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Top 7 Firefox Bookmark Managers to Save links!

Gone are the days when people used to bookmark the pages of voluminous books through handmade sleek rectangle sized bookmarks.

With the advancement in technology, web browsers are our go-to source for information and knowledge. The web is a vast ocean of knowledge and you can learn anything on any topic. However, saving this information online and accessing it later when you need it later can be a daunting task and that is where bookmark managers come in.

So, how has your experience been with bookmarking tabs and web links so far?

Do you ‘star’ things and forget about them in times of need?

The bookmarked links pile up and then it becomes difficult to find the ones you are looking for, right?

A girl bookmarking content

Well, we’ve got a solution for you – bookmark managers.

Organizing, saving, and handling web content becomes easier with bookmark managers. With them, you can neatly organize your favorite links that can be accessed anytime.

Before we get straight to the tools, let’s understand what bookmark managers are.

What are Bookmark Managers?

A bookmark manager allows you to store and organize content so that you can view it anytime without any difficulty.

With a bookmark manager, the process of accessing the bookmarked pages becomes easier. Some of these bookmark managers work within your browser, saving you a lot of time and effort.

But, you can always bookmark your weblinks in Chrome or Firefox’s default bookmarking tools, so why should you use these tools? Check out the following reasons:

  • To save and organize content in a better and easier manner.
  • To organize them better with folders and subfolders
  • To have a more robust search with filters and keywords
  • To ability to add content context when saving links
  • To save images with links
  • To help collaborate with other users while doing research

…and many more!

elink middle image

So to do away with the messy pile of links we bring you a list of awesome Bookmark Managers to your rescue.

List of Top 7 Firefox Bookmark Managers

If you do most of your work in the browser, then you probably need a bookmark manager to save the data as well as organize it for easy access in the future. There are so many Firefox extensions available out there and it might be hard to find the best ones, so we are here to simplify the process for you. This guide will help you find the right bookmark for your needs while using the Firefox browser.

Check out these 8 best Firefox bookmark managers that will help you save and organize your content effortlessly!

1. Elink Bookmark manager

First on our list of the best Firefox Bookmark Managers is It is a next-gen bookmark manager that allows you to save and search your content easily.

Elink’s extension helps you in saving and arranging your weblinks beautifully. With elink, saving content and links has become more personalized. The tool gives a space for your creativity to bloom.

This extension is probably the best visually beautiful bookmark manager. You can save the content and personalize it with an image just like Pinterest with the added ability to edit the title and description to give it more context.

Elink is an all in one curation and bookmarking tool so you can even create collections of links in minutes using their beautiful responsive layouts. You can also share these collections as newsletters, single web pages for your social media, or embed these pages on your website to create news feeds, press pages, eCommerce pages, etc. To see what all you can build with this bookmark manager click here.


  • Simple and Beautiful– Just right click on the webpage or content you want to save, and that’s all.
  • Better Organization – With unlimited folder hierarchy organization becomes a breeze.
  • Multiple Layouts– View your saved bookmarks in single or grid style formats.
  • Sharing becomes easier – You can easily save content and share it with people in a visually appealing and convenient manner.
  • Smart Search– You can easily get to the bookmarks you are looking for using the ‘smart search’ feature in the content library that will search title, description, tags, and URL.
  • Automation – With their Zapier integration you can bring links into your link library from any outside source like Pocket, Slack, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Multiplatform – Works with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Kiwi browser.
  • Free – The bookmark functionality is completely free with paid options for publishing.

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2. Bookmarks Organiser

Bookmarks organizer: Firefox bookmark manager

With this amazing tool, order comes riding into your bookmark collection. It helps in finding out the stale one and bring it to your notice. Not only this, but it also redirects you towards the duplicates.


  • Finds the bookmarks that are out of use now.
  • Helps in finding the duplicate bookmarks, reducing the pile.
  • Helps you find the bookmarks that have been saved without a name.
  • Broken bookmarks can be edited or deleted.
  • Whitelist feature to exclude bookmarks from future broken bookmark checks.

3. EverSync

Eversync: Firefox bookmark manager

With EverSync bookmarking has become easier. With this Firefox extension, you can easily access the information you’ve saved online. EverSync organizes your content in a clean and simple to read format. It is also super easy to use.


  • It provides easy export of bookmarks to VFD Speed Dial.
  • You can make bookmarks and speed dials for easy access.
  • The trash features make it possible to restore the deleted bookmark speed dials.
  • You can sync your stored information on different devices.

4. Bookmarks Manager and Viewer

Bookmarks manager and viewer: Firefox bookmark manager

This firefox bookmark manager provides a panel view and helps in modifying your bookmarks in the easiest way. The panel comes with a search bar where you can easily find your bookmarks.

If you are not sure about the name of the bookmark, then the fuzzy search helps in finding out the matching content as well. You also get a tool kit wherein you can make edits to your bookmarks. You can drag a bookmark to a new place and create a new directory for it.


  • It keeps in check the unused bookmarks and you can delete them.
  • Find anything that bears a close relation to your searched text in a fuzzy search.
  • There is a validation button that helps in finding the broken links.
  • You can edit the title and change the location of the saved bookmark.

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5. Default Bookmark Folder

Default bookmark manager: Firefox bookmark manager

This Firefox Bookmark Manager allows you to save your pages and links using one click. This extension adds a bookmark icon in the address bar. With this, you can bookmark and un-bookmark a page in a single click. The button is in the shape of a star and the color changes to red if the current page is bookmarked.


  • Let’s you bookmark a page in one click.
  • Allows you to search and select a specific folder within your bookmarks at the time of bookmarking a page. This helps you to quickly bookmark the current page into it.

6. Scrapyard

Scrapyard: Firefox bookmark manager

Scrapyard is an advanced bookmark manager for Firefox by Martin Brinkmann. Firefox offers the most basic level of bookmarking and Scrapyard is here to offer people a tool for better functionality.

Scrapyard is an open-source extension for the Firefox web browser. It aims to provide a better bookmarking experience and easy access to content for later reference.


  • Easily save links and view them anytime in the future.
  • Add tags to bookmarks and sort them accordingly.
  • Has a sidebar that displays the saved bookmarks.
  • You can add notes to the bookmarks as well.

7. Private Bookmarks

Private bookmarks: Firefox bookmark manager

Private Bookmarks comes up with a special password-protected bookmark folder. Your bookmarks are encrypted with your chosen password.


  • It is a password specific bookmark manager. You can add or remove your private bookmarks and lock it later.
  • Private word is taken way too seriously by the developers here. By default, your bookmarks can only be accessed when you are using private browsing. However, this can be changed in the settings.
  • You must back up your data periodically or you might end up losing it.
  • By default, Private Bookmarks auto-locks whenever the last private window is closed.

In short, bookmarking has been made a ‘private issue’ with Private Bookmark Manager. The tool has come up with a unique feature of protecting your bookmarks with passwords.

How to Choose the Best Firefox Bookmark Manager?

The list of best Firefox Bookmark Manager can go on and on. But how to find the BEST of the bests available?

Check out these features of a good bookmark manager!

  • Easy to save– There is no use in using a Bookmark manager if it takes time in saving your link. It should be fast and robust.
  • Variety – Does your bookmark manager allows you to save content other than links? If not, then you are probably not using the best tool. A good bookmark manager should be able to save links, web pages, articles, PDFs, Google Docs, Podcasts, etc.
  • Simple to use – A bookmark manager should make things simple for you by arranging your content in a neat manner.
  • Visually appealing – One major reason why you don’t go back to your bookmarks is its monotonous appearance. With a bookmark manager like, you can save your content in a visually appealing manner.


Hey there, my friends!

We hope you enjoyed this amazing collection of firefox bookmark manager.

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Tweet to us @bit_docs and let us know about your favorites. We’d be happy to hear from you.

Happy bookmarking!

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