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School Newsletter: What is it & How to Create it? (Free Templates Included)

Part of running a school includes keeping parents, teachers, and students up-to-date on school-related news, activities, and announcements. According to research, students perform better when consistent, open communication exists between schools and parents.

A myriad of methods and tools are available to schools to communicate with parents like parent-teacher conferences, websites, email, phone calls, social media, flyers, and the monthly school newsletter.

What is a School Newsletter?

A school newsletter is a way to inform parents, students, faculty, and the rest of the community about school events, news, and other issues. It can be as complex or simple as you want it to be, as long as the information is informative. The school newsletter has been around for a long, long time and remains relevant in school-to-parent communications.

Parents and child at the school

But, what is the purpose of a school newsletter? 

What value are you giving parents by sending them a newsletter every week or every month?

Why is it better than other methods and tools?

Here’s why the school newsletter is a powerful and valuable method of communication:

1. Regular Updates

School newsletters remind families about important dates, promote student achievements, and helps parents understand elements of teaching and learning. Newsletters take on the form of a formal and expected update that is sent from schools to their communities, as opposed to more sporadic communication methods such as emails, text messages, or social media posts. 

2. Detailed Information

The level of detail that newsletters offer allows schools to be more informative and descriptive with their school community. Other forms of communication often have to be short and punchy to ensure that the post will capture the reader’s attention. 

Parents and teachers having a meeting regarding student's performance

Newsletters are a great platform to cover those specific topics that require more detail which can’t be shared through other mediums.

3. Parent Connection

Newsletters play a huge role in making parents feel involved in the school. Giving parents a say in what information is presented will build trust between the school and families and further strengthen their involvement.

Even if the parents of the graduated students-and the alumni themselves are no longer involved with the school and its activities, a newsletter is a great way to keep the school at the forefront of their memory.

elink middle image

Bonus tip: When possible, write about specific happenings around the school. A short note from each classroom about a recent activity helps parents feel connected to their child’s classroom.

How to Create a Stunning School Newsletter?

How much effort does it take to create and share your school newsletter?

You spend hours searching for content ideas. You plead faculty members into contributing to the process. You scramble to pull it all together and get it in PDF format. Then you send it out to your students, their parents, and teachers. 

A teacher sending school newsletter

Does the process sound familiar? 

What happens next? 

Does anyone read it? 

Do you get any feedback? 

Does it disappear into a black hole? 

Maybe you’ve got the best-written articles and engaging photos in your newsletter, but it’s not generating much interest or reaction.

So, how do you get busy parents to read your newsletters?

How to make a newsletter for school which actually gets opened and read?

We have the answer! The fastest and easiest way to send visually appealing newsletters that actually get read is through Busy parents don’t have time to read your newsletter? Don’t worry! The newsletter will be there as long as you like, and the parents can read it over a cup of coffee when they get the time.

Design a Stunning School Newsletter in these 6 Simple Steps:

With, you can have a school newsletter ready to go out to your audience in minutes.

Step 1: Choose a school newsletter template

Preview of choosing template for school newsletter

Not everyone is a designer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create something beautiful. You don’t have to worry about all the tricky design rules. Our team of designers has already done all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is customize your newsletter with your information, then send it off! Want to create it from scratch? You can do that too.

Check out elink’s school newsletter templates now!

Step 2: Add links to the newsletter

Adding links to the newsletter

Elink makes it easy to create the perfect newsletter with our easy-to-use, customizable newsletter builder. Add links to the articles and elink will automatically generate an image, a title, and a short descriptive text regarding each link, which you can change later. 

Step 3: Add a header

Preview of adding a header to school newsletter

We know that including a standard header image is important to many organizations. So, we have created an option to create a school newsletter with your personalized header image! Give your school newsletter a header image, a catchy title, and a short description. 

Step 4: Choose over 30+ layouts:

Preview of choosing layouts for school newsletter

Not a designer? That’s exactly what Elink is made for. Jump right in without worrying about messing up the design. Choose your favorite among our 30+ layouts (1 column, 2 columns, or multi-columns).

Step 5: Design and customize

Preview of designing and customizing school newsletter

Update text, change colors to match your brand or your content, add design elements, use visuals that fit your theme. You can change the colors, font style, font size- all in just a few clicks!

Voila! You’ve now created a stunning school newsletter. Its time for the final step!

Step 6: Share Your Newsletter

Preview of sharing school newsletter with parents

Once you have finished your newsletter, it’s time to send it out to the parents. Our newsletter creator tool makes it easy for you to get the word out. Decide whether you want to generate a shareable link to send online or attach in an email. 

After publishing, go to your dashboard and select the newsletter button. From there you can integrate Elink with your Gmail account and shoot over your email newsletter as a draft to your Gmail.

If you use other email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Get Response, Active Campaign, or anything else, you can choose the “copy the HTML code” option and paste the HTML in your marketing tool’s compose area.

You have the flexibility to share your newsletter in the best way for your recipients.

Here are few school newsletter examples created via elink:

Example 1:

See Original | Powered by elink

Example 2:

See Original | Powered by elink

Example 3:

See Original | Powered by elink

Check out elink’s free school newsletter templates here:

Tips on How you Can Make your School Newsletter a Big Success:

Well for one, a school newsletter is a lot more than periodic installations of school-related information. Don’t get us wrong, sharing is great, but you want and need your school newsletters to achieve more than that.

School newsletters are a great communication tool—versatile, reliable, and affordable. And like all tools, they perform the best when used cleverly and with purpose. We will give you some tips to create amazing newsletters:

1. Create relevant, targeted content

People are much more likely to open and read newsletters when they know the information will be relevant to them.

Teachers creating content for school newsletter

Opening something and reading it are two very different things, as we are aware.

2. Use an engrossing subject line

Your subject line in your email hauls a lot of weight, just like the headline of an article. It may be only 30 – 70 characters, but it performs a big job. Most of the time, people make a decision whether or not to open an email based on the subject of that email.

In general, you want your newsletter subject line to accomplish two things: Let your audience know what is in the email and give them a compelling reason to open the email.

3. Reader-Friendliness

In almost any communication, you should aim to avoid making reading the text seem like a chore. Parents are busy people, and when reading your newsletter seems like a task, they’ll put it to one side, and your messages will go unread. It’s hard to focus on long blocks of text.

So, keep your information short, well-spaced, and save the funky fonts for the headlines. Even articles, interviews, profiles, etc should be limited to 600 words. Less is more. The shorter the newsletter, the more the chances that the parents will read it. Never confuse the newsletter for a blog. 

But If you are already swamped with lots of work, hiring a writing service is the smartest thing you can do. Not only will you get to save time but also deliver a really awesome school newsletter!

Over to you!

School newsletters might be the only source of school-related information that some parents get. With so many parents working full-time, with remote education and social distancing, school-gate chats are rare and the chance to catch up with other parents has become rare too.

The once or twice a year parent meeting cannot possibly convey to parents all the highs and lows of a school year. That’s why a newsletter can fulfill this function perfectly.

But, traditional newsletters are time-consuming and costly. Paper and printing alone for a whole school could be onerous where resources are scarce. When they are printed, chances are that they will disappear into students’ bags, get tossed into the trash, or sit on a pile of unread material.

Now that it is super easy to create and share a newsletter online, we believe its time for you to switch from traditional, time-consuming methods. Let us know if you enjoyed creating a school newsletter through Elink by tweeting us!

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