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How to create a Dynamic (Automated) Web Page for Wix?

If you are a blogger then you will truly understand the pain of always coming up with some fresh content for your blog or let’s suppose Wix website.

Or if you are a businessman, then you too might be struggling with the same issue.

For people like you, two things are really important:

  1. Writing Relevant Content
  2. Making sure it engages the audience

Both these factors entwined together can help you shine bright on the search engine and gain leads organically.

But is that easy?

Come on, you too are human! How in the world can you write that fantastic content on daily basis.

Do you have a Shakespeare’s quill pen? Even so, he too faced a tremendous downfall in his career.

So, what then?

Well, you need an alternative. A smarter one.

To our great pleasure, welcome to the concept of the Dynamic Web Page!

Dynamic as the name suggests, is a kind of webpage that fills up with information and the latest updates on its own.

Yes, it is no MAGIC! It is a thing of the present era.

Want to know what this is?

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What is a Dynamic Web Page?

A dynamic web page is a kind of web page on which the content changes on its own.

Let’s suppose you have subscribed to the RSS feeds, and if you get to launch a web page with it then that might display the recent and publish it as a static web page.

That no doubt is useful, but it is not that interactive. For making it interactive, you need a web page that fleshes out with recent posts of the subscribed pages on its own.

And that dynamic web page can do!

Want to know what are the key benefits of doing it?

Read onwards…

Benefits of Displaying a Dynamic Web Page on Your Wix Website

A dynamic web page for your Wix website can prove to be really fruitful.

Like the name suggests it is capable of serving dynamic functions so that you can sit back and take over other important business things that completely need your attention.

Also, your Wix dynamic page will help you stay relevant without having you put effort into it daily! You can create a news feed, resource pages, industry trends page, tutorials and much more.

Still not convinced? Check on the following reasons:

  • Save Tons of Time- Here is a chance of saving lots of time! Now you don’t need to write your content from the scratch. Just curate links, put them on your Wix dynamic web page, and share them with your audience in a go.
  • Build Engagement With People Online- Never say a no if you get a chance to put a web page on your Wix website. Why? Because it counts as an engagement factor! Whenever a visitor will show up on your website, seeing written content and just images can turn them off. And taking advantage of that, a Wix dynamic web page can be a monotony breaker and help you set your Wix website interactive.
  • Adds Credibility- Here is the greatest chance to add credibility to your Wix website, by simply adding a dynamic web page to it. This helps you sound like an industry expert. Mind you, giving it your own perspective gives you an acing edge, so make sure you do that too!
  • To Encourage Users to Link to Your Website- A dynamic web page begs readers to share it on their social networks, media platforms, and on their own sites. This will help you drive more traffic back to you.
  • Providing the Audience with Relevant Information- Dynamic web page is a great way to provide important information to the visitors of your website. Thus it can be a humbling resource for people to get enlightened.
  • Updates on its Own- Saving you from hard work, here is a turn to smart work. Put up a Wix dynamic web page on your website and see the content changing its shape and form on its own with the recent posts of the subscribed pages. This will automatically flood your webpage with information without you deliberately making changes to it.

…and much more!

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How to Create a Dynamic Web Page for Wix With the Help of elink.io

If you are looking out for a tool that can save you from writing content from the scratch, then believe us, your search is over. Say hello to your partner in content curation!

Meet elink.io! Build content anytime anywhere with links!

Read and curate content with elink’s robust RSS feed reader and save yourself from the trouble of fetching your muse to write daily. Just curate relevant links or grab the RSS feeds from the sites and display them in a creative and visually appealing manner.

This brand new concept of forming automated dynamic web pages has helped businesses simplify their work easily. If you have a Wix website, then with elink you can put up a Wix dynamic web page on it and make your website 10x more interactive.

The best part about elink’s is the greatest feature of Power Posts. Link your post to an RSS Feed or a folder of various RSS Feeds and all the articles that come up in the RSS Feeds with that criteria will update your content automatically!

You won’t even have to touch your website.

You can also link Power Posts to folders of your bookmarks, so as you’re saving information from your Chrome Extension any folder linked to a Power Post will automatically also get updated!

Want to know how to create a dynamic web page with elink in a go? Jump onto the next section!

Steps to Create a Dynamic Web Page with elink

Adding an automated Dynamic web page to your website is quite helpful than coming up with a static one. With it, you won’t have to waste time putting in new content and updating them.

Just sit back and relax and see your Wix dynamic web page getting refreshed with new content on its own.

You can do that in really simple steps with elink. Want to know how?

Look at the following steps:

Step 1: Create an account

Go to elink.io and quickly create a free account. 

Step 2: Create Post

Now click on the ‘Posts’ tab on the top and from there go to the top right to click on ‘Create Post’.

Step 3: Select Power Post

Now click on ‘Power Post’. You can either start from scratch or choose a template.

Step 4: Go to the ‘RSS feed’ tab

Make changes in your power post automatically by selecting ‘RSS feed‘ in Select Source. From there select the feed source you wish to add or you can even add links. Once you have done that press ‘Done’.

Step 5: Add a header

Go to the “Header section” to add a header banner, introductory as well as ending (footer) text. 

Step 6: Choose a layout

Next just switch the layouts tab and choose from over 50+ visually pleasing and responsive layouts to make your web page look dynamic in the real sense. With better visuals, you will be able to retain visitors to your Wix website more.

Step 7: Personalize!

Personalize your content by changing the theme color, text color, background color, font, button text, and more. You can also make your content SEO optimized by tinkering with the SEO settings.

Once done, click publish! 

Step 8: Publish!

Once you are done with all the types of editing, press the publish button.

After publishing your content, you will see a number of ways in which you can share your dynamic web page.

If you want to boost the performance of your Wix website by onboarding this web page on it, then jump on to the next section and get started.

Cool, isn’t it?

Steps to Add Dynamic Web Page to Your Wix Website

  1. Go to the ‘Posts’ tab on elink’s platform.
  2. Click on the ‘Share’ icon next to the elink post you want to embed.
  3. Next, click on ‘Embed’. Now you can copy the ‘Recommended Embed code’.
  4. Go to your Wix site that you want to edit. Click on ‘Site Actions’ and select ‘Edit Site.’
  5. Click Add (+) button on the left side of the editor.
  6. Select the HTML iframe embed widget drag it to the relevant location on your page.
  7. Click the ‘Settings’ button.
  8. Paste in the Javascript or iFrame code form elink into the code box and hit ‘Apply.’
  9. You’ll now be able to see your elink post inside of your Wix website.

Yes, that’s it.

Isn’t it super easy?


There you go! That was our cool way of developing a dynamic web page that updates on its own using elink’s Power post.

We hope we have made the entire process of making a code-less-dynamic web page a lot easier and fun-fill for you.

Just start off by curating RSS feed links and launch a Powerpost with that!

Not only that, but you can get it on your Wix website in really simple steps.

So what’s the wait? Get started with elink by creating an account now!

Let us know about your questions, queries, and comments on the same by tweeting @elink_io.

It would be our immense pleasure to hear from you!


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