7 Tools for Non-Profits in 2022! (Free and Paid)

Managing a nonprofit takes patience and hard work, after all, making the world a better place is a challenging job. Non-profits have unique challenges from raising funds, communicating with donors, helping implement initiatives, coordinating efforts of volunteers, communicating with those on the receiving end, dealing with policies, etc.

Every non-profit organization needs technological innovative makeovers to help them do more with their resources (time and money). Software tools that help with coordination efforts, create quick donor/volunteer newsletters, blog management tools, donation systems, analytics platforms and much more.

It’s important to ensure that your organization has the technology resources it needs to implement change, get the word out and continue to grow by attracting donors, volunteers and supporters. All non-profits have to be careful of how they spend their limited time, money and resources.

Luckily, there are tools and software solutions for every challenge your non-profit may encounter. Some fantastic solutions are free, some are paid and some are heavily discounted for non-profit organizations.

We’ve curated a list of 6 must-have tools for every nonprofit to help you reach your goals. We’ll cover tools that help with collaboration efforts, online marketing tools, fundraising and more. Let’s dive in!

There is a multitude of online resources and tools for nonprofits that are just starting on their mission for a better tomorrow! With the countless options available for you, we decided to compile a useful list of freemium nonprofit resources in each category and explain how you can get the most value from each of them.

So, let’s begin!

#1. Bit.ai– Documentation and Collaboration Tool for Non Profits

Bit.ai: Tool for non profits

In the nonprofit sector, people wear a lot of hats! Sometimes, this makes it difficult to work together and still maintain high productivity. Thanks to modern technology, the gap between minimal resources and achievement has been filled.

Whether you need help creating content, streamlining your workflows, improve communication between teams, or manage projects, Bit.ai has got you covered!

Bit.ai is a new-age project management and document collaboration tool that helps teams communicate, share, track and manage all company information in one place. It’s the perfect tool for nonprofit teams to get work done without relying on several apps and complicated software.

It is one of the best platforms that help keep every member on the same page with real-time collaboration. Your nonprofit teams can organize work by creating workspaces around partners, initiatives, volunteers, and projects.

Bit an excellent way to create a knowledge base for your company by working simultaneously with your team members and volunteers. Thanks to its smart editor, it makes the process of documentation and content creation fast and easy as well.

More advanced features include the ability to upload documents, and rich-media integration with a variety of platforms including Google Docs, YouTube, Airtable, and many more.

elink middle image


  • Free for up to 50 members.
  • Nonprofit discount on all paid plans!

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#2. elink.io – Content Creation Tool

elink.io: tool for non profit

Maintaining relationships is a necessity for most nonprofits! You don’t want to be the kind of organization that only reaches out to your supporters when you need help. Email newsletters can be an effective way to manage relationships with volunteers, donors, and advocates.

If done well, email newsletters can be a huge asset to your nonprofit’s ability to raise funds and gain attention. Unfortunately no matter how many resources you have, creating an email newsletter requires too much time and effort.

Well Not anymore! 

elink.io is the perfect all-in-one content curation tool that helps non-profits create the following content by just adding important web links:

When you create an email newsletter via elink you can export it via MailChimp, Gmail & all third-party email providers. elink is a feature-packed tool that every non-profit interesting in creating professional fast content must-have. 

Another concern in the world of nonprofits is awareness. For a nonprofit organization, getting media coverage and attention is more important than just about anything else. Hence, elink is the perfect tool to help you create a nonprofit press page of your organization with all the important media coverage for better exposure.

elink.io can help you with getting a large percentage of eyes on your content, consistently, by building newsletters and resource pages with all the important links that are valuable to your nonprofit’s ability to market.


  • Plans start from Free to $15/month
  • Nonprofit discount on all paid plans!

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#3. iATS Payments– Payment Processing Tool

iATS Payments: Tool for non profits

iATS Payments was built two decades ago with a motive to help nonprofits process donations more efficiently and effectively. With over 20 years in business, iATS Payments has proven to fulfill that commitment.

They maintain the mark of the highest security standards (level 1 PCI compliance) and offer their nonprofit customers a whole host of payments and fundraising.

iATS Payments is one of the few payment processing tools that works exclusively with nonprofit organizations. This specialization allows iATS to give its nonprofit customers the best possible customer support services in the industry.

iATS Payments also integrates with a multitude of nonprofit fundraising software providers as well. So, if your text-to-give tool, mobile bidding provider, donation page software, and communication platform all use iATS Payments to process donations, your financial reports are automatically synced together in one place!

Plus, the number of channel partners that the iATS Payments process through shows that your nonprofit firm can seamlessly transition all of your payment processing into one single transaction.


  • Rates for credit card processing range from 2.49%to 3.2% per transaction.

#4. Fundly– Fundraising Tool

Fundly: Tool for non profits

There are tons of crowdfunding sites available for nonprofits and individuals, but Fundly has made goodwill for itself as one of the best fundraising tools for both audiences.

Fundly’s user-friendly interface enables customers to set up a fundraising page to raise money for projects or causes they’re passionate about.

With intuitive social sharing attributes, nearly limitless customization options and a clean blog-like interface, Fundly has made crowdfunding easier than ever!

While Fundly (like most platforms) serves as a great option for personal fundraising, it sets itself apart by providing tools for social sharing and security designed specifically to support nonprofits to reach their fundraising goals. It even offers nonprofits the option to receive additional one-on-one assistance from Fundly’s team of experts.

Not only will they make sure to optimize your campaign to help you receive maximum donations; they’ll also teach you valuable donor and stewardship skills that you can use for future goals! 


  • Fundly charges a 4.9% platform fee, with payment processing fees of 3% per transaction.
  • If you opt into FundlyPro, you’ll be able to choose between two premium packages.

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#5. Buffer – Social Media Management Tool

Buffer: Tool for non profits

Does managing social media cause you some anxiety? Finding yourself running around thinking about what to tweet or what to share on Facebook about the nonprofit for media attention? Do you sometimes realize the end of the day is approaching and you still haven’t posted anything yet?

Well, Buffer allows you to create and schedule media content. Dedicate time for social media when you have time and set posts to be shared according to the schedule you set! Buffer lets you manage all of your organization’s social media accounts in one place, creating posting consistency and saving you a lot of valuable time.

Choose the time and dates you want to publish your content like upcoming donation events, drives, and information to each social media account, and you’re good to go.

Buffer even lets you communicate with your nonprofit team, which is useful especially when you have someone providing photos, others creating blog posts, and another person interacting with the volunteers.

Since Buffer allows you to post consistently with less effort, it can help you build a stronger following of supporters. Its analytics tools will also measure your posts to deduce the best possible times for sharing.


  • Buffer offers Starter Plans at $0-$15 for three social media accounts
  • Offers a 50% discount to all registered nonprofit organizations.

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#6. Canva– Design Tool

Canva: Tool for non profits

Today, supporters and audiences demand engaging high-quality visual content. The standards for videos and photos shared on social media is only getting higher each time you post something.

For most nonprofits, this can be a stressful experience, until they employ a professional designer.

However, many nonprofits organizations cannot afford a team of designers due to a lack of funds. Therefore, Canva offers a great solution to nonprofits who wish to create captivating visual content without a high priced design team.

Canva helps you in creating visual content for marketing materials and social media. It provides hundreds of templates, making the whole process of creating amazing graphics a lot faster and easier.

You can also set up a brand kit including your brand logos, fonts, and colors. It’s simple to create brand templates so that everyone on your team can work together on a single project.


  • Canva offers a free plan for registered nonprofits.


Every non-profit can find ways to streamline their work, improve their operations, work faster across dispersed teams and succeed in their initiatives with the help of smart digital tools.

Furthermore, always remember to contact firms via email before paying the full price – many organizations offer discounts to nonprofits. Also, when choosing an online tool for your nonprofit, compare the costs and benefits.

If offered, always use the trial plan to test whether the tool is right for your nonprofit or not! Let us know your nonprofit story in the comments section below or tweet us @elink_io! 🙂

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