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9 Best Email Services for Transactional Emails!

With email marketing taking center stage for all e-commerce businesses and with advancements in technology and marketing strategies, merely sending out newsletters is not enough.

Transactional emails are now becoming an important and crucial part of every e-commerce business. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to improve customer experience, yet one of the most underrated emails out there!

That’s why the relevance of using email services for transactional emails or transactional email services is increasing day by day. So it would be ridiculous not to invest in them.

Now if you’re clueless about email services for transactional emails, then worry not, we have got it covered in this blog!

Here, we will explain to you what transactional emails are, the benefits of sending them, and also provide you with a list of some of the best email services for transactional emails!

Ready to get to know about transactional email services? Then jump right in!

What are Transactional Emails?

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Ever received an email immediately after you created an account or made a purchase online or simply changed your password? Those right there are called transactional emails!

These emails are usually sent in response to a specific action taken by a customer. They are triggered by simple actions or interactions, such as placing an order, creating an account, resetting passwords, and lots more.

Transactional emails provide you with all the information you need about your interactions or engagements with a company or a brand.

Now if you’re wondering whether sending out transactional emails offers you any benefits, then we’re here to tell you that they do!

Scroll down to find out the benefits of sending out transactional emails!

Benefits of Sending Out Transactional Emails

Sending out transactional emails mainly aims to establish good communication by providing important information. A closer will show that there is more to transactional emails than providing information.

What are they? Let’s take a look:

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1. Fosters Customer Trust

Since transactional emails instantaneously provide all the necessary details of a business transaction, your customers will always be informed and updated about all their concerns and queries. This makes them feel safe, fosters a sense of trust, and therefore helps establish a positive relationship between the customer and the company.

2. Increases Customer Engagement

Transactional emails contain crucial information about the customer’s interaction with a company or brand. Due to this reason, they have higher open rates and click-through rates that are three times higher than non-transactional emails. This means that most customers tend to engage with transactional emails more in order to stay informed.

3. Boost Sales

Transactional emails often contain photos and descriptions of recent purchases and include ads for similar products or services. This helps nudge the customers to purchase more goods. Upon being exposed to newer products and offers, your customers might end up browsing through your company website again. This will lead to them making more purchases or at least creating wishlists for future transactions.

4. Establishes Brand Recognition

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When you send out transaction emails to your customers, you are subconsciously helping them familiarize themselves with your brand and its visual elements, like your brand logo, brand colors, etc. This will eventually help the customer become fully conscious of your brand enough to even mention it to other people.

Now that you know the various benefits of sending a transactional email to your customers, let’s go through some of the best email services that you must consider while sending out transactional emails.

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List of 9 Email Services for Transactional Emails

1. Omnisend

Let’s start off with Omnisend, an easy-to-use, all-in-one e-commerce marketing automation platform that offers email and SMS marketing features. It allows you to create emails using its drag-and-drop email builder and ready-made email templates.

With Omnisend, you can segment your customers based on their shopping behavior and set up automated emails responses based on events, online activities, and lead scores. It allows you to drive sales by winning back lost sales with pre-built workflows for transactional emails, cart abandonment, and more.

Omnisend also includes features such as opt-in management, bounce handling, unsubscribe processing, suppression lists, email preview, spam checking, link validation, and delivery monitoring. Furthermore, it supports over 80+ integrations and offers 24/7 customer support.


  • Free plan available
  • Standard Plan starting at $16
  • Pro Plan starting at $59

2. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a powerful and easy-to-use email marketing software that allows you to customize and segment your lists and send personalized emails to your customers.

You can easily automate your email campaigns by simply setting them up and importing your subscriber and customer information into Campaign Monitor, and it will send pre-designed messages at the appropriate time. It also lets you create smart transactional emails that you can design, test, and monitor.

With Campaign Monitor’s advanced analytics and detailed reports, you can gain insights into how well your emails are performing in real-time. It also allows you to see who opened and shared your emails.

Furthermore, Campaign Monitor seamlessly connects to hundreds of pre-built apps and integrations


  • Basic plan starting at $9/month
  • Unlimited plan starting at $29/month
  • Premier plan at $149/month

3. Amazon SES

Here we have Amazon SES, a cloud-based email sending service by Amazon Web Services that allows you to send notifications, marketing, and transactional emails. You can seamlessly integrate with other Amazon services, like Amazon EC2, Amazon SNS, and more.

Amazon SES is reliable, packed with features, and guarantees high email deliverability. It gives you access to email content personalization, flexible email receiving, email activity monitoring, ISP authentication, multiple email sending interfaces, and even a dedicated IP address!

So if you are a small company that already uses Amazon Web Services, then it is one of the most cost-effective solutions for sending out transactional emails.


  • $0 for the first 62,000 emails each month
  • $0.10 for every 1,000 emails

4. Postmark

Next up on the list, we have Postmark, an SMTP transactional email service built by WildBit. It has servers distributed globally that provide lightning-fast delivery for transactional emails.

Using Postmark’s webhooks and email tagging system, no bounce or click will ever go unnoticed. Its amazing tracking system allows you to monitor how many emails are opened and how much time is spent on the email you sent.

Not just that, Postmark gives access to high-level reporting and analytics and also offers various built-in email templates which are easy to edit and customize. Furthermore, Postmark supports redundant data centers, geographic load balancing, and IP reputation management.


  • Basic plan costs $10/month for 10,000 emails
  • Additional emails costs $1.25 per 1000 emails

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5. Mailgun

Are you a developer looking to send, receive, and track emails? Then Mailgun is a great option. It is an all-in-one email delivery platform that gives you access to powerful API and SMTP to send, receive, and track transactional and marketing emails.

Mailgun offers intelligent inbound routing and storage that lets you know exactly where your emails are ending up. It also has other advanced features, such as email address validations, inbox placement tests, suppression management, send-time optimization, and more.

With Mailgun’s email tracking and analytics, you can track all your emails and their deliverability, avoid spam filters, and maximize the chances of reaching inboxes. Furthermore, it supports PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, and Java.


  • Flex Plan $0 for 3 months & 5,000 emails
  • Foundation Plan at $35/month
  • Growth Plan $80/month
  • Scale Plan at $90/month for 100,000 emails
  • Enterprise Services offers custom pricing

6. Mandrill

If you are a MailChimp user, then its SMTP transactional email service, Mandrill (offered as a paid add-on), is a great option for sending out personalized, targeted, data-driven, and automated transactional emails.

Mandrill is a secure and efficient platform with advanced tracking that allows you to monitor open rates, bounce rates, and click rates for all your emails. Its integration with MailChimp makes it easy for you to share contact data from your email campaigns to your transactional emails.

Some additional features of Mandrill include access to advanced data via a searchable activity log, split testing, automatic and custom tagging, webhooks, comparative reports, templates, custom tracking domains, automatic text and HTML conversion, built-in rules engine, and lots more!


  • In addition to a Mailchimp subscription, you’ll need to pay for Mandrill by purchasing blocks of 25,000 emails for $25 each.

7. SendGrid

Up next, we have SendGrid, a cloud-based email delivery service designed by cloud communications platform, Twilio. It helps manage transactional emails while following anti-spam regulations at the same time.

With SendGrid, you can get a complete analytics report and real-time feedback on every email you sent. You can even monitor your emails using their recipient engagement data or email activity history.

SendGrid ensures security through various methods, such as two-factor authentication, API key permissions, IP access management, teammate permissions, and more.

What’s more? SendGrid offers a mobile app and also extends support through video tutorials, online community, and documentation.


  • Free plan available
  • Essentials Plan at $9.95/month
  • Pro Plan at $79.95/month
  • Premier Plan for custom pricing

8. Mailjet

Mailjet is a robust cloud-based all-in-one email platform that offers transactional and marketing email solutions, such as creating, managing, and optimizing emails.

With Mailjet’s drag-and-drop email editor and templating language, you can personalize email templates and send out customizable and reliable transactional emails. This allows you to work on email designing as a team.

If you want to monitor your email’s performance, Mailjet allows you to do it with its real-time sending statistics, monitoring alerts, and bounce block tracking.

In addition to a deliverability support team and dedicated IPs, Mailjet also offers email marketing services and transactional SMS messaging


  • Free plan available
  • Basic Plan at $9.25/month
  • Premium Plan plan $20.95/month
  • Enterprise Plan at a customized offer

9. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a cloud-based all-in-one digital marketing solution that specializes in email marketing. It is an effective and affordable option with multiple built-in features for transactional email, segmentation, CRM, A/B testing, and more.

Sendinblue allows you to choose the setup option from various options such as API, SMTP, Relay, eCommerce plugins, or marketing automation so that you can send your transactional emails any way that you want. It also ensures quick delivery of emails and offers access to real-time engagement and deliverability statistics.

What’s more? It has a drag-and-drop editor and a wide selection of design templates!


  • Free plan available
  • Lite Plan at $25/month
  • Essential Plan at $39/month
  • Premium Plan between $66/month and $173/month


When it comes to sending out transactional emails, you need to make sure that your email services are top-notch.

This means that it should have high deliverability rates, proper monitoring, excellent email customizations and personalization, easy integrations, and most importantly, reasonable pricing. But you also need to think about the current or predicted customer base, and how many emails you will be sending out every day.

And we hope that we have provided you with a list that will help you choose the one that fits your needs and lets you create effective emails that will increase your sales and also make your customers happy!


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