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Best Youtube Channels For Teachers To Subscribe in 2024

Hello, all my fellow knowledge enthusiasts! Did you know that YouTube has become a powerhouse of information and education in the digital age? With over 2.68 billion monthly active users, it’s no surprise that YouTube has become the go-to source for teachers to enhance their teaching strategies.

From science experiments to history lessons, from DIY tutorials to motivational speeches, YouTube has got it all covered. It’s a platform where anyone can create content and share their knowledge. There are more than 51 million YouTube channels out there, covering every topic imaginable.

YouTube has come a long way since its inception in 2005. Who would have thought that a platform meant for sharing amateur videos would become the second-largest search engine after Google? But here we are in 2023, with YouTube being the most popular social media platform among teenagers and adults.

As teachers, it’s essential to leverage this platform’s power and use it to your advantage. With engaging visuals, interactive content, and a vast library of resources, YouTube can help make your classroom sessions more exciting and enriching. Want to teach your students how to code? Check out the thousands of coding tutorials available on YouTube. Need to explain the intricacies of human anatomy? YouTube has got you covered.

But with so many channels, knowing where to start is hard. That’s where we come in! In this article, we have compiled a list of the 10 best YouTube channels for teachers. We have covered all bases from Math to History, Science to English. So, stick around, and let’s start on this exciting learning and discovery journey.

Best Youtube Channels For Teachers!

1. Edutopia

Hey there, fellow educators! Are you tired of teaching the same old lessons in the same old way? Well, have no fear because Edutopia is here! This YouTube channel is the ultimate source of inspiration for teachers everywhere.

Did you know that George Lucas founded Edutopia? That’s right, the same George Lucas who gave us Star Wars! He’s a big believer in the power of education and wanted to create a platform where teachers could come together to share their innovative ideas and strategies.

And share what they do! Edutopia has over 200,000 subscribers, all looking for new and exciting ways to engage their students. With over 800 videos covering everything from project-based learning to social-emotional learning, there’s something for every teacher on this channel.

Whether you teach math, science, history, or English, Edutopia has got you covered. They even have videos on mindfulness and meditation, so you can help your students stay calm and focused during those stressful exam periods.

One of the exceptional features of Edutopia is that they showcase real-world examples of successful teaching strategies in action. They visit schools and classrooms worldwide to highlight innovative techniques and share them with viewers.

And speaking of viewers, did you know that Edutopia has a global audience? Teachers worldwide are tuning in to learn and grow their teaching skills. So, join the Edutopia community today and become a part of something truly special.

Edutopia is an amazing YouTube channel that has revolutionized how we approach education. It’s fun, engaging, and always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the classroom. With a global audience as subscribers, it’s clear that Edutopia is here to stay. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get learning.

2. Alice Keeler

Are you ready to have some fun while learning? Look no further than Alice Keeler‘s YouTube channel! With over 25,000 subscribers, this channel is a go-to for teachers looking to enhance their classroom experience.

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Alice Keeler provides fantastic tips and tricks for using technology in the classroom and covers topics such as mathematics, teaching strategies, and even virtual teaching! Her lively personality and engaging videos make learning a blast for students and teachers alike.

Alice Keeler’s channel has been around since 2012, and she has continued to grow her audience ever since. With worldwide users benefiting from her videos, Alice Keeler has become a household name in the education community.

One of the exceptional qualities of this channel is Alice’s ability to make complex topics seem easy to understand. For example, she can explain the ins and outs of Google Classroom in a way that even a technologically challenged teacher could understand! This dedication to making education accessible to all is truly admirable.

With Alice Keeler’s achievements, such as being a Google Certified Innovator and Trainer, named “Queen of Spreadsheets” by Google, it’s no wonder her channel is so popular. So, if you want to enhance your teaching strategy and have a blast doing it, Alice Keeler’s YouTube channel is the place for you!

Remember, “learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners,” but Alice Keeler’s YouTube channel makes that activity much more enjoyable.

3. Google for Education

Are you a teacher looking to add some pizzazz to your lessons? Look no further than Google for Education‘s YouTube channel! With about 500K subscribers, this channel provides a wealth of resources for educators, from tutorials on using Google Classroom to tips on integrating technology into the classroom.

But wait, there’s more! Did you know that Google for Education has over 150 million viewers worldwide? That’s right; this channel is making waves in the education world and helping teachers all over the globe. From kindergarten to college, this channel covers all fields of education, so no matter what you teach, you’ll find something to enhance your teaching strategy.

And here’s a little history lesson for you: Google for Education was launched around 10 years back, and since then, they have been dedicated to empowering teachers and students with technology. But enough with the serious stuff; let’s get back to the fun! Google for Education’s YouTube channel has exceptional features, like its “Teacher Center,” which provides educators with free online courses and certifications. Talk about a win-win situation!

So what are you waiting for? Join the millions of worldwide users benefitting from Google for Education’s resources, and add tech-savvy flair to your lessons. In conclusion, with Google for Education’s YouTube channel, you can make learning fun and easy, just like searching for cat videos on YouTube.

4. TEDEd

TEDEd, the brainchild of the world-renowned TED Talks, is a channel that takes education to a whole new level. With over 18 million subscribers, TEDEd is more than just a YouTube channel; it’s an online encyclopedia.

One cool fact about TEDEd is that each video is crafted in collaboration with animators, educators, and writers from around the globe to make learning fun and entertaining. This results in a perfect combination of visual storytelling and in-depth knowledge.

TEDEd’s audience includes students, teachers, and curious minds alike, and its topics range from science to art, history to philosophy, and beyond. With such an extensive collection of educational content, TEDEd is an essential tool for teachers looking to diversify their teaching strategy.

TEDEd has a rich history, dating back to 2011 when it was launched as a platform to share lessons worth sharing. Since then, the channel has won numerous awards, including a Webby Award for Best Online Film and Video in Education.

Its commitment to entertaining learning is what sets TEDEd apart from other educational channels. For example, imagine learning about chocolate’s history through a video featuring a cartoon cacao bean on a wild adventure through the jungle.

TEDEd has truly gone global, with viewers from all over the world tuning in to learn. The channel’s exceptional quality lies in making complex concepts accessible and entertaining for everyone.

TEDEd is one of the best YouTube channels for teachers looking to add an extra layer of entertainment to their classrooms. With its exceptional content and worldwide audience, TEDEd truly lives up to its motto, “Lessons worth sharing.

5. Big Think

If you are tired of the same old boring lectures and presentations, you must check out Big Think, the ultimate destination for cutting-edge ideas and insights from the world’s most brilliant minds.

With over 5 million subscribers, Big Think is one of the most popular YouTube channels. And it’s not hard to see why. This channel covers many fields, including science, technology, philosophy, psychology, etc. So, whether you’re a science teacher, a history teacher, or anything in between, there’s something here for you.

One of the coolest things about Big Think is its history. It was founded in 2007 by Victoria Brown and Peter Hopkins, two entrepreneurs who wanted to create a platform where leading experts could share their knowledge and ideas with the world. And they have succeeded! Today, Big Think is a global phenomenon, with users from all over the world tuning in to learn and grow.

But does Big Think stand out from the crowd? Yes, for one thing, the quality of the content is top-notch. Every video is carefully curated and edited to ensure maximum impact and engagement. And the roster of contributors is truly impressive, featuring luminaries like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michio Kaku, Bill Clinton, and Bill Nye.

But perhaps the most exceptional feature of Big Think is its commitment to promoting critical thinking and open-mindedness. In a world where echo chambers and confirmation bias are all too common, Big Think is a refreshing counterpoint. By challenging our assumptions and exposing us to new ideas, this channel is helping to create a more informed and enlightened society.

So, if you want to enhance your teaching strategy and inspire your students, look no further than Big Think. With its vast array of subjects, engaging content, and commitment to critical thinking, this channel is a must-see for anyone who values knowledge and curiosity.

6. Common Sense Education

Hey there, fellow education enthusiasts! Are you looking for a YouTube channel with the perfect blend of fun and informative content? Look no further than Common Sense!

Did you know that Common Sense Education was created back in 2011 by a group of parents who wanted to provide trustworthy information about media and technology for kids? Fast forward to today, and their YouTube channel boasts around 100k subscribers and has become a go-to resource for teachers worldwide.

Common Sense Education covers a variety of fields, including media literacy, digital citizenship, and online safety. With their engaging and informative videos, teachers can use this channel to enhance their teaching strategies and provide students with valuable knowledge and skills.

One exceptional quality that Common Sense Education possesses is its ability to explain complex topics in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand. For example, their video on fake news breaks down the issue with witty jokes.

But Common Sense Education isn’t just for teachers in the US; their worldwide users also benefit from their content. With their videos translated into multiple languages, students and teachers from all over the globe can access their valuable resources.

In the end, if you want to make learning about media literacy and digital citizenship fun and engaging for your students, Common Sense Education is the YouTube channel for you!

7. Teacher Cast

With over 15,000 subscribers, Teacher Cast is a community of teachers who share their knowledge and strategies to help fellow educators enhance their teaching style. From tech tips and classroom management to lesson planning and professional development, this channel covers all areas of education.

But what sets Teacher Cast apart from the rest? For starters, its founder Jeff Bradbury is a former teacher, so he knows exactly what teachers need and wants to improve their skills.

Teacher Cast is not just limited to a certain age group or subject; they cater to a wide range of teachers worldwide. So, whether you’re a kindergarten teacher or a college professor, you’ll find something useful on this channel.

And let’s not forget about the fun factor. Teacher Cast keeps it lighthearted and entertaining with their live videos. Jeff and his team interview educators and experts in the field and provide hilariously engaging tips and tricks.

So, Teacher Cast is the perfect channel for any teacher looking to up their game and have some fun while doing it. Join the Teacher Cast community today, and let’s make learning even more awesome.

8. BBC Teach

Welcome, to the world of BBC Teach – a YouTube channel that’s not just any channel, but a channel that’s a powerhouse of knowledge and creativity! Did you know that BBC Teach has existed since 2016, with over 170,000 subscribers and counting? Yes, you heard that right, 170K subscribers and still going strong!

BBC Teach is not your regular YouTube channel; it’s a one-stop destination for teachers worldwide to access a plethora of educational resources covering 22 subjects and a wide range of fields, from science to music, history to literature. It’s a channel that’s informative, engaging, and fun, with videos that are sure to keep your students hooked and wanting more.

With BBC Teach, you can find videos catering to all age groups, whether primary or secondary school students. The channel covers topics that are not just relevant but also interesting, and what’s more, these videos are backed by the expertise of some of the best educators in the world. From learning about the mysteries of space to the workings of the human body, BBC Teach has got it all covered.

The best part about this channel is that it’s not just limited to the UK, but educators worldwide can benefit from it. BBC Teach is a channel dedicated to making learning accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of geographical location.

One exceptional quality that BBC Teach possesses is its ability to make complex topics easy to understand. The videos are presented effectively, making it easy for teachers to integrate them into their lesson plans. Moreover, the channel has won several awards for its outstanding educational contribution.

BBC Teach is a must-visit YouTube channel for educators who want to enhance their teaching strategy and make learning a fun experience. With its creative and informative content, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on both you and your students.

9. MrMatera

Are you ready to level up your teaching game? Look no further than MrMatera‘s YouTube channel! This channel is a must-watch for teachers looking to inject fun and creativity into their lessons.

MrMatera covers various topics, from game-based learning to technology integration to social-emotional learning. No matter what subject or grade level you teach, you will find something valuable here. And with videos ranging from quick tips to full-length workshops, there’s something for every learning style.

MrMatera’s channel is run by Michael Matera, a veteran teacher and author of “Explore Like a Pirate”. With his wealth of experience and infectious enthusiasm, Michael is the perfect guide to help you transform your classroom.

But don’t just take our word for it – teachers worldwide are raving about MrMatera’s videos. With an engaged community of users and tons of positive feedback, it’s clear that this channel is making a real impact in the education world. So, go on and subscribe to this channel on YouTube.

10. Richard Byrne

Did you know Richard Byrne was once a high school social studies teacher? He started his blog, Free Technology for Teachers, in 2007 to share his knowledge with other educators. Fast forward to today, and his YouTube channel has about 50k subscribers and counting!

Richard’s channel covers various topics, from educational technology and classroom management to lesson planning and online teaching strategies. His videos are engaging and informative, and his teaching style is top-notch. His channel is a goldmine of resources for teachers looking to enhance their teaching strategy.

He uses creative examples and analogies that make learning fun and memorable. Plus, his vast education experience means he knows what works and what doesn’t.

And if all that wasn’t impressive enough, Richard’s website has won multiple awards, including the Edublog Award for Best Resource Sharing Blog in 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2012. His channel has become a worldwide sensation, with teachers from all over the globe benefitting from his expertise.

So, don’t wait. Join the over 50k subscribers who have already discovered the magic of Richard Byrne’s YouTube channel. Trust me; your students will thank you for it!

And, if you’re a teacher looking for innovative ways to spice up your lessons, Richard Byrne’s YouTube channel is a must-watch. With his fun, engaging, and informative videos, you’re sure to find inspiration and practical tips that you can use in your classroom.

Last Words

And that, dear teachers, concludes our discussion on the best YouTube channels for teachers. We hope you found our list of 10 channels informative and useful. Remember, YouTube isn’t just for cat videos and pranks anymore! The rise of educational content on the platform has become an invaluable resource for teachers looking to improve their skills and engage their students in new and exciting ways. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring these channels and incorporate their ideas into your teaching today! And, as always, for more informative articles like this, head over to, your go-to source for all things education and beyond. Keep learning and keep teaching with!

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