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5 Stunning Nonprofit Newsletter Templates You Need To Use!

If you’re on this page looking for templates to use for your very own nonprofit newsletter, then we’re sure that you already realize the importance of using newsletters as a part of your marketing strategy.

As a nonprofit organization, building connections is what gets you money to run your operations and operate a smooth-sailing organization.

Newsletters come in-handy whenever you want to reach out to existing and potential donors to make them aware of your cause.

In this blog post, we’ll have a look at some of the best newsletter templates that are out there for nonprofit organizations in 2021, and how you can effectively put them to use using a great tool!

Let’s ahead to find out more!

What is a Nonprofit Newsletter?

To put it simply, a non-profit newsletter is a type of newsletter that is sent out by a nonprofit organization to keep their volunteers, donors, and prospective supporters engaged in their cause.

The primary purpose of creating a nonprofit newsletter is to educate and convert subscribers into volunteers and donors by regularly engaging them with news, updates, and calls-to-action.

As a nonprofit organization, you need to be cautious about where you invest your time and resources because there’s always a possibility of facing a resource crunch at some point.

In such a scenario, think about whether it would be wise to invest your resources into making a newsletter from scratch.

Ngo doing charity work

If the answer that came to your mind was a ‘no’, then you’re absolutely right!

That’s where nonprofit newsletters templates come into the picture!

Want to know the other reasons why nonprofit newsletters templates are a great option?

elink middle image

Let’s read ahead!

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Why are Templates the Best Way to Create Nonprofit Newsletters?

We’ve already established that using nonprofit newsletter templates would save you a lot of resources and investment, but here are all the other reasons why you should use templates…

1. Increased Flexibility

When you use nonprofit newsletter templates, it grants you a great deal of flexibility. What does ‘increased flexibility’ mean? It simply means that these templates are easy to update and there is consistency in the newsletter’s design.

2. Easy to Use!

Template libraries give you the option to choose from a diverse range of templates that have preconfigured interactions, saving you from the effort of programming or configuring anything. It basically empowers you by giving you more choices and much more independence!

3. Reduced Rework

Using nonprofit newsletter templates would simply mean that you don’t have to spend all your time building or creating newsletters from scratch every time. Depending on the occasion and topic, you can just choose a template and send it out within a few minutes!

4. Reduced Development Time

Using nonprofit newsletter templates, you can make a newsletter in a very small span of time. On the other hand, if you were to make a newsletter traditionally, it would end up taking a lot of time.

A lady sending out non profit newsletter

In such situations, templates can be life-saving whenever you want to send out a newsletter quickly or update the content on an already existing nonprofit newsletter.

5. Lets You Focus on Content

The most important reason why you should opt for using nonprofit newsletter templates is the fact that you can focus solely on the content of the newsletter, while the template will take care of the design and alignment needs for you.

6. Reduced Scope of Error

Using a pre-programmed nonprofit newsletter template helps you reduce the scope of error. The templates available for you are subjected to various tests on different platforms and conditions to eliminate the possibility of them having any sort of programming bugs.

Now without any further ado, let’s take a look at the entire list of nonprofit newsletter templates curated just for you!

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List of Curated Nonprofit Newsletter Templates

Wait, do you want to know about the secret tool that helps us create these awesome nonprofit newsletter templates?

Using, you can build and design beautiful newsletters for any email service provider in minutes. Take our word for it, elink is the quickest way to create a curated email newsletter by just bundling web links.

Want to see some examples of the stunning newsletters that we’ve created using elink? Here is the complete list of some of the best nonprofit newsletter templates curated specially for you and the needs of your organization…

1. Team Newsletter

Team newsletter template for non profit

Keeping your volunteers and employees motivated is extremely important while running an NGO. Using this template, you can update your team on the various developments that are happening across the organization, the various things that you have achieved, and basically, keep everyone on the same page.

2. Upcoming Events

upcoming events update newsletter template for non profit

Keeping your supporters and community involved in your work is extremely important. You want more and more people to participate in the events hosted by you and come out and support your cause! Using this template, you can keep your audience updated on any events that you’ve organized in the near future and get a lot of participation.

3. Surveys

Surveys newsletter template for non profit

Online surveys and forms help you gather intelligent and audience-centric data on a large scale. By conducting surveys, you can gauge your supporters’ and donors’ views, opinions, and thoughts about your cause. Use this template to bundle and share all your surveys and forms on social media, your website, and via email!

4. Nonprofit Press Coverage

Press release newsletter template for non profit

As a nonprofit organization, you need all the publicity that you can get! Creating a press coverage page is extremely crucial in building relationships with journalists and attracting more media coverage for your cause.

5. Nonprofit Instagram Bio Link

Non profit instagram bio link template

Your Instagram bio is the second-most important thing on your profile after the content that you create. However, the problem rests in the fact that you can only add one link to the bio. Using this template, you can add various links, from your donation page to your recent press releases and blog posts, and share them with your Instagram followers!

How to Use Elink’s Templates to Create Nonprofit Newsletters? (Steps)

Are you excited to put some of these stunning templates to use?


Without wasting a second, let’s dive into the step-by-step process of using elink’s extensive template library for creating nonprofit newsletters…

Step 1. Login & Choose a Nonprofit Newsletter Template

Preview of non profit newsletter templates 

Once you’ve chosen your favorite nonprofit newsletter template from the list that we’ve provided above, the next thing for you to do is to log into your elink account, click on ‘Create New Post’ and select ‘Choose a Template’.

Step 2. Add Links to Your Nonprofit Newsletter

Preview of adding links to non profit newsletter

The next step in the process of building your own newsletter is to add links to the articles, videos, blog posts, research papers, etc. that you wish to include in your newsletter.

Elink’s newsletter builder is extremely user-friendly and customizable! It will automatically generate an image, title, and a short description for each link that you can easily modify later.

Step 3. Add a Header

Preview of adding a header to non profit newsletter template

Make your newsletter personalized by adding a header image, a catchy title, and a short description!

Step 4. Choose from over 50+ Layouts

Preview of adding layouts to non profit newsletter

Choose your favorite look from over 50+ Layouts (1 column, 2 columns, or multi-columns) and personalize the look and feel of your newsletter!

Step 5. Design and Customize!

Preview of customizing non profit newsletter template

Elink gives you the liberty to update the text, change colors to match your style, add design elements, and use visuals that fit your theme!

Step 6. Publish and Share Anywhere

Preview of sharing options available

After you have created your newsletter, it’s time to send it out! Once you’ve published your newsletter, go to your dashboard and select the newsletter ‘button’. From there, you can integrate elink with your Gmail account and send your newsletter anywhere via email!

Wrapping Up!

With that, you’re good to go to create your own nonprofit newsletter using these awesome templates in no time!

Nonprofit newsletter creation has never been easier than this.

All that you need to do is create an account on elink and we’ll do the rest for you!

Do you have any doubts or queries regarding these nonprofit newsletter templates?

Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter at @elink_io! Cheers!

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