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Ecommerce & Product Newsletter: Ideas, Templates & How to Create!

The internet has changed the business world upside-down. The first-ever documented online purchase was done about 25 years ago (1994). Since then, shopping online has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. 

In 2018, an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide purchased something online (Statista, 2018) while the global e-retail sales amounted to $2.8 trillion. Moreover, data suggests that global e-retail sales are going to grow to up to $4.8 trillion by 2021!! 

There are many reasons for this global e-commerce boost. High-tech smartphones and high-speed internet are one of the most prominent reasons for this increased growth as people are able to shop easily online without any compromise.  

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Another important reason for the growth of e-commerce is the user-experience brands are able to provide to the customers. One-click checkouts, smooth websites, an infinite collection of products, etc. are some of the reasons why customers love shopping online from the convenience of their homes. 

As e-commerce and online shopping are here to stay, businesses often try out various ways of reaching out to customers and market their products in an elegant manner. 

One of the most popular ways brands reach out to customers is via eCommerce and product newsletters.

But why newsletters? 

Why Brands Prefer Email Newsletters for Marketing their Products? 

Did you know that more than 86% of businesses surveyed indicate that they plan to increase their upcoming email marketing budgets? Email continues to be the primary means of customer acquisition by most businesses worldwide. 

With over 3.9 billion global email users in 2019, a number which is expected to reach 4.3 billion in 2022, emails and newsletters aren’t going away anytime soon. 

Ecommerce businesses are particularly fond of email marketing as a key method of reaching out to customers. Take a look at the following stats: 

  • 39% of digital retailers distribute personalized product recommendations to their subscribers through email.
  • Successfully implemented retargeting emails drive 28.3% of all eCommerce revenue.
  • Email has the highest sales conversion rate (66%) among all marketing channels.
  • 40% of cart abandonment emails are opened.
  • Abandoned cart emails achieve a 4.64% conversion rate.
  • Sending multiple abandoned cart emails instead of a single one can achieve 70% more orders.
  • 59% of users say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions.
  • Email marketing is 40x more effective at acquiring new customers than social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.
  • According to the Salesforce Connected Shopper Report, 79% of users want to receive product recommendations via email. 

The stats clearly depict the importance of email newsletters in today’s marketing landscape. If you are as excited as we are about email newsletters, let us now explore some of the awesome newsletter ideas you can send to your customers. 

Some Brilliant Newsletter Ideas for Your Next Ecommerce Newsletter

Here are some amazing newsletter ideas you can borrow for your next email campaign and wow your customers!

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1. Curated Product Collections

Curated shopping is the next big trend in the online shopping business. E-commerce sites, affiliate marketers, big fashion brands, bloggers, and influencers are leveraging curated shopping pages and selling only the best of the best stuff. Since online shopping can be a bit overwhelming for customers given the seemingly infinite collection of products, curation streamlines that process and provides personalized recommendations. 

Such newsletters help your subscribers save a ton of time and effort hunting for products and make it easy for them to make purchase decisions. Since such newsletters provide product suggestions based on the customer’s interest and taste, they have a high conversion rate. 

2. Product Roundups

Your eCommerce store might have a ton of new and existing products that subscribers may not know about. Sending a weekly or even daily product roundup newsletter helps to expose your product catalog to your customers. This, in turn, provides options to customers and improves your conversions substantially.  

3. Offers and Deals

Emails that contain a coupon have an open rate of more than 14%, an increase in unique clicks of 34%, a transaction completion rate increase of 27%, and a 48% increase in revenue per email sent!

A lady reading a promotional email

People love receiving discount coupons and offers via email newsletters, making it a great conversion tactic used by eCommerce stores. While sending such emails, make sure you include a timeframe within which the coupon is valid so as to encourage your readers to act swiftly. 

4. Share Recent Blog Posts

Another great newsletter approach is to send a weekly roundup of the latest blog posts you have published on your website. Great blog posts lure in readers and build a story around your product which compels people to buy. Usually, brands share snippets of blog posts in their email newsletters with links to the full content on their website. This also helps drive traffic to your website and exposes your audience to more awesome content. 

5. Resource Newsletters

If you don’t have a company blog, you can still share useful resources with your readers and show off your authority in your niche. You can share links to articles, blog posts, podcasts, videos- anything that might be useful to your audience and help make their lives easy. 

The more value you provide to your customers, the more your newsletters will get shared, and hence, the more your readership will grow. Here are some examples of links you can share:

  • If your e-commerce store is about jewelry, you can share links to your Pinterest or Instagram account showing customers wearing your jewelry. 
  • If you sell gym equipment, you can share YouTube videos showing the importance of that equipment and the relevant exercises that go with it. 
  • If you sell phone covers, you can share Instagram pics of real customers flaunting your case in their selfies. 

No matter what you are selling, you can share relevant content around it with your audience and help provide value. 

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6. Customer Reviews

Did you know that 88% of consumers say that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? Consumers trust each other, which is why it’s crucial to include positive customer reviews about your products in your newsletter.

A customer leaving a product review

Positive reviews can help establish trustworthiness and drive more sales. It’s a fine way of convincing prospective customers that you have the most suitable solution for their problems. It also encourages existing customers to rave about your product with their comparable experiences. 

7. Contests & Giveaway 

Newsletters including a contest or a giveaway is a great way of increasing subscriber engagement and encourage readers to perform a particular action. Brands often create giveaways around surveys, feedback, brand promotions, or encourage sharing the brand with friends and family for a chance to win prizes.  

Contests and giveaways are a great way of growing your subscriber base as customers often share such contests with their network. This is the type of newsletter that will require some creativity. 

Here are some contest ideas to try:

  • Offer a discount coupon to a random person who posts a photo of your product on Instagram and tags your brand. 
  • Offer free merch to subscribers who share your email newsletter with at least 5 of their friends. 
  • Offer a prize for the best Tiktok video showing your product in action. 

These were some of the best eCommerce and product newsletter ideas you can share with your audience and increase conversions. We know by now you are itching to try out these newsletter ideas and wow your audience. However, without an amazing newsletter creator, creating such emails can take a lot of time and effort. 

Don’t fret though, we are going to introduce you to the world’s fastest and easiest to use newsletter creator tool that will make the process of creating a newsletter as easy as clicking a button. Read on… The Fastest Newsletter Creator Out There!

Our go-to tool for creating stunning eCommerce newsletters is, the fastest and dare we say, the simplest way to send email newsletters! The fastest newsletter creator is a newsletter creator and a content curation tool that helps anyone send out spectacular and responsive newsletters in a matter of minutes! elink integrates with all major email clients like Gmail, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Aweber, etc. See the complete newsletter integration list here.

Choose a newsletter template and simply add the URLs (links) to the content (product links, articles, blog posts, videos, documents, etc.) you want to share as a newsletter!

elink automatically converts those links into visual sections with a picture, title, and a short description. You can add a header, some intro text, your company logo, and/or tagline and hit submit. It’s that easy!

The best part is its extensive archive of pre-made newsletter templates that you can use to create remarkable newsletters in minutes! You can change between elink’ 50+ different layouts anytime you want and preview and test each one to see which one fits your design needs. 

Check out’s product templates here:

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So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free elink account and start sending out astounding newsletters today. Good luck! 

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