can practice them later to increase your vocabulary.

Key Features

  • Provides definitions by double-clicking
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Allows you to download words and their meanings


  • Dictionary Anywhere is free to use

11. Read Aloud

What if you could lie down in bed while someone read out to you what you were supposed to read? That’s exactly what Read Aloud does!

It is an amazing Firefox extension that uses text-to-speech technology to convert the texts on a webpage to audio format. This applies to a lot of sites including academic websites, blogging sites, fan fiction writing, and lots more.

All you have to do is simply navigate to the web page you want to read, then click the Read Aloud icon, and then sit back and listen.

You can choose between male and female voices, set the pitch of the voice, and adjust the reading speed. Read Aloud supports over 40+ languages and file formats such as PDF and EPUB. What’s more? It does not track your data or browsing history

Key Features

  • Converts texts to audio
  • Adjusts voice setting, pitch, and reading speed
  • Supports multiple languages


  • Dictionary Anywhere is absolutely free


You’ve probably been using Firefox for a long time now, and you’re probably wondering how you missed all these amazing extensions and addons! That’s because, quite often, we fail to see what’s right under our noses.

So, we made it our duty to bring you these fantastic Firefox extensions and make your lives easier.

Now we can confidently say that you are equipped to have a better browsing experience on Firefox! You’re only a click away from it!

So, what are you waiting for? Go and install them right now!

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